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Obbzy: Server 1 now has QR v0.45
Obbzy: Fianl round of the V8SC Series @ BATHURST is on TONIGHT. :)
Nibiru: Afternoon Pete
Pinky Pete: hey nib been a long time
Pinky Pete: hey nib been a long time
Pinky Pete: can u read this nib
Pinky Pete: not sure weather it still works
Pinky Pete: nib whats the team speek address and pass word please
Pinky Pete: ok got it cool
Pinky Pete: Hey obbzy
SmellySkidmark: July roadmap «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Nib for some reason the xfactor servers are not in the rf2 server lists, they seem to be up, just not in muiltiplayer
Obbzy: TS is also down
SmellySkidmark: Nib check servers plz
Nibiru: Yes I am...........
=Fieldzy=: Nib jump on Hardcore ts
Nibiru: yes can you give me 30min just getting some help atm
=Fieldzy=: ok
Nibiru: pasword for TS send me PM
=Fieldzy=: sent
Nibiru: Beware Telstra users and why the servers are down «check this»
Obbzy: Telstra are a pack of carnts
Nibiru: When you have the power you can manipulate it
Nibiru: Can someone try joining TS please. It seems to be working but that could be cause Im on the same network
Nibiru: Servers are up and working. Again can someone double check please
Darrell: on Home PC no TS3 as soon as i get into Mancave i will try Nibs
Nibiru: As long as the server works for tonight we can always join a public TS server
Nibiru: Sorry guys I can't get the servers working at work now either. We are with Telstra to. I have tried multiple PCs as well. I'll get it fixed asap
ReaperNZ: If you guys are having issues with ts server i have ove you can use whenever
Nibiru: Need someone to test our servers and TS again please. All my test are saying they are working BUT Im on the same network
SmellySkidmark: Servers, TS & get mod all werking, BIG THANKS Nib
Nibiru: Thanks SS. That's a big weight off my shoulders. Shame it wasn't a day earlier
SmellySkidmark: maybe do a backup on the router??

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