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SmellySkidmark: yep, check this if u dare, lol «check this»
paps: :P
Nibiru: O.O
Obbzy: TCR M3 (not the EVO) @ Putnam Park TONIGHT. :)
RobZee: Another interesting comparison of Stinger V SSV «check this»
Nibiru: Servers have been updated
SmellySkidmark: Nib server 1 still shows up as 1108
Nibiru: All servers come out of the same install. The server UI says 1109
SmellySkidmark: Matchmaker? has it as 1108, fer me
SmellySkidmark: yep, dx11 & dx9 both have the same fer me
Nibiru: Im out atm. And haven't tried connecting. Do other servers say 1109? Maybe a bug
Nibiru: Try closing all servers. Check task manager for any rf2 stuff and close if you find anything and restart all the servers
SmellySkidmark: ok
SmellySkidmark: Ok, closed all servers, checked task manager, re-made vmod server1 reloaded all servers, still same, server1 1108, others are good :S
Nibiru: Weird. .like I said they all come from the same install. So you can't join server1?
SmellySkidmark: nope, 2,3,4 yes
Nibiru: Very strange.
Nibiru: Did you start server1 first cause I did.
SmellySkidmark: yes, maybe open server 5 ? or it's down?
Nibiru: I thinking try starting a different server first and see what happens
SmellySkidmark: ok i'll open it last
Nibiru: Server 5 is closed but if the first server started gets the wrong build you could start 5 first
SmellySkidmark: now it's just weird, opened 4,2,3,1. only 1 in the list ???
SmellySkidmark: refreshed, 4x now all there, but same problem
Nibiru: So still S1 is wrong build
SmellySkidmark: yes, loaded s5, waiting for listing
Nibiru: S5 has no ports
SmellySkidmark: k
Nibiru: This modem only allows i think 20 ports to be forwarded S5 just misses out
SmellySkidmark: I'll leave it for now, enjoy, cya l8r
Nibiru: Ill have to check it out. Thanks for trying.
Nibiru: Only thing I can think to try is put server 1 ports into server 5 and and see what happens
Nibiru: SS paps PM
Nibiru: Any feedback
SmellySkidmark: I just saw, checking now
SmellySkidmark: Still there see pm

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2-9 9:35:43 Chrisrx great fun though :)
2-9 9:34:56 Chrisrx the blown hq needs to sound tuffer! «check this»
31-8 7:44:14 nipzon great work on the interior thx Nib, beast of a mod :D
31-8 6:25:28 Nibiru That's ok paps I just updated it to v0.55 and we have a server up. Website is still a bit messy so when that's better Ill put a link up at S397
31-8 6:02:39 paps I take it the HQ has been officially released now, so I.ve posted a link to the 'Aussie Legends' site in the video description Nibs..is that OK?
30-8 22:28:20 Nibiru yep
30-8 17:12:00 GrimDad Fall asleep at your desk Nib (?) ;)
30-8 11:14:42 Obbzy Nice Vid Paps. :)
30-8 7:37:59 paps All good..thanks
30-8 4:48:42 Nibiru Done
30-8 3:57:46 Papaosa PM
30-8 3:57:18 Papaosa :D
29-8 23:29:31 Nibiru Awesome Paps
29-8 20:54:34 Papaosa PM fo Nibs .. :P
29-8 11:21:28 Obbzy R.S. but still usable... I have a book underneath it to kep it on the table! lol
29-8 5:53:33 SmellySkidmark err your
29-8 5:53:23 SmellySkidmark Unlucky Obbzy, how's tour wheel?
29-8 0:35:58 Nibiru Bad luck Obbzy
29-8 0:00:36 Obbzy Sorry, couldn't make it last night. Fkn internet.... :S
27-8 23:58:46 Obbzy Caterham 7 Series @ Oulton Park tonight. :)
27-8 4:19:42 SmellySkidmark New PM Nib.. if ya not buzy
26-8 23:36:05 Papaosa PM for Nibs.. :)
26-8 7:13:24 Nibiru PM Knuckles
26-8 5:29:58 Papaosa All good..cheers.
26-8 5:25:21 Nibiru back at you Paps
26-8 4:50:11 Papaosa PM Nibs
26-8 0:32:54 R1CHO :P
24-8 7:33:24 JFF Scotty Thanx mate, catch ya later
24-8 7:33:15 Nibiru Im off talk later
24-8 7:32:57 Nibiru haha
24-8 7:30:58 JFF Scotty he's already 30, so not much maintenance :)
24-8 7:30:16 JFF Scotty Yoyr a legend Nib, I promise you my first born lol
24-8 7:29:32 Nibiru thanks champ
24-8 7:27:31 JFF Scotty all up and running nib,
24-8 7:26:01 JFF Scotty i'll have a look
24-8 7:25:45 Nibiru ok our servers should be working now
24-8 7:24:57 JFF Scotty Joe is going to set up a server o test. appreciate the help Nib, I will leave you in peace now mate.
24-8 7:23:47 Nibiru Nice Sierra and Vk
24-8 7:23:27 JFF Scotty so if we do, we will give you blokes a big shout out.
24-8 7:22:54 JFF Scotty we are looking at running them in the PBM this year
24-8 7:22:44 Nibiru HQ's soon
24-8 7:22:29 Nibiru yep thanks mate hope you enjoy it
24-8 7:21:53 JFF Scotty always pays to do the right thing and ask though, cheers
24-8 7:21:26 Nibiru its a public release
24-8 7:20:58 JFF Scotty we just want permission from you blokes :)
24-8 7:20:43 Nibiru v0.4 and above
24-8 7:20:23 Nibiru we only got permission for the 10 cars we have done
24-8 7:20:19 JFF Scotty any special version?
24-8 7:19:58 Nibiru Its a conversion from rF1
24-8 7:19:31 JFF Scotty Awesome, is it from you blokes, or someone else?
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