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Bert: :D
Bert: How ironic that I’m getting a racex shifter for my bday and cannot race on the night :_(
Obbzy: Well Bert, you may now go to Virginia! For reasons beyond my control (aka. My wife going to see Thirsty Merc on the 4th May) I can't start the series on that date.
The series will now start 25 May (when Rd 2 was going to be held), still at Virginia International Oak Course & the other dates have been rearranged,
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure at least Bert is happy. :)
Bert: Very very Happy mate:D
Obbzy: Round 3 of the Lord of the RIMS Series @ Symmons Plains is on TONIGHT. Race 1 in the V8 Utes... Races 2 & 3 in the FVR Supercars (now up to version 6.93). :)
kwik-kiwi: Great to do some laps on your server last night... first time on RF2 in a while.. bought back some good memories :)
SmellySkidmark: TS gone ...
RobZee: yep for me too
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
RobZee: SS.. go to OR TS?
SmellySkidmark: yep OR
SmellySkidmark: We are currently experiencing technical difficulty's normal service will return shortly, welcome to the intermission... «check this»
Nibiru: We had a HDD failure. New drive is in and the servers and TS have now been installed. Just need to download all the cars and tracks and we're back in business.
Nibiru: Oh I also need to fix the TS viewer on the site. YOU CAN JOIN TS NOW
flyfisho: :P :P:P
flyfisho: Phillip Portugal Magnificent park here we go :D
flyfisho: portugal package not available
Nibiru: I think Portugal is the ISI steam version. Try subscribing to on steam
SmellySkidmark: he's in, was the car, v.95, gave him a link
flyfisho: Friday yeeeew. Burn some rubber :P :D
SmellySkidmark: yeeehaaarrrrrr long weekend. Burn some rubber javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':)') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':P') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':|'):|
SmellySkidmark: lol
flyfisho: lol
flyfisho: pm Smelly
SmellySkidmark: back at ya
Obbzy: Aussie Legends World Tour... Round 4 TONIGHT at Portugal GP in the Camaro Z28... :)
SmellySkidmark: Rob, 2018 Kia Stinger 330Si (sports exhaust) 0-100km/h & engine sound «check this»
Obbzy: Mustang returns to ATCC... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: New Monitor anyone «check this»
Gussy: 3 please
Nibiru: RIP DARRELL EASTLAKE. «check this»
Nibiru: Watch at least the first 4 laps
SmellySkidmark: RF2 updated to build 1110
SmellySkidmark: «check this»
Nibiru: servers updated

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18-3 5:46:35 SmellySkidmark Formula 5000s in the snow... wow
18-3 4:46:53 Nibiru Thanks SS
18-3 4:42:25 SmellySkidmark replyed PM
18-3 4:34:20 Nibiru PM SS
18-3 2:35:23 paps 80s touring cars NOW!..Go the Rover. :P
18-3 0:30:18 SmellySkidmark GT40s atm with other 60s cars
18-3 0:29:20 SmellySkidmark Goodwood live «check this»
17-3 11:36:19 Merlin Finally found it
17-3 10:56:26 Merlin Smelly, do you have another manual download link for Brands Hatch. Continually fails on server download? Thanks
17-3 9:34:31 SmellySkidmark Brands should have just dl from the server
17-3 1:58:32 Merlin same issue here with the verication error
16-3 5:21:54 fez all good now. i found a download from an external site. the download in xfactors downloads didnt work for me
16-3 2:58:52 fez i just downloaded brands and am getting a verication error, anyone know a fix for this?
14-3 5:38:28 flyfisho power wind sounds like a good night on the curry :P glorified computer fans, i have the same but mine just blow hard all the time :D
13-3 9:57:07 SmellySkidmark pm Nib Rob Obbzy
13-3 9:39:59 SmellySkidmark lol , Power Wind Review «check this»
12-3 8:38:49 SmellySkidmark Sorry to hear Bert
12-3 7:57:29 Nibiru Bugger hope you feel better
12-3 7:34:01 Bert No racing for me tonight sorry guys, feeling crook
12-3 6:14:08 SmellySkidmark pm's Nib
11-3 22:28:33 Obbzy FIRST ROUND of the Aussie Legends World Tour @ Lime Rock Park in the XY Falcon is on TONIGHT... :)
11-3 4:33:20 Nibiru As some of the guys with VR were having issues with the XY crashing or major loss of fps. Server 2 has been updated with XY v0.94a. Join the server to download
10-3 6:48:37 Nibiru another one SS. Might have found the issue. check your PM
10-3 4:34:52 SmellySkidmark back to you Nib
10-3 0:54:50 Nibiru back at you SS
9-3 22:16:16 SmellySkidmark Nib pm
9-3 7:51:07 nipzon I'm in but quick T
9-3 7:36:47 nipzon S4 good, d/l track now
9-3 7:32:04 nipzon Pm sent Nib
9-3 6:59:55 Nibiru Those that had joined server 4 uninstall vmod VIR test v079 and join again
9-3 6:47:37 Nibiru nipzon send me a pm explaining what happens. I'll try and fix it
9-3 6:24:56 nipzon Previously only the XY crashed me
9-3 6:24:01 nipzon The S2 server only offer the XY as options for me
9-3 5:58:49 Obbzy Tier 2 cars
9-3 5:58:31 Obbzy Outlaws have the Aussie Legends @ Hidden Valley tonight if you're looking for a race or three. :)
9-3 5:50:36 SmellySkidmark is it only the XY? did you try other cars? Legends and something else
9-3 5:40:09 nipzon Thx SS, that solved Limerock
9-3 5:35:10 nipzon For some reason the XY freaks my VR out
8-3 19:03:15 SmellySkidmark you may have to us/resubscribe to Limerock, it's ver 2.02
8-3 10:03:21 nipzon I deleted what was there and tried again. it comes up with same mssg without installing anything
8-3 9:48:21 Nibiru Try uninstalling the vmod and delete it and join the server again
8-3 9:28:08 nipzon Server S2 brings up a package not available
7-3 11:43:09 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends World Tour server 2 set for round 1 @ Limerick Park Next Monday
7-3 10:07:38 flyfisho why i love Aussie legends «check this»
6-3 18:59:32 SmellySkidmark Nib servers are down, I dont have access
6-3 10:14:38 RobZee yea I can see that... I'm getting the message: Failed to resolve hostname 'xfactorracing.ddns.net'
6-3 10:13:24 SmellySkidmark I'm on
6-3 10:12:03 RobZee hmm.. still can't get onto TS
6-3 10:01:50 SmellySkidmark TS is the fixed
6-3 9:59:39 flyfisho check it «check this»
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