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Nibiru: SS, Obzzy, Rob and wrxxy PM guys......Some positive news
nipzon: What’s the chances of including the Mustang into the series «check this»
Nibiru: :-*
nipzon: :D
Obbzy: Round 6 of the Aussie Legends Summer Series is at Hidden Valley in the Tier 2 cars TONIGHT. :)
Pinky Pete: hey nipzon
nipzon: Hey Pinky Pete, whatz happening
Pinky Pete: nipzon jump on ts
Pinky Pete: hey obbzy
Obbzy: Hi Pete.. what's hangin?
nipzon: And onto Bathurst, the holy grail mother of all tracks
RudzAUS777: O.O
nipzon: Is the v8 server locked for testing?
nipzon: Hi Feralarri
Feralarri: Hi Nipzon
SmellySkidmark: Nipzon, yes jump on TS for info
SmellySkidmark: Obbzy PM
bazzaau: Will a server be changed to Bathurst soon, thanks.
bazzaau: Trying to download Bathurst and getting Failed Verification, any ideas, thanks.
Nibiru: Baz where did you download it from? Try removing it from packages and download it from the Aussie Legends site.
Seca: nib sent you a pm
Nibiru: Back at u seca
bazzaau: Thanks for that, yeah it works now.
Darrell: hi i am getting package not available when i click on FVR V8s.
Darrell: sorry LOTR
flyfisho: same on lotr
Pinky Pete: how do i fix a bin 32 error on rf2 please help
HSV_PETE: Any improvements with the RSM V8 mod you guys are testing..any real skins yet available.
flyfisho: pm smelly
Nibiru: Untick 32 bit in the launcher pete
nipzon: We have a server outage boys :_(
SmellySkidmark: servers fixed :B
Pinky Pete: cool thank you nib
Darrell: Tried LOTR last night and after it downloaded game just froze on start up screen but no cars where showing i click on Start and a 2nd screen appeared saying downloading r.testmod or something like that never had the show b4 and after 10 min of still on same screen i cancelled and restarted PC, Now all it is when i click on LOTR server is the message ' Checking for missing components. 20mins and still hasn't started.
Darrell: cant find p/w for s4 RSMV8 ?
SmellySkidmark: Darrell uninstall the "test1 mod" then try to rejoin the server. server 4 is just a test server atm

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5-1 4:41:26 SmellySkidmark lol
5-1 4:41:11 Nibiru There's always something
5-1 4:39:43 SmellySkidmark No connet in TeamVeiwer
4-1 9:06:13 Obbzy :D
4-1 7:22:56 Nibiru Fixed obbzy
4-1 6:42:15 Obbzy ok
4-1 6:30:06 Nibiru Im trying to fix BUT if we loose old messages Im not that fussed. Its the forum I didn't want to loose mainly
4-1 5:33:47 Obbzy Still getting error message for PMs... error message reads:
1146 - Table 'db684831165.#__comprofiler' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT avatar FROM `#__comprofiler` WHERE user_id=63 LIMIT 1
4-1 4:57:12 Nibiru Thanks Obbzy
4-1 4:44:45 Obbzy PMs are nor werking Nib... getting an error when you click on the message..
4-1 4:13:29 Nibiru Finally got the website updated
3-1 10:43:43 Nibiru No restarting the server
3-1 10:36:33 RobZee No TS?
3-1 9:21:58 Obbzy Server 2 seems ok (only a short test though). Will test later...
3-1 3:49:57 Nibiru SS, Obbzy and Rob PM server 2 new test
3-1 3:49:29 Nibiru thanks Obbzy
3-1 3:03:30 Obbzy No issues with Sandown update Nib. :)
2-1 5:03:54 SmellySkidmark k
2-1 4:53:36 Nibiru I tried but the site got stuffed. Had to go back to a back up
2-1 4:11:04 SmellySkidmark webpage update?
19-12 12:15:36 Obbzy Nib.. TS
19-12 9:14:22 Obbzy It is nice Pete. None of my doing though. Nib, Hitman & Chrisrx are those that need thanking.
18-12 23:02:28 Pinky Pete hey obzzy nice looking a9x
18-12 9:33:03 SmellySkidmark ALL FIXED !!!!
18-12 9:23:01 HSV_PETE Can't get on TS either...WTF
18-12 8:43:35 SmellySkidmark WErking on the rrror, server will be up soon... ish
18-12 8:27:16 Obbzy Arrrrgh
18-12 8:25:19 Obbzy Fkn windows updates... i reckon they've stopped stuff until it's updated... ffs
18-12 8:23:25 Obbzy Trying a restart... here it goes... fingers crossed
18-12 8:17:58 Obbzy Still not showing up in matchmaker... grrrrr
18-12 8:15:13 Obbzy Just trying to restart server 4.. They look like they were on, but weren't showing up in matchmaker
18-12 7:46:27 Darrell iIs it just me or are the server not running?
17-12 9:02:31 HSV_PETE Hey RobZee....I've been sick as a dog the last few days...if I race on Monday night I will drive solo in the Ford....would not make good partner at the moment.
17-12 4:56:02 SmellySkidmark Server 4 XMAS enduro has been restarted
17-12 0:22:04 SmellySkidmark Hey Chris merry xmas
16-12 10:07:29 Obbzy Server 2 now has APEX GT3s with 2 tracks... D'Albi & Road Atlanta... enjoy :)
15-12 23:07:52 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
15-12 9:43:44 RobZee Have a good one Chris!
14-12 21:09:55 Nibiru Thanks Chris....Same to you
14-12 18:28:34 v8bloke Merry Xmas and happy New year to all
14-12 18:27:20 v8bloke Hi All has been a while still thinking of you all hope to catch up soon.
14-12 9:00:25 RobZee Thanks SS
14-12 6:53:33 SmellySkidmark PM Rob
12-12 10:21:39 SmellySkidmark Rob PM
11-12 4:39:28 Nibiru Xmas Enduro practice tonight
8-12 10:38:45 Obbzy Only A9X & Camaro have ignition issue. The rest are ok (sort of... none of the others have an ignition sound!)
8-12 10:26:50 Obbzy Camaro still has the same issue too...
8-12 10:25:51 Obbzy Torana A9X has the same ignition issue as the Camaro... Will test the others
8-12 8:14:48 Nibiru I have repackaged the Camaro, and made a new vmod. Uninstall any previous Camaro's and rejoin the server to download the Camaro again
8-12 5:41:23 HSV_PETE just downloaded......the Camaro in the new update .....the ignition starter keeps going and going.....while you drive
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