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  • =Fieldzy='s Avatar
    24 Feb 2017 19:23
    I'll help if you want. I did the physic in my v8 mod so more than happy to help if you need me. Cheers
  • Papaosa's Avatar
    There's a week off fom the GTC series, before we head to Bathurst for the first mini Enduro of the season on the 3rd of March. So Tonight we'll be running a fun night of racing with the awesome R35-Godzilla mod at Bathurst to keep everyone Gee'd...
  • ZED's Avatar
    19 Feb 2017 08:34
    Thanks for looking at that SS....fair enough, although I don't remember any warnings before then. :unsure: On the wheel stand, I just went thru the server replay and it wasn't there, :whistle: must have been a lag issue for just me. Come to...
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    12 Feb 2017 13:18
    G'day Cage. Welcome to XFactor. If you need help setting up rFactor 2, just jump on TeamSpeak and someone should be able to give you a hand. See ya on track... :drive:
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    05 Feb 2017 22:27
    Now that's cool, great werk Nib SS
  • Johnsxr8's Avatar
    12 Jan 2017 20:48
    Welcome aboard Redrum. Great group of guys here, look forward to seeing you out on track

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Nibiru: Thanks Dis
Nibiru: Anyone want there name down on the new modding forum? PM me I have asked to be signed up but it also asked for names of your team.
-=DFG=-RaTeD: can i chuck my name down for skin design
SmellySkidmark: Race Server 2 now has FVR V8s ver 6.5 @ Road America, check forum for details
Nibiru: Are you registered on the sudio397 forum Rated? I will need your username on the forum
-=DFG=-RaTeD: yeah i am registed nib my user name is RaTeDy3m
SmellySkidmark: V8 supercars tonight @ Road America
Nibiru: Rated check your pm over at studio397
-=DFG=-RaTeD: will do nib
Boldaussie: Hey SS, was bump steer. Will be adjusted for next build
SmellySkidmark: I gotta say with this release of the FVR's they rollover fairly easy
SmellySkidmark: Boldaussie congrats mate on the bump steer, I just read your posts over at FVR, glad to see they are still listening and tring things.
Boldaussie: At first glance they haven't changed much from previous builds, including the bump steer which has been at least since 6.0
Boldaussie: I can't comment on if they are different as haven't driven them before this release
Boldaussie: Thanks SS, pays to be a sticky nose. :) I always check out the hdv and pm files
SmellySkidmark: Well that would be because they didn't know that it maybe incorrect what they have in place till someone tells them, I got them to make a few changes that are in this build
Boldaussie: I do enjoy the range of adjustment available
Boldaussie: After the esegt mod these are heaven in that regard, not all grip from just the tyres either
SmellySkidmark: yes it does make a big difference, they are easier to tune now
Boldaussie: Having practice tonight?.. bt44 soon for me
SmellySkidmark: i probably won't be on tonite, will be tomorrow nite tho
Boldaussie: I've decided I should practice a little bit before a race... a bit each day...famous last words....
SmellySkidmark: I'd guess that disengaged may be on tonite in BT44's he's killin it with the
SmellySkidmark: err them
Boldaussie: He puts the time in and has plenty of talent...you have to have someone to keep you honest
SmellySkidmark: yes, he was getting very fast in the USF2000's, he likes the open wheelers
Boldaussie: I have to admit I am partial to them myself....I'm much better with them than the tintops
SmellySkidmark: I never used to like em that much, although I do like driving the BT20 and Skipbarber
SmellySkidmark: BT20 @ Spa 66 is my fav
Boldaussie: I haven't done any real historics to date. They don't forgive the many mistakes I make every corner...
SmellySkidmark: lol
SmellySkidmark: the tyres aren't that great either but it's the same fer everyone
Boldaussie: That's the good thing about light weight and lotsa aero. You really can't stuff up that badly unless you have much talent for it as I do.......
Boldaussie: Anyhow, better go practice or the mrs will want me to do something I'd prefer not to...LOL
SmellySkidmark: lol have fun, cya tomoz
SmellySkidmark: «check this»

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xFactor With many thanks to the original developers of Touring Car Legends is proud to bring to rFactor 2 Touring Car Revival


Thank you to OllieC and T-man for giving us the opportunity to Bring their Awesome cars to RF2 thx also The entire crew from TCL 

Thx Obbzy for getting the Permission and Doing all sweet talking to allow RRICHO to do the hard work to get the cars in game.


Thx to everyone from xFactor for all there input and help where applicable to get these cars feeling like they do, and for the tedious file editing


Thx Papaosa for Creating our Promo vid, the music still gives me chills , top job m8 ,Also the input and help with car Cams..


Thx to ISR~Speedster for letting us edit his Tyre model for the nissan to suit these cars as much as possible

Check the forum for more info and download links


there's also a fair few livery's from the rF1 community added in also from TTR


There was many months testing and converting put into the cars and I'm sure there will be many more to polish them up. DOH!


TCL has many more models but these 9 or so where the only ones permission was granted to convert. So With Respect to TCL we haven't touched the others..and wont unless permission is given to do so.


Models Include:



Ford rs500 Sierra and Cosworth

Holden VK/VL/TWR-VL Commodore

Nissan r31 GTR Skyline

Rover Vitesse

Volvo 242 Turbo


Hundreds of cars from multiple series include

ATCC 85-91,

BTCC 86-90,

ETCC 86-88,

WTCC 87,

DTM 87-90,


BATHURST 1000, 84-90

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