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Bert: :D
Bert: How ironic that I’m getting a racex shifter for my bday and cannot race on the night :_(
Obbzy: Well Bert, you may now go to Virginia! For reasons beyond my control (aka. My wife going to see Thirsty Merc on the 4th May) I can't start the series on that date.
The series will now start 25 May (when Rd 2 was going to be held), still at Virginia International Oak Course & the other dates have been rearranged,
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure at least Bert is happy. :)
Bert: Very very Happy mate:D
Obbzy: Round 3 of the Lord of the RIMS Series @ Symmons Plains is on TONIGHT. Race 1 in the V8 Utes... Races 2 & 3 in the FVR Supercars (now up to version 6.93). :)
kwik-kiwi: Great to do some laps on your server last night... first time on RF2 in a while.. bought back some good memories :)
SmellySkidmark: TS gone ...
RobZee: yep for me too
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
RobZee: SS.. go to OR TS?
SmellySkidmark: yep OR
SmellySkidmark: We are currently experiencing technical difficulty's normal service will return shortly, welcome to the intermission... «check this»
Nibiru: We had a HDD failure. New drive is in and the servers and TS have now been installed. Just need to download all the cars and tracks and we're back in business.
Nibiru: Oh I also need to fix the TS viewer on the site. YOU CAN JOIN TS NOW
flyfisho: :P :P:P
flyfisho: Phillip Portugal Magnificent park here we go :D
flyfisho: portugal package not available
Nibiru: I think Portugal is the ISI steam version. Try subscribing to on steam
SmellySkidmark: he's in, was the car, v.95, gave him a link
flyfisho: Friday yeeeew. Burn some rubber :P :D
SmellySkidmark: yeeehaaarrrrrr long weekend. Burn some rubber javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':)') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':P') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':|'):|
SmellySkidmark: lol
flyfisho: lol
flyfisho: pm Smelly
SmellySkidmark: back at ya
Obbzy: Aussie Legends World Tour... Round 4 TONIGHT at Portugal GP in the Camaro Z28... :)
SmellySkidmark: Rob, 2018 Kia Stinger 330Si (sports exhaust) 0-100km/h & engine sound «check this»
Obbzy: Mustang returns to ATCC... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: New Monitor anyone «check this»
Gussy: 3 please
Nibiru: RIP DARRELL EASTLAKE. «check this»
Nibiru: Watch at least the first 4 laps
SmellySkidmark: RF2 updated to build 1110
SmellySkidmark: «check this»
Nibiru: servers updated

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6-3 9:57:04 nipzon The silence before the storm
6-3 9:46:14 RobZee TS down?
5-3 9:37:10 SmellySkidmark Qually @ 8:45
5-3 2:31:32 nipzon :D
5-3 0:17:28 Obbzy Opening Round of the LOTR Championship @ Adelaide is on TONIGHT. Be aware it is the FVR V8s also the V8Utes.
4-3 19:41:40 nipzon Think the difference could be that I’m not using a custom skin
3-3 22:41:50 SmellySkidmark nipzon, that's all I did
3-3 12:15:40 SmellySkidmark Nib pm
3-3 3:28:35 nipzon Nope, I cannot create a team without entering name or team info. So I yave to enter those and cannot leave it blank
3-3 1:30:18 nipzon Left it blank, thx mate will try
3-3 0:57:05 SmellySkidmark I put a team name in, it just doesn't show it. Did u put one in or leave it blank?
3-3 0:55:27 nipzon Mine says Bert vanJ’s Virtual Ride, yours says SS, V8 Supercar
2-3 11:34:33 SmellySkidmark blank team name?
2-3 10:31:19 nipzon How do you guys get rid of the words “virtual ride” in the driver name?
2-3 8:12:44 flyfisho going to burn rubber tonight :P
1-3 6:39:45 Pinky Pete sorry have to go buy
1-3 6:17:31 Pinky Pete please
1-3 6:16:19 Pinky Pete hey smelly jump on ts
1-3 0:40:20 Obbzy S397 February Roadmap... «check this»
28-2 19:32:32 nipzon pm Nib
28-2 13:43:23 flyfisho The utes are sic. love em, looking forward to the race
28-2 9:29:07 wrxxy Can someone tell dicko to jump on this TS pls....
28-2 8:41:57 nipzon Just did a test run on S1 and S4 and there are day/ night differences that makes 6.5 feel like taking last years model out on track
28-2 8:00:11 flyfisho sounds promising guys. looking forward to racing something decent. the mod feels like piss after being into others over the off season.
28-2 2:21:17 nipzon i am quite happy with the changes made, actually feels like a live suspension underneath me :D
28-2 2:20:24 nipzon Great news Obbzy
27-2 23:31:56 Nibiru Glad to hear Obbzy
27-2 23:20:40 Obbzy Have to say that the testing last night was a pleasant surprise. Actually looking forward to racing now, considering I was probably going to give Mondays away...
27-2 8:38:11 Obbzy Oh Man, you've outdone yourself Paps. Very nice work. :)
27-2 6:52:12 Nibiru :D
27-2 4:35:02 paps no no no ..THank You! for another awesome Track mate. :D
27-2 4:28:18 Nibiru thanks paps
27-2 4:20:23 paps Ok then...Release the pigeons! «check this»
27-2 3:53:51 Nibiru Go for it then paps
27-2 3:13:23 paps :P
26-2 21:29:42 Nibiru Nice paps
26-2 20:56:40 paps fixed it!
26-2 12:14:25 paps pm nibs
26-2 0:16:12 Obbzy FINAL round of the Aussie Legends Summer Series @ Bathurst in the Tier 1 Cars... TONIGHT. :)
25-2 3:46:06 paps pm Nibs
24-2 23:11:41 SmellySkidmark All good now Darrell ?
24-2 8:08:19 Darrell ok cheers waiting on DX11 to install then will uninstall test mode cheers Smelly
24-2 3:29:53 SmellySkidmark Darrell uninstall the "test1 mod" then try to rejoin the server. server 4 is just a test server atm
24-2 2:19:26 Darrell cant find p/w for s4 RSMV8 ?
24-2 2:02:50 Darrell Tried LOTR last night and after it downloaded game just froze on start up screen but no cars where showing i click on Start and a 2nd screen appeared saying downloading r.testmod or something like that never had the show b4 and after 10 min of still on same screen i cancelled and restarted PC, Now all it is when i click on LOTR server is the message ' Checking for missing components. 20mins and still hasn't started.
23-2 5:42:30 Pinky Pete cool thank you nib
23-2 5:08:40 SmellySkidmark servers fixed :B
23-2 0:45:30 nipzon We have a server outage boys :_(
22-2 9:25:54 Nibiru Untick 32 bit in the launcher pete
22-2 7:42:04 flyfisho pm smelly
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