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Darrell: Aussie Legends Cars Look sound and drive great well done Nib and your helpers,
Nibiru: :D
Nibiru: What a race....Scotty throwed it away. Bad luck
Nibiru: PM Rob try the ford
DdogNZ: Lost for words on that result. Well done JW, gutted for Scotty, but would be lying if I wasn't a little sceptical on that PLP for speeding.
RobZee: I think he was penalised for 2 marginal incidents. Made for exciting racing though!
Obbzy: Phillip Island updated to v0.65... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Last round of the V8 supercars LOTR series @ Newcastle . Check forum for details
SmellySkidmark: Rob is this cheaper? «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Hows the monitor Rob?
SmellySkidmark: TCR server updated to newest cars for the last round
Darrell: cant find Zandvoort 2017 track... i try the one in download list and it different?
Nibiru: Doesn't it download from the server? I think it's the S397 check the steam workshop
Darrell: ok..
Darrell: i reinstalled rfactor 2 n now i win i sign in it tells me i have no lic.
Nibiru: Bugger i have no idea. Check integrity of files. Right click on rfactor in steam library go properties and local files.
Nibiru: If that doesn't work go through the steam support and email support at S397
Darrell: ok...pulling my hair out
Darrell: fixed.. i was using my mod manager in bin64 just adding what i want, as i have bin 32 shit everywhere, but must have deleted a sound and from there i crumbled. 3pm today to now.. i do learn something. if in doubt do NOT DELETE
SmellySkidmark: November roadmap «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Supercars DSA explains McLaughlin penalties «check this»
Obbzy: FINAL round of the TCR Series @ Zandvoort TONIGHT. All cars available...
Nibiru: PM SS
HSV_PETE: Hey RobZee...are you up for this year's Xmas enduro?
SmellySkidmark: pm Nib
RobZee: Hey Pete. Yep... I'll be on TS from aout 9pm tonight.
Nibiru: PM SS
SmellySkidmark: pm Nib
HSV_PETE: hey Rob......just got back from playing at school concert...can't keep an old rocker down....great fun playing Status Quo songs...I'll catch up with you tomorrow ...I'll give you a ring
Nibiru: Start downloading Rob
RobZee: Thanks Nib! :)
HSV_PETE: just downloaded......the Camaro in the new update .....the ignition starter keeps going and going.....while you drive
Nibiru: I have repackaged the Camaro, and made a new vmod. Uninstall any previous Camaro's and rejoin the server to download the Camaro again
Obbzy: Torana A9X has the same ignition issue as the Camaro... Will test the others
Obbzy: Camaro still has the same issue too...
Obbzy: Only A9X & Camaro have ignition issue. The rest are ok (sort of... none of the others have an ignition sound!)

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15-10 6:08:37 SmellySkidmark wow hardcore website is now a porn link? what happened there?
14-10 2:59:25 paps thnx
14-10 0:22:00 Nibiru PM paps
13-10 10:05:27 HSV_PETE hey Rob...this one evens the score...http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/head-to-head--2017-kia-stinger-vs-holden-commodore-ss-v-redline--65397.html
13-10 5:10:39 Nibiru Aussie legends update 4 cars. Servers updated
12-10 22:13:46 Obbzy Soz Pinky Pete. Was my daughter's birthday. Was on later but you had gorne...
12-10 10:01:08 HSV_PETE very impressive Rob...that is seriously quick.
12-10 7:55:49 Nibiru WOW rob but the sound
12-10 7:53:33 Nibiru «check this»
12-10 7:47:17 paps O.O
12-10 7:28:00 RobZee SS... something for you to enjoy «check this»
12-10 1:12:12 Pinky Pete hey obbzy jump on ts
10-10 11:04:48 SmellySkidmark Which car is faster, 0-400-0, BUGATTI Chiron or Koenigsegg Agera RS, «check this» and «check this»
10-10 8:11:19 Chrisrx send them in a message. was easy for me to do it that way
10-10 8:11:04 Chrisrx facebook hitman
9-10 23:56:02 Nibiru Ok
9-10 22:13:47 HITMAN Nib i will start zipping the cars tonight and then work out how to get them to you
9-10 0:27:47 Obbzy Round 12 of the LOTR V8Supercar Series @ Bathurst... TONIGHT.
8-10 8:00:09 Nibiru Nice
8-10 4:40:28 Obbzy Having LOTS of fun manipulating the wet weather tyres on the Aussie Legends cars... Think I've nearly got a good balance (after checking out how the modern cars handle the wet!). Hopefully a good bit of fun to be had once S397 implement the new rain modelling?
5-10 22:00:51 Darrell Guys if anyone is interested «check this»
4-10 6:58:12 Nibiru Now thats pretty «check this»
2-10 23:40:22 Nibiru no worries Darrel real life comes first
2-10 22:38:33 Darrell Sorry i missed last night Nib, just was unable to make it was out with Family last night of School Holidays.
2-10 13:50:04 Obbzy Hey Nib... PM sent
2-10 3:25:19 Obbzy Round 2 of the E49 Charger Cup @ Calder Park tonight. :)
1-10 13:31:02 paps hAHA.... couldn't agree more Obbzy!
1-10 4:16:36 Obbzy Pay TV is the arse end of humanity...
1-10 2:45:32 paps Another mainstream sport to sellout to FOX. :(
1-10 1:17:41 SmellySkidmark no more free to air F1 «check this»
30-9 13:05:12 SmellySkidmark lol lol
30-9 13:04:59 SmellySkidmark Rob check this «check this»
29-9 22:29:49 HITMAN nice vid papps
29-9 10:52:14 Obbzy T500rs is GO. :D
29-9 10:01:37 flyfisho yeah worked it out chears
29-9 9:59:28 Nibiru Uninstall and delete the vmod and join the server again and get the vmod again
29-9 9:47:00 flyfisho enlighten me.....vmod im getting the same issue
29-9 8:00:54 paps :D
29-9 7:52:31 flyfisho great stuff
29-9 0:01:21 Nibiru He sure has
28-9 22:45:47 Obbzy Paps, you have excelled. Brilliant stuff m8.
28-9 21:27:00 HSV_PETE How good is that!
28-9 20:26:23 paps «check this»
28-9 6:28:45 Nibiru Server 4 updated
27-9 22:45:57 HSV_PETE All fixed.......I did not uninstall the Vmod properly...dunb arse!!!!!!
27-9 22:35:08 HSV_PETE I'm getting the same problem trying to download the Charger....says mod already installed and stops....tried to uninstall old versions but it won'y give me the option to uninstall...only delete...any advice how to uninstall another way....tried removing from packages but did not work.
27-9 8:53:30 Darrell Cheers Nib and SS
27-9 6:32:57 SmellySkidmark As Nib said uninstall all the old stuff, then just join the server. Werked fer me :B
27-9 5:39:15 Nibiru Charger v058 is not needed
27-9 5:38:54 Nibiru Xfactor aussie legends rnd 2 VMOD
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