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6:40-- Nibiru: What mods the FVR V8s or the Aussie Legends?
7:10-- SmellySkidmark: hiya Nib, wb m8y
8:28-- Nibiru: Oooo thanks SS
19:11-- Bert: Hi SS, the test server last night only had the Hlden and Nissan. Is there a problem with the ford?
22:34-- SmellySkidmark: Yes there's a problem putting them on the server because FVR have done it with 2 updates, however the server will only let you do 1 update to a file (rfcmp). So we're waiting for them to sort this out. How do you like the mod?
22:50-- Bert: Haven't had much time to test them as my single player crashes. So last night was the first opportunity. Not sure what brand to go for this year either. Looking to do some testing tonight. Thx for putting up a server
22:55-- SmellySkidmark: I find the tyres to be inconsistent & overheat fast, and wear out quick as well, imho
5:40-- Mullerdylan32: The tracks for the v8 supercar series tailed bend and Newcastle is what I am looking for
6:55-- SmellySkidmark: First round of the Summer Series tonight
8:18-- Gussy: where do i find the details for tonight just got back from holidays and keen to get into it
8:45-- RobZee: On steam Gussy..Radical SR3-RSX @ Mallala
10:26-- Bert: Sorry to miss out, got round the clock shifts again
23:07-- HSV_PETE: Just tried the new V2.5 V9Bcorsa! What a great drive. They have fixed up a lot things such as the chronic understeer....a very immersive they have alll the liveries from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons....there are over 13 aussie tracks now available with a few more coming the hell out of the FVR mod.....makes getting Assetto Corsa worthwhile!
23:13-- HSV_PETE: I forgot to mention that the mod has the new ZB Holden as well.
23:37-- Bert: Do you have a link @HSV_PETE
5:21-- HSV_PETE: `Here is the link «check this» l0y
8:01-- Bert: Thx m8
3:17-- SmellySkidmark: Fez check this Monitor, it's free-sync but it's a good price... «check this»
23:02-- SmellySkidmark: Anyone that bought the 2nd GT3 pack, you can get the Aston Martin now
5:29-- Bert: Got mine
10:39-- SmellySkidmark: NIB an alternative to test «check this»
19:14-- Seca: Are you Guys doing a 12hr Endurance Race?
19:16-- Seca: We are looking at running our Australasia Bathurst Enduro, just finalising dates. We are tossing up between the 27th (week before the race), 3rd (day of the actual race) or the 10th (week after the actual race). Do you guys have a preference? We will be getting main post up with details etc in the next day or so.
21:58-- SmellySkidmark: Round 2 of the Radicals @ Bridgehampton tonight
5:40-- SmellySkidmark: Server 2 updated to the next round @ Crystal Palace
22:23-- SmellySkidmark: Round 4 of the Radicals tonight @ Crystal Palace
5:21-- SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has the Radicals @ Limerock Park for round 5
4:57-- SmellySkidmark: Round 5 of the Radicals tonight
0:42-- fez: pm sent ss and rob
5:10-- SmellySkidmark: 1 back to you
5:06-- SmellySkidmark: Radicals has moved to Tuesday nite
6:11-- SmellySkidmark: Radicals @ Croft tonite
6:58-- Gussy: can anyone pm me a link for the supercars skin templates for the 6.93?
1:27-- fez: ss,rob, can either of you update the flat6 server to x3 tyres x3 fuel. thanks :)
2:11-- RobZee: Done, Fez
5:57-- SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has the last race of the Radicals, track has been changed to SMP

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