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Nibiru: Microsoft has forced you to update with little slow downs and errors
DisengageNZ: ewwww microsoft being arsenuggetts
Nibiru: dont get me started lol
DisengageNZ: go on tell me how you feel about them :P Kidding
Nibiru: well the hahaha
DisengageNZ: any eta when the servers are all go?
Nibiru: sorry still doing the creators update. Ill have it going asaik
Nibiru: This update has killed my 3d max on my main machine and has 2 known updates since
Nibiru: crazy stuff
Nibiru: I just hope there is no errors after lol
DisengageNZ: Fair enough man, Hoping it all goes well
Nibiru: it just finally rebooted to finish off the update
Nibiru: no still updating lol
DisengageNZ: rekt, bloody microsoft trolling
Nibiru: here we go
DisengageNZ: Anyone watching the start of the 24 of Le Mans this evening/morning?
Nibiru: Where can you watch it for free? And what time?
DisengageNZ: I have a idea on a place. The telecast here in NZ on Sky is set for 12:30am Sunday morning so maybe 11:30pm tonight for you. I'll check with the crew at the site to make sure they have a source and post to you on fb or here if okay with you?
Nibiru: Ok cool
DisengageNZ: Yeah il message ya once i found out after work. Almost 2 hours left :D
stefano88: Hi can I join the last race of BT44?
Obbzy: You are most welcome to join stefano88. We only ask that you are on TeamSpeak on race night.
Obbzy: Round 7 of the Lord of the RIMS V8 Supercar Series @ Hidden Valley... TONIGHT... :)
-=DFG=-RaTeD: It sucks so bad completely forgot i had family thing on tonight so ill be late maybe miss the first race but after putting a shit tonne of laps in recently its got me annoyed ill miss it lol
Nibiru: Family comes first mate. Hope you can make it for race 2
Obbzy: Studio397 June 2017 Roadmap update... «check this»
Obbzy: Server 5 has the EnduRacer mod at the glorious Salzburgring circuit. Enjoy...
Obbzy: Server 4 has Howston G4 & G6 + 67 AC Cobra @ Le Grand 1967 (Le Mans 67) by woochoo. Remember to pack the brown pants!!! O.O
DisengageNZ: Oooooh server for it, geeze you are onto the servers like a wildfire Obbzy. Also awesome racing last night everyone
flyfisho: Great stuff last night. Really enjoy the good racing.
DisengageNZ: Were you in the Bottle-O Falcon last night? If so we should work on a promitional deal for buying Guinness at the Bottle-O everytime I win. Its a win win situation for us then
flyfisho: Yeah sweet....you win ill drink the Guiness :D
DisengageNZ: We both can haha
Obbzy: Studio 397 have updated Sao Paulo circuit & Formula 2 mod to DX11... «check this»
Obbzy: F2 mod has had many physics/tyre cpm updates too. :)
DisengageNZ: I'll give the F2s another shot. My rf2 exploded internally and had to redownload everything

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11-4 7:41:12 Darrell Thanks Smelly
11-4 0:49:31 HITMAN Did have some fun racing Eight8Ate
11-4 0:48:45 HITMAN Thanks for last night guys had a really bad night huge accidents in all three races got rolled at hair pin which gave me a stop go served that but busted for speeding in pit lane so stop go didnt count so had to serve again plus drive through race 3 over.
10-4 12:04:41 Eight8Ate Cheers for the races tonight guys :) had two shockers in races 2&3 but hey, that's how it goes sometimes. See you guys next week!
10-4 5:59:53 SmellySkidmark LOTR V8 Supercars tonite @ Symmons Plains
9-4 2:04:21 SmellySkidmark make that 2 pm's
9-4 1:26:31 SmellySkidmark Nib PM sent
7-4 23:05:10 SmellySkidmark Darrell championship points are fixed
7-4 15:02:50 SmellySkidmark Thx ZED but it's too early fer me to race
7-4 9:52:48 ZED Hey SS we're racing at Hardcore....Day Light Saving remember.
6-4 23:42:03 Darrell «check this»
6-4 23:41:19 Darrell 1x25 laps. also running A.I's to make up fiels of 10 or more.
6-4 23:40:45 Darrell DDR is racing Tassy tonight 5pm Qually... 1x 12 Laps ( NCPS ).
6-4 7:53:54 SmellySkidmark The server has a few assists on, but if you don't want any at all on then you can just turn them off on your game, and they wont change when you join the server, or any you find working on the server will always be on for that server. cya on track real soon :B
6-4 5:30:08 Eight8Ate Just logged into the server for a quick few laps, just wondering if the assists on the server are off currently. Just making sure the way the car feels is the way its going to feel on Monday :D
5-4 2:03:36 Nibiru Nice Rated
4-4 13:30:00 -=DFG=-RaTeD When use get a chance check these out «check this»
4-4 13:14:14 Nibiru Ford = Mustang, Holden = Camaro, Nissan = GTR
4-4 13:12:52 Nibiru The Mustang will replace the iconic Falcon in Supercars next year with Mark Winterbottom announcing his Ford team’s plan to unleash the American legend in a new rivalry with Holden.
4-4 11:19:41 DisengageNZ Are you able to be on ts in 20ish minutes. Il be home then
4-4 11:16:27 DisengageNZ Well i thought I did. Must have to change steam display name and not the one ingame
4-4 11:06:50 SmellySkidmark Just make sure you go back to the old nic
4-4 10:55:58 SmellySkidmark Dis, the points are sorted, kinda, lol
4-4 7:01:11 SmellySkidmark Results from Round 4 of V8 Supercars «check this»
3-4 8:53:23 Obbzy Magnificent indeed :D
3-4 5:58:31 SmellySkidmark V8 Supercars @ Magnificent Park tonite
31-3 11:37:07 SmellySkidmark Yeah sorry to hear about your disc Lee, I've known a few people that have had similar injuries, so I do sympathize with you, and hope your quick to recover as the doc says. I hope you will be getting back into racing soon.
31-3 6:33:00 Nibiru Sounds like you're had a rough trot lately lee. I hope things pick up for you. All the best and hope to see you when you can make it
31-3 0:23:07 LeeTaz Hi Guys Been a long while since I have been on track. Appagiseez for not touching base sooner. After reading " Rated's" departure post, I thought I would poke my head in again. I stopped playing racing cars with you guy's for the same reason mentioned . I was causing way to much mayhem during the race nights and effecting the result's of some of the best of you. Time and time I said sorry and was forgiven for each of the mayhem's. I really enjoyed the racing but wasn't prepared to spin out in ridiculous places and cause ppl. grief. To cut a long story short, I started playing Project Cars soon after. PC is so much easier than RF2. My intension was to learn the basic's of cornering etc and then maybe just maybe try RF2 and race with you guy's again. Things were going well and I was really improving, but............I slipped a disc in my back very badly at work, had surgery and I am still going through a recovery process. I have been unable to sit by doctors orders for some month's now. I will be 100% fine again in another month or so, or so I'm told. So I haven't played a SIM for ages. Again to cut a long long long story shorter, I just wanted to let Rated know that he's not alone. Shame I'm not able to race for a while, the two of us could have had our own series going on :) Hope you guy's and maybe gal's these day's are all doing well.
29-3 7:00:08 Nibiru Don't worry about it rated. We all started where you are. Give it time and you’ll learn the skillsanď probably faster if you race with people faster than you. The main thing is that you have fun. Hope to see you join us soon.
28-3 10:31:18 SmellySkidmark Symmons Plains now on Server 1, Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series
28-3 10:16:24 SmellySkidmark Results for round 2 Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series @ Albert Park «check this»
28-3 10:11:11 SmellySkidmark Sorry to hear that Rated, I hope that you comeback to racing soon
27-3 8:14:15 -=DFG=-RaTeD Hey guys after some serious thought i think I'm gonna withdraw from all series. I feel my standard of racing is no where i need to be to be competitive and not be a nuisance on track to the rest of you guys. I'm more then happy to help with skin designs or any other designs etc if still required nib just send me a message or tell Disengage to drag me on to TS haha Cheers guys its been fun
27-3 5:03:30 SmellySkidmark hey good lap Dis
27-3 5:03:20 SmellySkidmark Sorry to hear your not well m8y
27-3 4:40:45 DisengageNZ Not good to hear Obbzy, take care of yourself
27-3 2:01:41 Obbzy Won't be on tonight guys. Not well... :(
25-3 12:41:23 Obbzy Round 2 of the Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series @ Albert Park...this Monday
25-3 9:42:15 Nibiru Sorry been away for a funeral. Should work now
24-3 23:04:37 SmellySkidmark Nib no connection
24-3 12:53:46 SmellySkidmark i fixed :B
24-3 12:29:18 SmellySkidmark hmm racing leages barbagallo is ok me finks
24-3 12:28:16 DisengageNZ I'll blame everyone but Nib
24-3 12:26:59 SmellySkidmark no TS too
24-3 12:26:39 SmellySkidmark i fink da in ne thing did it
24-3 12:26:17 SmellySkidmark y me
24-3 12:25:45 DisengageNZ Smelly did you break the servers?
24-3 11:47:32 DisengageNZ Happy Birthday xFactory, sorry I am a tad late
24-3 5:58:54 Obbzy Happy Birthday XFactor. PARTY ON! :D
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