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7:28-- SmellySkidmark: Nice time Rob
23:36-- Nibiru: Road map «check this»
6:42-- Seca: pm Rob
23:16-- SmellySkidmark: Round 2 of the TCRs @ Oran Park tonight
10:55-- Darrell: Sorry i missed racing guys iwas there doing practice but was lagging tried restarting modem. modem still rebooting every couple of mins.
6:18-- SmellySkidmark: did you get it sorted Darrell?
6:03-- SmellySkidmark: TCRs @ Timaru tonight bro
9:50-- SmellySkidmark: PM Chrisrx
5:32-- Nibiru: Looks interesting «check this»
7:43-- Bert: Hi guys, having problems getting onto S3 with error download package
9:28-- Nibiru: Youll have to subscribe to the cars and track in steam bert
1:51-- SmellySkidmark: V8s @ Sandown tonight, 15min Utes, 40min FVRs
22:53-- SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
6:30-- SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
8:36-- SmellySkidmark: Vale Chris Canham aka-=[FDG]=-Stitch. Condolences to you family and friends and the online community, you will be missed.
9:33-- Bert: RIP -=[FDG]=-Stitch
23:14-- Nibiru: Ctazy news. Can't believe it. RIP STITCH
0:45-- SmellySkidmark: LIVE STREAM: Shannons Nationals from SMP «check this»
17:19-- Archi: Holden vl in wellington Street circuit. «check this»
6:28-- SmellySkidmark: Round 4 of the TCRs tonight @ Morgan Park
9:07-- Seca: robzee you around?
6:43-- SmellySkidmark: -=[FDG]=-Stitch Memorial tonight, Race Start at 8pm, gathering from 7pm
2:47-- Gussy: In Memory of "Stitch" «check this»
5:21-- SmellySkidmark: That's an excellent tribute Gussy. Well done mate.
5:28-- SmellySkidmark: I posted it over on Outlaws shoutbox Gussy
23:18-- SmellySkidmark: RF2 September update «check this»
23:32-- Nibiru: Apex GT3s are now available «check this»
19:38-- Seca: smelly pm mate
4:54-- SmellySkidmark: LOTR V8s tonight @ Bathurst
8:50-- SmellySkidmark: Rob check this.. «check this»
9:05-- Gussy: Apex Modding GT3 Review! «check this»
3:12-- Nibiru: thanks Gussy
22:56-- =Fieldzy=: Hi just a quick note the am gt3 server may have a problem. The join button is not highlighting so time out thread shows up. The other xfactor servers are ok just the am-gt3 has a problem. Cheers Fieldzy see a few on you tonight.
23:20-- RobZee: All good now...thanks Fieldzy
5:42-- SmellySkidmark: TCRs @ Sydney Motorsport Park tonight
23:17-- Seca: 1st Round of The Australasia GT3's Tonight

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