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9:57-- JD Racing: hi all
9:58-- JD Racing: Hi Nibiru, I recall racing with you back in 2010 2011 when I was last racing
9:52-- Bert: Hi JD
10:45-- JD Racing: HI BERT
10:57-- SmellySkidmark: JD jump on TS mate
0:07-- SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
23:00-- SmellySkidmark: Latest roadmap update for RF2 «check this»
9:06-- JD Racing: hi anyone on need some help getting on to a server to play
10:46-- Bert: looks like the enduro is a miss tonight
12:05-- SmellySkidmark: Sorry guys I've interstate visitors
6:18-- Gussy: new laser scanned track «check this»
6:05-- SmellySkidmark: Last round of the Aussie Legends tonight
8:28-- Seca: smelly you around
0:05-- Obbzy: Excellent fun last night. It's good to be able to race again... though my shoulders & neck are sore (not race fit :) )...
11:20-- SmellySkidmark: Nib, do you want some spam on your toast?
2:36-- wrxxy: NIb you or anyone got a link for barbagallo v2.3 besides steam link pls??? thx guys
7:47-- SmellySkidmark: Not that I can see wrxxy, I don't have it either
23:25-- Bert: How good was that night race!!!!
0:27-- SmellySkidmark: LOTR V8s @ Sydney MotorSports Park tonight
6:38-- Nibiru: PM wrxxy
5:39-- Seca: pm ss
11:13-- Gussy: Aussie utes at Eastern Creek «check this»
13:35-- Nibiru: Thanks Gussy
5:19-- SmellySkidmark: pm Seca
7:15-- Bert: I'm having connection failures to S3
7:53-- Nibiru: Should be ok now Bert
8:32-- Bert: Thx Nib
23:54-- RobZee: NEW Series.. tonight @ 8.30pm. Testing for TCR's @ Hidden Valley
8:15-- SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has TCRs @ Mallala, for Round 1 on Monday nite
8:16-- SmellySkidmark: Server 3 has Dubai for the Enduro round Friday nite
8:21-- SmellySkidmark: Enduro in the FVRs @ Dubai tonight
2:15-- Bert: Damn got my days mixed up and missed the enduro!!!! Did it happen?
6:15-- SmellySkidmark: Bert, no one turned up, so I'm cancelling the series :(
6:49-- Bert: OMG apologies mate
5:56-- SmellySkidmark: Round 1 of the TCRs tonight @ Mallala
11:37-- Shano: sorry guys some shit racing from me tonight :(

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