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9:45-- nipzon: HQ and XA is fine
9:48-- nipzon: XY original crashes too
9:54-- nipzon: fvr barb is fine
9:57-- nipzon: sry hq online fails
10:03-- nipzon: the XA is the only one working
10:04-- nipzon: rudy will check the mod with his vr
10:06-- nipzon: afk
10:09-- RudzAUS777: yes Bert, XY loaded fine with VR, will do some laps and let you know if all is good
10:23-- nipzon: Thx buddy
12:26-- Obbzy: Bob Zero, just block the email address... :P
2:31-- RudzAUS777: XY is working fine on my side Bert, VR
2:36-- Nibiru: All cars working fine for you Rudz?
3:08-- nipzon: yeh rudy is happy
3:10-- nipzon: I tested adelaide and they were fine, othertracks all ok, fails barb, and philip
3:22-- nipzon: I am happy to drive the XA
3:22-- nipzon: will test calder quickly
3:34-- nipzon: It failed but recovered, I must have something set differently somewhere
7:34-- Nibiru: PM SS
10:01-- SmellySkidmark: 1 back
15:27-- GrimDad: test
15:28-- Oscar: test :D
0:28-- Nibiru: Testing 1 2 3
0:39-- GrimDad: test
0:39-- Oscar: test
0:39-- Oscar: :D :D :D
2:30-- RudzAUS777: lol... yeah, Nibiru, all cars are fine on my side, thanks
10:21-- GrimDad: «check this» Aussie Legends review ;)
10:52-- Nibiru: :D not bad
8:13-- flyfisho: my Fanatec review :D «check this»
9:57-- Nibiru: Nice
23:17-- Obbzy: Round 2 of the Aussie Legends Summer Series @ Barbagallo is on Tonight. :)
7:14-- SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
7:42-- Nibiru: Back at ya
8:44-- Nibiru: Race Night ooo ooo ooo
23:49-- Darrell: That was super fun last night. i might not have been fast but i saw some great battles and great passing. Everyone well done on giving room to each other makes it so much more enjoyable.
7:12-- SmellySkidmark: PM Nib

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