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7:37-- SmellySkidmark: Server 1 now has the Aussie Legends for some fun
10:59-- Obbzy: pm fez
9:49-- GrimDad: @SS why is server 1 using barbagallo v2.0 when there is v2.3?
10:51-- SmellySkidmark: opps, it was what was on tha server
6:10-- SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
13:29-- GrimDad: no torana :_(
1:37-- Obbzy: Anyone looking to buy a cheap racecar?
«check this»
6:44-- SmellySkidmark: Nice Obbzy, I'll be watching :B
6:44-- SmellySkidmark: AussieLegends server sorted i hope
8:49-- GrimDad: Thanks SS
6:58-- KoiL: What's running tonight guy's?
7:24-- RobZee: New championship starting soon! «check this»
2:36-- Obbzy: Fucking spammer cunts on the shoutbox. Fuck off
9:40-- GrimDad: Removed
9:53-- SmellySkidmark: Thx GrimDad
10:10-- GrimDad: hopefully it should stay clear of spammers now
10:04-- Obbzy: Nice work GrimDad. :)
9:38-- RobZee: Tonight's (Tuesday's) Camaro Cup practice is cancelled due to server problems. Hopefully up and running again very soon.
7:48-- KoiL: Still not happening tonight? :_(
7:49-- KoiL: I see the server is up.
10:05-- Obbzy: TS isn't working, which means the server probably isn't visible on matchmaker...
10:15-- Dicko888: Yes, bad luck,good night.
10:58-- KoiL: Roger that.
11:59-- GrimDad: I've put up a t/s module, to join click "Oscworth Racing" at the top then enter "grimpit" add to bookmarks. Also an rF2 server....let know what settings you want.
12:02-- GrimDad: at least you can chat and drive together ;)
7:54-- RobZee: Thanks Grim Dad.
6:47-- GrimDad: Looks like your back up & running :)
8:07-- SmellySkidmark: Yes as of today, big thanks for your help GrimDad ;)
8:54-- GrimDad: you're always welcome to use my t/s & if you need a server don't hesitate to ask ;)
6:48-- SmellySkidmark: Racing tonight, testing and race at SMSP
10:32-- Obbzy: Not well, so I'll miss tonight. Should be good for Rd 1.
12:18-- SmellySkidmark: Sorry to hear m8, cya next week
6:23-- SmellySkidmark: He got done ... «check this»
7:25-- GrimDad: I thought the car might have been red ;) lol
22:10-- ozglenn: Hi Guys I am new here I am keen to try out some online Aussie Legends racing I will be on tonight if anything is going:)
7:16-- SmellySkidmark: I'll be on after 8 or so

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