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10:27-- flyfisho: portugal package not available
10:45-- Nibiru: I think Portugal is the ISI steam version. Try subscribing to on steam
10:48-- SmellySkidmark: he's in, was the car, v.95, gave him a link
6:17-- flyfisho: Friday yeeeew. Burn some rubber :P :D
6:23-- SmellySkidmark: yeeehaaarrrrrr long weekend. Burn some rubber javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':)') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':P') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':|'):|
6:23-- SmellySkidmark: lol
8:11-- flyfisho: lol
9:12-- flyfisho: pm Smelly
10:09-- SmellySkidmark: back at ya
23:39-- Obbzy: Aussie Legends World Tour... Round 4 TONIGHT at Portugal GP in the Camaro Z28... :)
1:50-- SmellySkidmark: Rob, 2018 Kia Stinger 330Si (sports exhaust) 0-100km/h & engine sound «check this»
2:44-- Obbzy: Mustang returns to ATCC... «check this»
5:13-- SmellySkidmark: New Monitor anyone «check this»
7:10-- Gussy: 3 please
13:14-- Nibiru: RIP DARRELL EASTLAKE. «check this»
13:26-- Nibiru: Watch at least the first 4 laps
23:23-- SmellySkidmark: RF2 updated to build 1110
23:23-- SmellySkidmark: «check this»
1:24-- Nibiru: servers updated
1:36-- Obbzy: Round 4 of the Lord of the RIMS Series is on TONIGHT @ Phillip Island. Race 1 in the V8 Utes, Races 2 & 3 in the FVR V8 Supercars
6:54-- Darrell: Silly question how do we get new build?
7:54-- KELVIN4TOR: It should update automatically, if not it can be updated in the game properties in steam
7:57-- KELVIN4TOR: is there something wrong with the ts? i get an odd message saying server id changed, either by you or some other compromising entity
7:58-- Darrell: have tried those options no new build in there, i am running DX 11 atm
8:03-- KELVIN4TOR: If youve opted out of the beta programs, and set the game to automagically update you should be on the latest
8:22-- Nibiru: TS is working for me. There's been no change to it since last monday.
8:35-- tasracer: HI Guys was going to try and have a race tonight but when i join the server it says package unavailable
9:33-- Darrell: Thanks KELVIN
9:39-- SmellySkidmark: tas jump on TS
10:40-- Nibiru: Can't make it tonight
13:35-- Bert: Sorry could not make it guys, llllloooooooonnnngggg working hours
6:02-- SmellySkidmark: Nib Msg on the server 4 u
8:00-- Nibiru: Try now something weird just happened.
11:05-- Gussy: servers down?
11:11-- RobZee: Yes Gussy, as well as TS
11:11-- SmellySkidmark: Everything is up and running again, smiley happy

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