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  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    19 Aug 2016 17:11
    I'm doing the steam swap, my net is slow @567Kb/s max. It took from 10pm to 5am just to d/l the steam content. I'm d/ling I assume is tracks & cars atm for 1 1/2 hours... I'll update when I know the full time So what was the final download...
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    17 Aug 2016 21:47
    whats happened to the video Paps? wrong music?
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    just went down memory lane with this. Thanks TAS. I did have issues with the video thou.
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    17 Aug 2016 17:33
    Recently I have been making or manipulating textures for my track objects I create. I came across this and I have download quite a few brush sets from the list and they are very good. (better than most default brushes inside PS) The subtle grim...
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    UPDATE 16-8-2016 I've fixed a small problem with the Seirra not being able to be seen in a vmod on a server. The problem is the Evo was pakaged wrong. Launch Mod Manager & scroll down to the TCR_FORD_v036, if look like this... TCR_FORD_v036...
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    14 Aug 2016 00:14
    FIRST POST UPDATED If you find any issues or feedback with the track please post in here. *Uninstall previous versions DOWNLOAD New version v0.86 change log v0.86 new terrain shader billboard trees texture changes shader setting...

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Nibiru: Holden fans will like this «check this»
gman007: Boooo :P ;) :D :| :O O.O
gman007: How has everyone been.. staying out of trouble i hope.. Hope to here some of your guys soon..
gman007: I shall make a guest appearance soon.. :-)
gman007: either that or jesus christ or planet niburu will come first.. ha ha
SmellySkidmark: Hey gmannnn
SmellySkidmark: Nib r u around atm?
Nibiru: Check your new link for TCR's at ISI SS
SmellySkidmark: Thanks Nib, just fixed it. oppsy
Nibiru: Red Necks doing thunderstruck «check this»
Nibiru: and this one is interesting...nothing else matters «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Nib no access, server must be down
Nibiru: fixed
SmellySkidmark: ffs how 'kin big is this steam download?
Nibiru: it's in my post 10.8 gig just for the game ...no content
SmellySkidmark: how much is the content? i'm upto 13.3 now
Nibiru: It only took me 3 hours to get everything......but I do have the NBN
SmellySkidmark: don't laugh but I'm at almost 12 hours and still counting.. sad face
Nibiru: so you have already got the main game and now getting content? I'm not sure of the size of the content it didn't tell me only the size of each mod
Nibiru: if thats the content must be close now
SmellySkidmark: yep, it's dl'ed for 2 hours and the file it's on now is 772.7mb
SmellySkidmark: I've got a launcher window I just found under all the others I have open, dl bar is at 2/3 s
Nibiru: Just checked my installed folder and it's 11.3 gig
SmellySkidmark: hmm, steam says I've got 13.4 now
SmellySkidmark: lol I took 21 items out of the cache folder too
Nibiru: Mine is the installed folder after installing the mods. I can't find any rfcmp files for the default tracks and mods
SmellySkidmark: slippery bastards have hidden them somewhere
SmellySkidmark: @13.6gig now
Nibiru: that 700 might be matsuka most are alot smaller...hopefully it finishes soooon
Nibiru: in STEAM look down the bottom in the middle and click on downloads that will give you the live download monitor page
SmellySkidmark: ok just finished 13.7gig total
Nibiru: good stuff now just move all your plugins, setups and controller files and all the tracks and mods you want over to STEAM
Obbzy: Round 3 of the TCR Series @ Longford.... TONIGHT
EAO_wayno: Looking for the track Circuit_Paul_Ricard_v1.03 so I can get in the URD EGT server. Anybody in the know?
Obbzy: Try this Wayno... «check this»
EAO_wayno: thx Obbzy

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