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Nibiru: Microsoft has forced you to update with little slow downs and errors
DisengageNZ: ewwww microsoft being arsenuggetts
Nibiru: dont get me started lol
DisengageNZ: go on tell me how you feel about them :P Kidding
Nibiru: well the hahaha
DisengageNZ: any eta when the servers are all go?
Nibiru: sorry still doing the creators update. Ill have it going asaik
Nibiru: This update has killed my 3d max on my main machine and has 2 known updates since
Nibiru: crazy stuff
Nibiru: I just hope there is no errors after lol
DisengageNZ: Fair enough man, Hoping it all goes well
Nibiru: it just finally rebooted to finish off the update
Nibiru: no still updating lol
DisengageNZ: rekt, bloody microsoft trolling
Nibiru: here we go
DisengageNZ: Anyone watching the start of the 24 of Le Mans this evening/morning?
Nibiru: Where can you watch it for free? And what time?
DisengageNZ: I have a idea on a place. The telecast here in NZ on Sky is set for 12:30am Sunday morning so maybe 11:30pm tonight for you. I'll check with the crew at the site to make sure they have a source and post to you on fb or here if okay with you?
Nibiru: Ok cool
DisengageNZ: Yeah il message ya once i found out after work. Almost 2 hours left :D
stefano88: Hi can I join the last race of BT44?
Obbzy: You are most welcome to join stefano88. We only ask that you are on TeamSpeak on race night.
Obbzy: Round 7 of the Lord of the RIMS V8 Supercar Series @ Hidden Valley... TONIGHT... :)
-=DFG=-RaTeD: It sucks so bad completely forgot i had family thing on tonight so ill be late maybe miss the first race but after putting a shit tonne of laps in recently its got me annoyed ill miss it lol
Nibiru: Family comes first mate. Hope you can make it for race 2
Obbzy: Studio397 June 2017 Roadmap update... «check this»
Obbzy: Server 5 has the EnduRacer mod at the glorious Salzburgring circuit. Enjoy...
Obbzy: Server 4 has Howston G4 & G6 + 67 AC Cobra @ Le Grand 1967 (Le Mans 67) by woochoo. Remember to pack the brown pants!!! O.O
DisengageNZ: Oooooh server for it, geeze you are onto the servers like a wildfire Obbzy. Also awesome racing last night everyone
flyfisho: Great stuff last night. Really enjoy the good racing.
DisengageNZ: Were you in the Bottle-O Falcon last night? If so we should work on a promitional deal for buying Guinness at the Bottle-O everytime I win. Its a win win situation for us then
flyfisho: Yeah sweet....you win ill drink the Guiness :D
DisengageNZ: We both can haha
Obbzy: Studio 397 have updated Sao Paulo circuit & Formula 2 mod to DX11... «check this»
Obbzy: F2 mod has had many physics/tyre cpm updates too. :)
DisengageNZ: I'll give the F2s another shot. My rf2 exploded internally and had to redownload everything

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13-6 8:53:44 Nibiru Still SS?
13-6 8:53:07 Nibiru Yeah I was just about to post the same thing
13-6 7:52:59 DisengageNZ Now this could be interesting «check this»
13-6 0:45:39 SmellySkidmark Nib, no access again
12-6 14:00:47 DisengageNZ Thanks everyone for the great turn out, was a blast and a lot of fun was had.
12-6 4:08:13 Nibiru You get in SS tewmviewer is on
11-6 12:48:11 Ro8oTXR I'll get the last track (sandown) tomorrow arvo.
11-6 12:40:51 Ro8oTXR I'll look in the workshop for it. Cheers.
11-6 12:40:28 SmellySkidmark u will need all 5, they are in the vmod
11-6 12:39:45 Ro8oTXR got 4 tracks downloading now.
11-6 12:38:02 SmellySkidmark Nib, I dont have access anymore
11-6 12:36:27 SmellySkidmark good, u could get the FVRs from steam too
11-6 12:35:54 Ro8oTXR Got the steam version Smelly , thanks.
11-6 12:35:48 SmellySkidmark links to the tracks are «check this»
11-6 12:35:01 SmellySkidmark you will also need to have the Steam version of RF2 aswell if u don't already
11-6 12:34:16 SmellySkidmark Hiya Ro8oT, Don't get the FVR 6.1s, you need the 6.5 version of all cars
11-6 12:31:36 Ro8oTXR Hi folks. I'd like to join you for the memorial but I've been gone so long I need so guidance on what files I need for the fvr mod. Do I download FVR_V8SUPERCARS_FGx_v61.rfcmp and the other 4 (MB,NA,VF,VO)
9-6 11:01:59 SmellySkidmark err Sandown dx 11
9-6 11:01:37 SmellySkidmark Hiya Bloke, yep I'm in, you need 5 tracks, easterncreek & the others listed, Barbagallo dx 11, OranPark Sandown & Bathurst 2016
9-6 10:59:09 v8bloke Hey all D/loading Micks Memorial Server stuff now will be on when its done if anyone interested in jumping on could do with a setup
9-6 3:54:38 Obbzy Wow, my three favorite mods ATM & two of 'em are open wheelers! The EnduRacer GTs, The Brabham BT44 & The new GP3 mod. :)
7-6 0:03:20 Darrell If you like Monaro's check out my Page «check this»
5-6 10:27:10 -=DFG=-RaTeD i cant join TS :(
5-6 7:48:20 OR`Dug86 Champ
5-6 7:19:48 SmellySkidmark If you need the track you get it from «check this»
5-6 7:18:54 SmellySkidmark Hiya Dug, you can get the mod from Steam, ypu'll have to subscribe from «check this»
5-6 6:25:09 OR`Dug86 Hi lads, where do you get that BT44 Mod,, was going to spin some laps with ya tonight if its ok ? O.O
5-6 4:16:24 Obbzy Anyone else getting Disconnected at Watkins Glen? (?)
4-6 1:02:58 SmellySkidmark Reborn: the Super5000 «check this»
3-6 1:55:25 SmellySkidmark I'd much rather watch these at every round than those ridiculous diesel utes they have for later this year
3-6 1:25:03 SmellySkidmark Nib PM sent
2-6 11:53:53 Nibiru As Bob dylan said "Times they are a changing"
2-6 11:42:45 DisengageNZ Not sure, depends if teams opt in a v8 for their cars. O've always loved the sound and sights of seeing old Formula 5000 cars running. I just hope the politics don't get overly important and let racing be racing on a level playing field if it goes ahead
2-6 11:29:21 Nibiru Not a big open wheeler fan.......but if this is what the only V8 racing will be then ?
2-6 9:06:32 DisengageNZ Just seen this pop up. Whats everyones opinons? «check this»
2-6 1:38:42 Darrell «check this» rFactor1 5pmto 7pm Fridays.. 360 Sprint Cars followed my Destruction Derby.
30-5 12:27:47 GrimDad Sandown looks pretty good to me too ;) Nice job Nibiru Thanks!
30-5 9:31:01 HSV_PETE Very impressed with the new Endurance mod and the DX11 at Sandown.....a series of these would get me back to RF2.
30-5 8:44:27 Darrell i forgot to subscribe its updating from steam atm
30-5 8:39:35 Nibiru Check in Packages or mod manager for the vmod and try and manually install. If that fails delete the vmod and join server to d/l vmod again
30-5 7:57:10 Darrell downloaded from Link thanks SS. Just still seeing same result. nothing ...lol
29-5 8:56:33 Darrell cheers SS
29-5 5:44:06 SmellySkidmark V8 Supercars @ Brands Hatch tonight
29-5 5:43:24 SmellySkidmark Darrell there here «check this» or if you want a non steam version , check next post
29-5 3:58:50 Darrell Hi guys is server 5 a Free mod? i click on it to start downloading and it just stays there without downloading.
28-5 6:29:41 Obbzy Server 4 FVR V8s & Server 5 EnduRacer Endurance ... both at Sandown 1.7 (DX11). :D
28-5 2:11:50 Nibiru Anyone tried this «check this»
27-5 4:06:45 Nibiru V1.7 out now for testing. Fixed some of your issues
27-5 1:34:20 Obbzy Yeah, it looks fairly similar there Disengage. I compared with Toban & Toban's walls weren't quite as bright & the wall texture shows through more so it also helps make it look less bright. The guard rails also shine a little too much in places. The rest of the track is looking good though. On reflection, the pits are pretty close (perhaps extra shadow to contrast???).
27-5 0:32:56 DisengageNZ the left mirror looks a tad bright but that could be me, looks like its emitting more light than what is hitting it
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