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SmellySkidmark: yep, check this if u dare, lol «check this»
paps: :P
Nibiru: O.O
Obbzy: TCR M3 (not the EVO) @ Putnam Park TONIGHT. :)
RobZee: Another interesting comparison of Stinger V SSV «check this»
Nibiru: Servers have been updated
SmellySkidmark: Nib server 1 still shows up as 1108
Nibiru: All servers come out of the same install. The server UI says 1109
SmellySkidmark: Matchmaker? has it as 1108, fer me
SmellySkidmark: yep, dx11 & dx9 both have the same fer me
Nibiru: Im out atm. And haven't tried connecting. Do other servers say 1109? Maybe a bug
Nibiru: Try closing all servers. Check task manager for any rf2 stuff and close if you find anything and restart all the servers
SmellySkidmark: ok
SmellySkidmark: Ok, closed all servers, checked task manager, re-made vmod server1 reloaded all servers, still same, server1 1108, others are good :S
Nibiru: Weird. .like I said they all come from the same install. So you can't join server1?
SmellySkidmark: nope, 2,3,4 yes
Nibiru: Very strange.
Nibiru: Did you start server1 first cause I did.
SmellySkidmark: yes, maybe open server 5 ? or it's down?
Nibiru: I thinking try starting a different server first and see what happens
SmellySkidmark: ok i'll open it last
Nibiru: Server 5 is closed but if the first server started gets the wrong build you could start 5 first
SmellySkidmark: now it's just weird, opened 4,2,3,1. only 1 in the list ???
SmellySkidmark: refreshed, 4x now all there, but same problem
Nibiru: So still S1 is wrong build
SmellySkidmark: yes, loaded s5, waiting for listing
Nibiru: S5 has no ports
SmellySkidmark: k
Nibiru: This modem only allows i think 20 ports to be forwarded S5 just misses out
SmellySkidmark: I'll leave it for now, enjoy, cya l8r
Nibiru: Ill have to check it out. Thanks for trying.
Nibiru: Only thing I can think to try is put server 1 ports into server 5 and and see what happens
Nibiru: SS paps PM
Nibiru: Any feedback
SmellySkidmark: I just saw, checking now
SmellySkidmark: Still there see pm

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23-9 2:29:49 paps :)
23-9 2:07:53 Nibiru That should be fixed to paps
23-9 2:00:58 paps Back at ya..
23-9 1:41:01 Nibiru New PM Paps
22-9 3:15:49 Obbzy Remember! This Monday, TCRs (Brock VL, VK & Skyline) @ NOLA Track C... :)
22-9 3:04:39 Obbzy Yo Pete. How's it going?
21-9 23:27:53 Pinky Pete hey obbzy
21-9 1:58:34 Darrell Was on last night running HQ's & Charger's around Bathurst ... Great Fun.... Cockpit view is just like i remember my HQ. Great Job Nib.
19-9 0:50:32 SmellySkidmark The wait is over V8 Supercars @ Bathurst LOTR server 1 ready for practice
19-9 0:49:34 SmellySkidmark I had a shocker last nite, ya get that
19-9 0:38:24 HITMAN Great night last night guys totally enjoyed it can't wait for Bathurst
18-9 8:59:32 Nibiru Might be late tonight. The boys birthday
18-9 6:32:30 SmellySkidmark yeap it's fixed :)
18-9 6:13:17 Nibiru fingers crossed SS 8)
18-9 6:07:28 Nibiru Make that Server 3 now has Charger v 0.58, for round 2 @ Calder Park
18-9 0:26:21 SmellySkidmark Server 3 now has the Charger 0.57, for round 2 @ Calder Park
18-9 0:02:27 SmellySkidmark V8 Supercars @ Sandown TONIGHT
17-9 0:03:40 SmellySkidmark Bentley Continental GT3 announced as the next GT3 car to be released by Studio 397
15-9 12:01:10 SmellySkidmark Obbzy PM m8
15-9 10:13:10 paps Pm Nib
15-9 7:52:53 Nibiru Obbzy has the falcons so when he's got the engines done? I'll give him the LX and Z28 after that
15-9 7:38:20 flyfisho Whens the lx and falcon up to download. Im drooling
11-9 5:01:35 Nibiru Yeah
11-9 3:45:27 Rookie You guys trying out the Legends tonight 11/9/17
10-9 8:09:05 Nibiru YES good analogy
10-9 3:34:51 DisengageNZ So you have to treat them like a person that is easily offended these days? I don't agree with what I said but brings a car management factor I don't see very much in sim racing
8-9 9:18:27 ttb57 U gotta treat the original much nicer...lol
8-9 9:08:39 Nibiru thanks ttb57 I thought that was the case
8-9 8:55:16 ttb57 the original version does but not the group c
8-9 7:16:33 Nibiru What about the Group C (race version)? That has different physics and engine
8-9 6:37:03 SmellySkidmark Pete is that ver 0.56 ?
8-9 6:35:23 HSV_PETE good job on Charger Nib.....one issue...it cooks the engine after 4-5 laps...no matter what settings I use.
7-9 11:45:00 Nibiru Thanks Darrell
7-9 11:29:02 Darrell nice work on Charger Nib Top job
6-9 8:57:35 Nibiru Great news. .. I think it's the new charger O.O
6-9 8:45:57 DisengageNZ Now that I've actually looked, expect me there
6-9 8:44:28 DisengageNZ Soooo I'm not stuck running v8s on iRacing Monday coming, what is being run that night?
5-9 2:59:26 Nibiru it sure was
4-9 12:50:56 flyfisho Good racing guys and a fun Mod
4-9 10:18:52 SmellySkidmark Nib are you around? we need the format for tonight
4-9 7:33:28 paps Cheers mate, :)
4-9 7:21:06 Nibiru PM paps ... I'm sure I fixed everything ... Fingers crossed :D
4-9 6:55:50 SmellySkidmark well worth 100 more
4-9 6:18:46 Obbzy Yep SS... been looking at that one. :)
4-9 5:08:25 SmellySkidmark well it took me an hour but I get my wheel back :)
4-9 3:27:55 SmellySkidmark Ah Rob don't do the firmware update, I did my wheel wont werk :(
4-9 2:11:03 SmellySkidmark Rob new beta firmware «check this»
4-9 2:08:20 SmellySkidmark Obbzy, a new wheel to concider, looks good & you can change the buttons «check this»
4-9 0:52:23 Obbzy Round 1 of the 2017 TCR Series @ Silverstone '75 TONIGHT . Choice of VL TWR Commodore, Sierra & M3 EVO... :)
3-9 0:16:36 paps PM, fo Nibsta
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