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  • Nibiru's Avatar
    My tracks look flat, colour less https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4WTAI9gQv8
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    24 Sep 2016 21:04
    Version 0.9 available... DOWNLOAD Fun formula 3/4 style car. Info HERE
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    22 Sep 2016 22:42
    Fixed the hole SS http://www.mediafire.com/download/8u9uz8tx55htwzu/AMS_v05.rfcmp
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    20 Sep 2016 18:01
    Slow Motion has released Formula BMW (ex iDT) http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/29799-Formula-BMW-%28ex-iDT%29?p=434222&viewfull=1#post434222 Download 228meg SS
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    18 Sep 2016 10:04
    ISI has headed to the Sim Racing Expo armed with a few announcements. https://twitter.com/rFactor2/status/776430743706742784 ISI Announcement...
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    10 Sep 2016 22:49
    I had to add this to the forum so I didn't loose it :) http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/18980-Suspension-Car-Editor

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Nibiru: thanks
Nibiru: Obbzy have you seen this? «check this»
Obbzy: Opening Round of the V8SC Spring Series @ Barbagallo... TONIGHT. :)
Prophet: i am back :D
SmellySkidmark: What happened Prophet
Obbzy: 1:39.8 BoldAussie @ Le Bugatti! Nice...
yesoog6691: Hi there fellow racers
Nibiru: hey yesoog
Boldaussie: Hi guys, is it just me or are the servers not showing via the multiplayer server list?
SmellySkidmark: Nib server msg
SmellySkidmark: May need Nib to fix Boldaussie, I tried :(
Boldaussie: Ok, thanks SS, just an observation in case you weren't aware.
Nibiru: Just got home from a 8 hour drive and feeling stuffed. I had to restore factory settings on the modem. That meant I lost all my portforwarding. I have re done the portforwarding but ports aren't open. I'm about to have dinner, not sure how much I'll get done tonight but I'll try
Nibiru: rFactor 2 TWEETS We will be at Simracing Expo this weekend armed with an announcement or two... «check this»
Nibiru: and «check this»
Obbzy: Round 12 of the Lord of the RIMS V8Supercar Series @ Sandown... TONIGHT.
Pinky Pete: hey nib
Obbzy: Lookout, it's Pinky Pete! Hey what's happening? :)
Nibiru: Hey Pete
Nibiru: I'll have an update for you tomorrow SS
Obbzy: Server 4 now MAK Corp Group C cars (1991 Le Mans Style) @ Paul Ricard
Server 5 now URD EGT @ Barcelona
Boldaussie: Thank you Obbzy
Obbzy: Server 2 LOTR Series now has FVR V8SCs @ Bathurst.
Obbzy: TS?
Obbzy: Round 2 of the V8Supercar Spring Series @ AMS Renault Test Track, this MONDAY... :)
Obbzy: Server 4: MAK Corp IFS3 mod v0.9 @ BARBAGALLO V1.0.
Track available from Server.
Get Mod Here>>> «check this»
Obbzy: Round 2 of the V8SC Spring Series @ AMS Renault is on TONIGHT.
SmellySkidmark: The youngest team owner in pit lane, Lucas Dumbrell, shares his story. With thanks to ABC TV 7.30. «check this»
Nibiru: V8 supercars coming to Newcastle «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Yes a big talking point here this morning (Newcastle)
SmellySkidmark: Spring Series FVR V8 server updated to Morgan Park. Get some laps in before Mondays race :B
SmellySkidmark: Another potential circuit in this area «check this»

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