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SmellySkidmark: PM Nib
Seca: is there racing tonight?
RobZee: Special Event info - Quick Race V8's- Monday 11th June «check this»
Nibiru: Thanks Rob
Nibiru: PM SS
Bert: So some low life goes and spam Mick's post
RobZee: Taken care of Bert
SmellySkidmark: Nib have u seen this «check this»
Nibiru: Yeah thanks SS
SmellySkidmark: SMP LIVE STREAM: Muscle Car Masters... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Mickspix Memorial tonight 8:30 start
SmellySkidmark: Rob «check this»
v8bloke: Hi all unfortunately I will not be able to make Micks memorial due to not being able to find my power cord for my wheel have fun and good racing. Mick will remain in all our thoughts for along time he is a very missed mate of all that race at xfactor and other places as well. Again enjoy and have fun. :( that I cabt be there
Nibiru: Thats a shame v8bloke. Is hawkey going to make it? Can you be on TS at least
Nibiru: You dont need a wheel to watch. You could swap with Hawkey every 2nd race
kwik-kiwi: If it wasn't for the time difference, I would have raced tonight.... fond memories of Mick and his stories... have a great night's racing.
Nibiru: Thanks kiwi. We understand
Nibiru: Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight mickspix would have loved it. It was a really fun night
ElPronto: I just did some laps Hidden Valley on the ISR server. Straight out of the box it fantastic. A big thank-you to all involved .
On a sadder note: Long be remember The "MICKSPIX" .. one of a kind was that lad.
SmellySkidmark: PM Nib
Nibiru: Back at u SS
Nibiru: Glad to hear ElPronto
SmellySkidmark: Nib can you look at these spam bot and ban them all?
Nibiru: I am SS
Nibiru: Facebook Group to check out. Old Aussie Motor sport pics and vids «check this»
Bert: Piece of sh!t bod AmxrxAnymn is back
Nibiru: They are doing my head in. I have 2 spam cheack when registering. Don't know hwo they are getting through
GrimDad: I have ecc working on grim site Nibiru test it out. Its on the reg and contact pages. Not changed anything on yours until we chat tomorrow.
GrimDad: your welcome to look in the admin on my site m8
Nibiru: Thanks Steve it's working here now
GrimDad: lets hope it stops your spammers
Nibiru: My fingers and toes are crossed :D
Gussy: Crew Chief and Voice Attack «check this»
Nibiru: Thanks Gussy great vid
Gussy: cheers Nib
Nibiru: V8's at Hidden Valley tonight

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26-5 10:56:28 Bert rudy ts
26-5 10:08:22 Bert Pm SS
26-5 3:24:57 SmellySkidmark like this :B «check this»
26-5 3:24:19 SmellySkidmark There's others on there for the same money too
26-5 3:22:20 SmellySkidmark 43" 4K
26-5 3:21:53 SmellySkidmark Gussy here a monitor for you.. «check this»
25-5 6:45:58 SmellySkidmark 90 min enduro in the FVRs @ VIR tonight
25-5 6:33:58 SmellySkidmark Rob more Stinger shit... «check this»
24-5 6:51:38 Gussy hehe
23-5 7:56:11 Bert :D you crack me up Gussy, the same can be said of you, most of my inspiration comes from chasing you mate
23-5 6:51:57 Nibiru O.O
23-5 6:36:11 Gussy latest news!!!!! Bert to be booted from enduro..........based on quickness :P
23-5 6:35:12 Gussy cheers
23-5 6:31:38 SmellySkidmark PM Gussy
22-5 12:44:17 SmellySkidmark err Enduro server
22-5 12:43:59 SmellySkidmark Eduro server updated to v 0.85 of Virginia Raceway
22-5 7:38:42 SmellySkidmark Server 2 now Aussie Legends @ Palm Beach
21-5 6:04:44 SmellySkidmark V8s @ Winton tonight
20-5 5:36:22 SmellySkidmark @Bert tyres too high? no
20-5 4:11:14 Bert The real life drivers don’t seem to have any issues with tire wear. Is the server maybe set too high? Also Larko calling it a low stress circuit.
19-5 4:08:41 Nibiru Thanks Rob
19-5 3:26:52 RobZee I did Nib
19-5 1:07:06 Nibiru Did you delete it SS
18-5 10:36:29 SmellySkidmark Nib we got spammmmmm
15-5 7:07:16 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
14-5 3:41:01 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends @ Oulton Park tonight!
14-5 3:25:19 SmellySkidmark Rob, you'd never see a Stinger in front of you lol «check this»
14-5 0:32:42 SmellySkidmark PM Obbzy
14-5 0:28:31 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
13-5 10:38:31 Bert Thx Nib
13-5 10:14:37 Nibiru All AL cars updated with rainFX «check this»
13-5 6:57:32 Bert Strange I think it is only at two spots that it happens on that turn.
13-5 6:45:03 SmellySkidmark Server 4 has the same damage that server 2 had
13-5 5:21:22 Bert maybe I missed it before but I have ventured wide at that turn before without hitting anything
13-5 5:18:07 Nibiru Thats strange Bert. The physics didn't change in v096 only graphical changes.
13-5 5:14:07 Bert Damage seems to have changed, going off track at turn 7 can destroy the car
13-5 3:45:39 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends server updated car to v0.96 , dl from here if it wont dl automatically «check this»
12-5 23:24:56 SmellySkidmark 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring has 14 hours of racing to go!
12-5 23:22:49 SmellySkidmark LIVE STREAM: Shannons Nationals from Sandown «check this»
12-5 23:21:25 SmellySkidmark 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring live! «check this»
12-5 1:26:45 Nibiru «check this»
12-5 0:53:08 SmellySkidmark Rob, leave the Stinger in your mirror «check this»
11-5 8:38:45 Gussy crazy track for the lx. great selection
10-5 11:46:25 Gussy Bit of a laugh. Rfactor 2 in the dirt. Shits and giggles «check this»
8-5 6:34:51 SmellySkidmark Server 2 now has Oulton Park for the Aussie Legends
7-5 11:05:17 KoiL Hi all :-)
7-5 6:11:23 SmellySkidmark V8s @ Barbagallo tonight
7-5 6:10:42 SmellySkidmark Hia bloke, how the truck are ya?
6-5 22:39:57 Bert Hey V8bloke
6-5 10:55:30 v8bloke Hey all the bloke is here lol how are we all
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