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13:31-- Shano: Thank you everyone for your kind words. Josh's family are thankful for all of the kind message from the sim racing community, they knew it was part of his life and love that because that's who he was.
2:38-- Obbzy: Final round of the Camaro Cup @ Magnificent Park is on TONIGHT.
0:06-- Obbzy: S397 are having a sale. Sebring & the three GT packs are either 33% or 50% off. «check this»
23:06-- SmellySkidmark: Server is up for Outlaws race tonight, and TS if required
20:18-- SmellySkidmark: Round 2 of the Carrera Cup @ Matsasuka tonight
22:36-- Obbzy: October roadmap finally here. «check this»
22:50-- SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
14:02-- GrimDad: Thought this might interest you guys :D «check this»
with a full lap the results would be different ;)
5:21-- Obbzy: Hey fez, for sale & only in NZ! :) «check this»
5:32-- fez: yes please, xmas is coming up, i think i know what your getting me obbzy :D
0:23-- Obbzy: Porsche 911 Cup. Round 3 is on Tonight @ Phillip Island... :)
11:37-- Shano: VEC Memorial Lap for Josh
«check this»
6:04-- SmellySkidmark: A very fitting tribute to Josh Hoare, an amazing driver and humble man, thank you to Shane for your kind words of Josh. RIP mate.
11:33-- Shano: Josh Memorial Races 30/11/2019 at OR «check this»
23:44-- Dug: Wow made it back in ,:D
0:01-- Dug: Where can i find the Champ details for the Porsche's gents
1:54-- StanDaam: Heya Dug, up the top of this web-page, under the 'Liveracers/Results' tab, 'rf2 Analyzer' :P
7:53-- Dug: Yes Stan , Be one with the analyser
10:00-- StanDaam: I'm trying to get the Analyzer to go back in time and erase my drive thru penaly in race 2... :D
4:51-- fez: anyone else getting dc'd when joining the server?
11:32-- Obbzy: Yep fez. Get to the car select screen & there are no cars to select..
22:08-- SmellySkidmark: Hmm, i just did a lap (after rf2 update}, I'll look into it
22:20-- SmellySkidmark: Server updated
0:23-- fez: thanks smelly, everything working as it should :)
9:21-- SmellySkidmark: Yes for xmas Obbzy, you can get me this «check this»
0:59-- fez: servers down?
1:00-- RobZee: yeah looks like it. I will message Nib
22:32-- SmellySkidmark: RF2 roadmap update «check this»
20:29-- SmellySkidmark: Happy Birthday fez :D
22:53-- Obbzy: Have a top birthday fez
22:55-- RobZee: Have a great day Fez!
5:53-- Obbzy: Server down again?
6:29-- SmellySkidmark: Not fer meeeeee
6:30-- SmellySkidmark: Ok Obbzy Rob said he wants this for xmas «check this»
8:59-- Obbzy: If everyone is putting in their Santa order... «check this»
0:43-- Obbzy: New Payware content from S397. The BMW M2 CS... «check this»

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