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Obbzy: Server 1 now has QR v0.45
Obbzy: Fianl round of the V8SC Series @ BATHURST is on TONIGHT. :)
Nibiru: Afternoon Pete
Pinky Pete: hey nib been a long time
Pinky Pete: hey nib been a long time
Pinky Pete: can u read this nib
Pinky Pete: not sure weather it still works
Pinky Pete: nib whats the team speek address and pass word please
Pinky Pete: ok got it cool
Pinky Pete: Hey obbzy
SmellySkidmark: July roadmap «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Nib for some reason the xfactor servers are not in the rf2 server lists, they seem to be up, just not in muiltiplayer
Obbzy: TS is also down
SmellySkidmark: Nib check servers plz
Nibiru: Yes I am...........
=Fieldzy=: Nib jump on Hardcore ts
Nibiru: yes can you give me 30min just getting some help atm
=Fieldzy=: ok
Nibiru: pasword for TS send me PM
=Fieldzy=: sent
Nibiru: Beware Telstra users and why the servers are down «check this»
Obbzy: Telstra are a pack of carnts
Nibiru: When you have the power you can manipulate it
Nibiru: Can someone try joining TS please. It seems to be working but that could be cause Im on the same network
Nibiru: Servers are up and working. Again can someone double check please
Darrell: on Home PC no TS3 as soon as i get into Mancave i will try Nibs
Nibiru: As long as the server works for tonight we can always join a public TS server
Nibiru: Sorry guys I can't get the servers working at work now either. We are with Telstra to. I have tried multiple PCs as well. I'll get it fixed asap
ReaperNZ: If you guys are having issues with ts server i have ove you can use whenever
Nibiru: Need someone to test our servers and TS again please. All my test are saying they are working BUT Im on the same network
SmellySkidmark: Servers, TS & get mod all werking, BIG THANKS Nib
Nibiru: Thanks SS. That's a big weight off my shoulders. Shame it wasn't a day earlier
SmellySkidmark: maybe do a backup on the router??

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xFactor With many thanks to the original developers of Touring Car Legends is proud to bring to rFactor 2 Touring Car Revival


Thank you to OllieC and T-man for giving us the opportunity to Bring their Awesome cars to RF2 thx also The entire crew from TCL 

Thx Obbzy for getting the Permission and Doing all sweet talking to allow RRICHO to do the hard work to get the cars in game.


Thx to everyone from xFactor for all there input and help where applicable to get these cars feeling like they do, and for the tedious file editing


Thx Papaosa for Creating our Promo vid, the music still gives me chills , top job m8 ,Also the input and help with car Cams..


Thx to ISR~Speedster for letting us edit his Tyre model for the nissan to suit these cars as much as possible

Check the forum for more info and download links


there's also a fair few livery's from the rF1 community added in also from TTR


There was many months testing and converting put into the cars and I'm sure there will be many more to polish them up. DOH!


TCL has many more models but these 9 or so where the only ones permission was granted to convert. So With Respect to TCL we haven't touched the others..and wont unless permission is given to do so.


Models Include:



Ford rs500 Sierra and Cosworth

Holden VK/VL/TWR-VL Commodore

Nissan r31 GTR Skyline

Rover Vitesse

Volvo 242 Turbo


Hundreds of cars from multiple series include

ATCC 85-91,

BTCC 86-90,

ETCC 86-88,

WTCC 87,

DTM 87-90,


BATHURST 1000, 84-90

Check the forum for more info and download links

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