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KoiL: Apologies to both Duke & Obzzy in trace 1 last night. A big brain fart on my part fella's & am sorry for stuffing your night.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, Tatuus T016 at Donington, Qually at 8:30pm AEDST
Obbzy: No worries Koil. I certainly wasn't impressed though. I haven't seen eanyone try to overtake from the grass for a while, lol! I tried to move over, must've either got some side aero disturbance from your car or turned the wheel to quickly & the car snapped back left at you & went into a spin. I tried to ESC as quickly as possible... not sure if I stuffed you up in the process???
Package: Can someone do me a Mr Whippy skin on a corvette GT3? The corvette seems harder to do skins on than the Aston?
RobZee: Server and TS are down..probably due to the storms in that area.
RobZee: Everything up and running again! Thanks Nibiru.
Nibiru: Sorry about that. Yeah the storms did it
Nibiru: Happy 11th birthday xfactor racing. Thank you to everyone for the support over that time. A huge thanks to RobZee and SS for their amazing work.
Dug: Onya Gents
Obbzy: Happy Birthday xFactor.
KoiL: HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY xFactor :D
Goanna: FDG Raceday - V8’s at Woodstock Raceway. Qually at 8:30pm AEDST
EAO_wayno: OMG The GT3 have take over Friday Night Fun at JFF. No more V8's
KoiL: It's Race Day again... Cya's there :-)
Dug: Congratulations Sputnik, Shifty and Fez and Xfactor for another top series.
RobZee: Congratulations to Sputnik, OR~ShiftyLynel and Fez on their podiums in the GT3 Series. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this championship so enjoyable. «check this»
SmellySkidmark: GT3s Round 1 changed to Eastern Creek
Obbzy: Gee, tht was quick!
SmellySkidmark: I found the problem, it the beta release, if we run the current stable release it works fine
Goanna: FDG Raceday, Tatuus T-016 at Brands Hatch. Qually at 8:30pm AEDST
Obbzy: rF2 March Roadmap... «check this»
Sputnik_inc: BIG shout out to the MODEDRATORS of Xfactor racing for the champ season and the hard work and TIME put into it, the level and quality of racing was awesome, i know it may have looked easy but it wasn't, especially with each race having a different contender hot my heals.. i especially enjoy the TS banter. THX guys
Sputnik_inc: Dicko you funny prick.. make me laugh:D:D
KoiL: Congratulations to Sputnik, ShiftyLynel & Fez on their finals podiums in the GT3 Series. Thanks also to the xFactor admin for another awesome series & well done all for a lot of tight fun racing. :D
fez: anyone here upgraded and have a 20 series nvdia gou? or equivilant AMD gpu? long shot i know but its gotta be asked at this stage
OR~ShiftyLynel: A little late, but thanks for another awesome series XFactor! Congrats to Sputnik and Fez , and to everyone for some tight racing. Looking forward to the next series!
EAO_wayno: Can't get on the server for the GT3's at Eastern Creek
EAO_wayno: I have Sydney Motorsport Park V1.00 the same as what is on steam and cant get in server, so I need the version that is on the server what ever that is.
SmellySkidmark: Hey wayno, it's the same ver 1.00
OR~ShiftyLynel: Not going to make it to the first race of the season tonight :( Hope it's a good one and will catch you all next week
Sputnik_inc: Also not going to make tonight guys.. but please enjoy and have fun :D
Goanna: FDG Raceday, V8's at Winton. Qually at 8:30pm AEST
Mike: Just a heads up, the latest New UI v 3.2 is not stable, it stuffed my install.
Obbzy: Have guests over from the big Island, so I won't be on tonight. Have fun...
SmellySkidmark: Bloody mainlanders!
Goanna: Raceday, Tatuus USF-17 @ Indianapolis Road Course. Qually @ 8:30pm AEST

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