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SmellySkidmark: yep, check this if u dare, lol «check this»
paps: :P
Nibiru: O.O
Obbzy: TCR M3 (not the EVO) @ Putnam Park TONIGHT. :)
RobZee: Another interesting comparison of Stinger V SSV «check this»
Nibiru: Servers have been updated
SmellySkidmark: Nib server 1 still shows up as 1108
Nibiru: All servers come out of the same install. The server UI says 1109
SmellySkidmark: Matchmaker? has it as 1108, fer me
SmellySkidmark: yep, dx11 & dx9 both have the same fer me
Nibiru: Im out atm. And haven't tried connecting. Do other servers say 1109? Maybe a bug
Nibiru: Try closing all servers. Check task manager for any rf2 stuff and close if you find anything and restart all the servers
SmellySkidmark: ok
SmellySkidmark: Ok, closed all servers, checked task manager, re-made vmod server1 reloaded all servers, still same, server1 1108, others are good :S
Nibiru: Weird. .like I said they all come from the same install. So you can't join server1?
SmellySkidmark: nope, 2,3,4 yes
Nibiru: Very strange.
Nibiru: Did you start server1 first cause I did.
SmellySkidmark: yes, maybe open server 5 ? or it's down?
Nibiru: I thinking try starting a different server first and see what happens
SmellySkidmark: ok i'll open it last
Nibiru: Server 5 is closed but if the first server started gets the wrong build you could start 5 first
SmellySkidmark: now it's just weird, opened 4,2,3,1. only 1 in the list ???
SmellySkidmark: refreshed, 4x now all there, but same problem
Nibiru: So still S1 is wrong build
SmellySkidmark: yes, loaded s5, waiting for listing
Nibiru: S5 has no ports
SmellySkidmark: k
Nibiru: This modem only allows i think 20 ports to be forwarded S5 just misses out
SmellySkidmark: I'll leave it for now, enjoy, cya l8r
Nibiru: Ill have to check it out. Thanks for trying.
Nibiru: Only thing I can think to try is put server 1 ports into server 5 and and see what happens
Nibiru: SS paps PM
Nibiru: Any feedback
SmellySkidmark: I just saw, checking now
SmellySkidmark: Still there see pm

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10-10 8:11:04 Chrisrx facebook hitman
9-10 23:56:02 Nibiru Ok
9-10 22:13:47 HITMAN Nib i will start zipping the cars tonight and then work out how to get them to you
9-10 0:27:47 Obbzy Round 12 of the LOTR V8Supercar Series @ Bathurst... TONIGHT.
8-10 8:00:09 Nibiru Nice
8-10 4:40:28 Obbzy Having LOTS of fun manipulating the wet weather tyres on the Aussie Legends cars... Think I've nearly got a good balance (after checking out how the modern cars handle the wet!). Hopefully a good bit of fun to be had once S397 implement the new rain modelling?
5-10 22:00:51 Darrell Guys if anyone is interested «check this»
4-10 6:58:12 Nibiru Now thats pretty «check this»
2-10 23:40:22 Nibiru no worries Darrel real life comes first
2-10 22:38:33 Darrell Sorry i missed last night Nib, just was unable to make it was out with Family last night of School Holidays.
2-10 13:50:04 Obbzy Hey Nib... PM sent
2-10 3:25:19 Obbzy Round 2 of the E49 Charger Cup @ Calder Park tonight. :)
1-10 13:31:02 paps hAHA.... couldn't agree more Obbzy!
1-10 4:16:36 Obbzy Pay TV is the arse end of humanity...
1-10 2:45:32 paps Another mainstream sport to sellout to FOX. :(
1-10 1:17:41 SmellySkidmark no more free to air F1 «check this»
30-9 13:05:12 SmellySkidmark lol lol
30-9 13:04:59 SmellySkidmark Rob check this «check this»
29-9 22:29:49 HITMAN nice vid papps
29-9 10:52:14 Obbzy T500rs is GO. :D
29-9 10:01:37 flyfisho yeah worked it out chears
29-9 9:59:28 Nibiru Uninstall and delete the vmod and join the server again and get the vmod again
29-9 9:47:00 flyfisho enlighten me.....vmod im getting the same issue
29-9 8:00:54 paps :D
29-9 7:52:31 flyfisho great stuff
29-9 0:01:21 Nibiru He sure has
28-9 22:45:47 Obbzy Paps, you have excelled. Brilliant stuff m8.
28-9 21:27:00 HSV_PETE How good is that!
28-9 20:26:23 paps «check this»
28-9 6:28:45 Nibiru Server 4 updated
27-9 22:45:57 HSV_PETE All fixed.......I did not uninstall the Vmod properly...dunb arse!!!!!!
27-9 22:35:08 HSV_PETE I'm getting the same problem trying to download the Charger....says mod already installed and stops....tried to uninstall old versions but it won'y give me the option to uninstall...only delete...any advice how to uninstall another way....tried removing from packages but did not work.
27-9 8:53:30 Darrell Cheers Nib and SS
27-9 6:32:57 SmellySkidmark As Nib said uninstall all the old stuff, then just join the server. Werked fer me :B
27-9 5:39:15 Nibiru Charger v058 is not needed
27-9 5:38:54 Nibiru Xfactor aussie legends rnd 2 VMOD
27-9 5:09:34 Darrell Name of Vmod and car
27-9 5:08:59 Darrell Tried my 2nd simulator and same error. was going to uninstall mod but not sure of what its file name is?
27-9 5:06:13 Nibiru It worked last night for obbzy and myself. Try uninstalling and deleting the vmod and the car. Then let the server download again. The car has been updated to v059
27-9 3:49:43 Darrell Hi guys, Nib i am getting error trying to install s3.. Tells me Mod already installed. Just freezes then.
26-9 23:32:51 Obbzy TCR server now has Rd3 car & track combo. .. Standard M3 @ Putnam Park GP...
26-9 23:05:28 Obbzy S397 September Roadmap... «check this»
25-9 9:11:36 Nibiru Catch ya next time Ddog
25-9 9:00:43 Nibiru How's the fire rob
25-9 8:14:10 DdogNZ Won't be able to make the TCRs tonight unfortunately, hope to make next one gents.
25-9 0:36:16 Obbzy TCRs (VK, Brock VL & Skyline) @ NOLA Track C TONIGHT. :)
24-9 14:41:04 Nibiru all cars
24-9 12:15:22 Nibiru some update at AL site
24-9 11:26:16 Obbzy Ouch... «check this»
23-9 13:36:11 Nibiru «check this»
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