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  • Nibiru's Avatar
    Today 23:00
    HQ_02.jpg HQ_01.jpg HQ_03.jpg HQ_04.jpg HQ_05.jpg
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    Yesterday 23:08
    Very much a WIP (call it a super hot fix)... Less bloom, less colour saturation, plus a few 'goodies'. :) More to come... Calder Park v0.20 MOD_ZKUNENALATEST_BBC_IMAGE
  • Rookie's Avatar
    17 Aug 2017 11:01
    What's wrong with '75 Silverstone? To me it suits the cars we're having... We tried to match, as best we can, the cars to circuits. Gives everyone a chance to try a number of cars. Last round is 'all in' so you can pick what you want...
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    16 Aug 2017 12:03
    Looking good
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    15 Aug 2017 14:49
    Coming along nicely XA_Teaser01.jpg XA_Teaser02.jpg XA_Teaser03.jpg XA_Teaser04.jpg
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    14 Aug 2017 16:02
    Results for the first round at Croft SS

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SmellySkidmark: OK nother PM 4 u
Obbzy: Hello SS... here now
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM sent
SmellySkidmark: Obbzy are you going tomorrow or sunday... «check this» looks like a awesome day
Obbzy: We went last year It's pretty good
SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has TCRs v.4 @ Phillip Island v0.63 njoy
Nibiru: TCR BMW M3 updated to v041 «check this»
skan: hello everyone
skan: going to give the TCR vehicles a go.
Nibiru: Hey skan hope you enjoy
Papaosa: The VOLVO is freakin awesome.. :P
Papaosa: Thanks for the TCR update guys. Now I can get my one make VOLVO series together....lol
Obbzy: TCR Test & Tune Night @ Phillip Island tonight. 5 Round TCR series starts 4th September... :D
Nibiru: Got the Analyzer working SS
SmellySkidmark: Great to hear, thanks mate
SmellySkidmark: Ok next job, banners please
Obbzy: TS SS?
SmellySkidmark: Results for the first round of the Caterham Cup «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Lord of the RIMS Results @ Queensland Raceway «check this»
flyfisho: what time test and tune for TCR...9pm?
flyfisho: all good found it
Nibiru: Testing starts 8:0
Nibiru: We might have a few short races in different cars
SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has Round 1 of the TCRs @ Silverstone 75
Chrisrx: hey guys. tcr's have come up well
Nibiru: Thanks Chris
Chrisrx: on TS iof anyone else is around
Obbzy: On TS shortly Chris...
Obbzy: Monday 21st August... LOTR V8 Championship @ Estern Creek (SMP)... :D
Rookie: Anyone up for some TCR's tonight around 7pm
Darrell: Sounds good Rookie.
Rookie: Cool Darrell
Obbzy: I'll be up for some of that... after 8:30ish for me tho
Rookie: nice Obbzy
Obbzy: S397 August Roadmap... «check this»
Obbzy: Calder Park "Super Dooper Hot Fix"! v0.20... «check this»

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23-7 0:37:22 SmellySkidmark Nib check servers plz
22-7 10:15:26 Obbzy TS is also down
22-7 6:48:08 SmellySkidmark Nib for some reason the xfactor servers are not in the rf2 server lists, they seem to be up, just not in muiltiplayer
22-7 0:19:56 SmellySkidmark July roadmap «check this»
21-7 7:47:06 Pinky Pete Hey obbzy
20-7 7:30:14 Pinky Pete ok got it cool
20-7 7:27:03 Pinky Pete nib whats the team speek address and pass word please
20-7 7:08:11 Pinky Pete not sure weather it still works
20-7 7:04:47 Pinky Pete can u read this nib
20-7 7:02:57 Pinky Pete hey nib been a long time
20-7 7:00:34 Pinky Pete hey nib been a long time
20-7 6:59:46 Nibiru Afternoon Pete
17-7 5:01:06 Obbzy Fianl round of the V8SC Series @ BATHURST is on TONIGHT. :)
16-7 7:54:35 Obbzy Server 1 now has QR v0.45
16-7 7:54:22 Obbzy Queensland Raceway updated to v0.45 «check this»
15-7 1:10:08 Nibiru Im using
15-7 1:04:16 Nibiru I need to get a new license to find out. Ill let you know when I do
14-7 10:30:26 ReaperNZ Nibiru what ver of btb do you have ?
14-7 6:13:57 DisengageNZ Cheers SS, if i qualify for the race i am aiming for i will post a link to the livestream if i have time, the race will be Sunday 5:50pm AEST
14-7 5:56:47 SmellySkidmark that sounds pretty cool Dis, well done mate.
14-7 5:25:07 DisengageNZ Hi all, sorry I didnt show up on Monday but I have had a oppertunity arise over on iRacing, I have been picked up by a team to race GT, Speedway and the V8 Supercars ( mainly V8s ) and they are pushing me to be ready for the fullsized Enduro events ( Philip Island and Bathurst ) so they are wanting me to run as many races as I can. That includes the V8 Supercars Premeir Leauge that gets broadcasted on Sunday nights and as many iRacing official races on Monday nights. So this is new and they are gonna push me hard since im fairly new to those v8s and they are a different beast to the FVR cars. So for now I dont think il be able to run monday nights anymore and if i get the chance i will pop in and have some races. Thanks for letting me races with you all and I'll see you again once it all slows down
13-7 4:01:34 ReaperNZ Nibiru , would like to catch up with you for info on adding tracks into rf2.
10-7 0:20:25 SmellySkidmark V8 Supercars @ Townsville tonight
9-7 22:14:04 Darrell Sorry Nibs is it Townsville or Bathurst Tonight?
9-7 13:31:38 Obbzy Soz Nib... Was getting food. Chat tomorrow night. :)
9-7 6:18:01 Nibiru I'll be on TS around 5 Obbzy
9-7 2:34:18 Nibiru What a pain in the ASS. Its going to take weeks to adjust all the pictures on the site.
8-7 14:31:18 Obbzy If anyone's looking for a Photobucket alternative (and there will be plenty), give Postimage.org a go. Easy to use and has 3rd party support (for now at least!)... «check this»
8-7 5:05:28 Darrell Looking forward to Townsville... Great track...
3-7 13:25:33 Obbzy Server 1 updated to Townsville 2012 v0.47
3-7 8:08:47 DisengageNZ I'll be on a bit later tonight, may miss quali and race 1
2-7 20:02:22 SmellySkidmark well done m8
2-7 12:54:38 DisengageNZ A bit of awesomeness, for my first Official iRacing V8 Supercar race I managed to pull off a 3rd at the Nurbergring
29-6 14:48:54 Obbzy Server 1 updated to Townsville 2012 v0.46
29-6 14:48:29 Obbzy Townsville2012 updated to v0.46... Download link... «check this»
28-6 9:42:05 SmellySkidmark I maybe a bit late, racing tonite
28-6 0:04:17 Obbzy Soz SS. I'll be around tonight chief. :)
27-6 10:59:26 SmellySkidmark err obbzy even
27-6 10:59:14 SmellySkidmark Obbzt TS ?
27-6 8:57:07 stefano88 Hi guys thank for the let me join the race yesterday the bt44 is fun to drive. grats to "S S" for so fast laptimes. I'll have a look to your site for future series (I play mostly F1)
26-6 0:04:53 Obbzy Brabham BT44 @ Highlands MSP tonight. Qualifying starts at 9pm AEST... :)
24-6 9:19:58 DisengageNZ I'll give the F2s another shot. My rf2 exploded internally and had to redownload everything
22-6 0:52:53 Obbzy F2 mod has had many physics/tyre cpm updates too. :)
22-6 0:51:13 Obbzy Studio 397 have updated Sao Paulo circuit & Formula 2 mod to DX11... «check this»
20-6 10:28:53 DisengageNZ We both can haha
20-6 9:57:02 flyfisho Yeah sweet....you win ill drink the Guiness :D
20-6 9:48:11 DisengageNZ Were you in the Bottle-O Falcon last night? If so we should work on a promitional deal for buying Guinness at the Bottle-O everytime I win. Its a win win situation for us then
20-6 9:18:48 flyfisho Great stuff last night. Really enjoy the good racing.
20-6 8:29:06 DisengageNZ Oooooh server for it, geeze you are onto the servers like a wildfire Obbzy. Also awesome racing last night everyone
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