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Bert: :D
Bert: How ironic that I’m getting a racex shifter for my bday and cannot race on the night :_(
Obbzy: Well Bert, you may now go to Virginia! For reasons beyond my control (aka. My wife going to see Thirsty Merc on the 4th May) I can't start the series on that date.
The series will now start 25 May (when Rd 2 was going to be held), still at Virginia International Oak Course & the other dates have been rearranged,
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure at least Bert is happy. :)
Bert: Very very Happy mate:D
Obbzy: Round 3 of the Lord of the RIMS Series @ Symmons Plains is on TONIGHT. Race 1 in the V8 Utes... Races 2 & 3 in the FVR Supercars (now up to version 6.93). :)
kwik-kiwi: Great to do some laps on your server last night... first time on RF2 in a while.. bought back some good memories :)
SmellySkidmark: TS gone ...
RobZee: yep for me too
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
RobZee: SS.. go to OR TS?
SmellySkidmark: yep OR
SmellySkidmark: We are currently experiencing technical difficulty's normal service will return shortly, welcome to the intermission... «check this»
Nibiru: We had a HDD failure. New drive is in and the servers and TS have now been installed. Just need to download all the cars and tracks and we're back in business.
Nibiru: Oh I also need to fix the TS viewer on the site. YOU CAN JOIN TS NOW
flyfisho: :P :P:P
flyfisho: Phillip Portugal Magnificent park here we go :D
flyfisho: portugal package not available
Nibiru: I think Portugal is the ISI steam version. Try subscribing to on steam
SmellySkidmark: he's in, was the car, v.95, gave him a link
flyfisho: Friday yeeeew. Burn some rubber :P :D
SmellySkidmark: yeeehaaarrrrrr long weekend. Burn some rubber javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':)') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':P') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':D') javascript:kide.insertSmile(':|'):|
SmellySkidmark: lol
flyfisho: lol
flyfisho: pm Smelly
SmellySkidmark: back at ya
Obbzy: Aussie Legends World Tour... Round 4 TONIGHT at Portugal GP in the Camaro Z28... :)
SmellySkidmark: Rob, 2018 Kia Stinger 330Si (sports exhaust) 0-100km/h & engine sound «check this»
Obbzy: Mustang returns to ATCC... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: New Monitor anyone «check this»
Gussy: 3 please
Nibiru: RIP DARRELL EASTLAKE. «check this»
Nibiru: Watch at least the first 4 laps
SmellySkidmark: RF2 updated to build 1110
SmellySkidmark: «check this»
Nibiru: servers updated

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3-2 11:10:23 wrxxy PM sent Nib!
3-2 5:10:10 SmellySkidmark Rob «check this»
2-2 7:23:00 Nibiru Thanks Seca
2-2 5:51:49 SmellySkidmark Server 2 Updated to 0.94 Aussie Legends @ Morgan Park
2-2 4:22:04 Seca Just like to say congrats nib on the track really wicked work mate
1-2 11:53:37 Nibiru AL updates «check this»
1-2 7:47:13 Nibiru Not yet nipzon. Been a bit busy but will try and have it done tomorrow
1-2 6:55:39 nipzon SS has there been an update to the mod to level them all out?
1-2 5:59:56 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends Round 4 @ Morgan Park now on server 2
1-2 2:30:42 nipzon :D
31-1 23:52:28 Obbzy S397 January 2018 Roadmap... «check this»
29-1 12:52:55 nipzon All good Nib, I tried to power out of there. :D but it went no where.
29-1 12:34:41 Nibiru Sorry Bert I did lift off and try to break us apart
29-1 2:56:17 Obbzy Round 3 of the Aussie Legends Summer Series @ Calder Park in the Tier 1 cars... TONIGHT.
27-1 3:03:28 paps Just watched your other video Fisho.. Now I can see what you where struggling with other night,... The joys of online gaming hey!
27-1 1:42:28 greylord RSM V8 Inaugural launch event. On Saturday night 9pm AEST we will be hosting the first 2 official races using the RSM V8 mod. 1st race Symonds Plains for some laps. Bathurst for some laps. Race length to be confirmed.

This event has attracted a large inquiry level and we expect a big turnout. Please come on team speak ts.rocksolidmates.com and help make this a memorable time.

Next week we will begin our 1st series in these cars on Saturday 3rd February we hope you can make it. More information will be available after the launch event.

Thx from the RSM team.
26-1 7:03:14 Nibiru Thanks SS
26-1 6:23:20 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
26-1 2:31:55 flyfisho HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY
26-1 2:31:34 flyfisho ive got 24mbps race 1 was the best race 2 and 3 were terrible. everyone was experiencing game lag
26-1 2:30:23 flyfisho hey paps
26-1 2:10:52 nipzon Happy Australia Day everyone!!
25-1 7:45:48 paps Still a good watch though. :P
25-1 7:43:42 paps Shame about the warping there Fisho, :S are you sure it's the card and not your connection mate?
24-1 23:40:59 nipzon Thx fisho
24-1 11:44:52 Nibiru Thanks fisho great watch
24-1 9:48:56 flyfisho race two vid up was hard to edit due to the game lag and the cards warping way more than Adelaide «check this»
24-1 3:24:34 Goanna Cheers
24-1 2:05:09 Nibiru There you go
24-1 1:54:00 Goanna PM Nib
24-1 1:27:24 Nibiru Thanks Goanna...I use 12. If you want it send me a PM Ill give you a link
24-1 1:00:48 Goanna Nib, noticed max 2012 shader plugins updated but not 10 or 11.... Asked Marcel on discord and reply was 10 and 11 are being deprecated...hope you're using max 2012... I've got 2011 so as the say in the movies "we be @&$&@" :-(
23-1 12:12:50 Nibiru Thanks GrimDad with the arrival of that everything else has been removed. No pdf to save. Plus missing heaps of stuff. BUT al least they did something
23-1 10:36:13 GrimDad «check this» developers guide released ;)
23-1 10:30:29 nipzon Woohoo thx SS
23-1 9:50:57 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends Round 3 @ Calder Park is on server 2
23-1 8:57:53 Nibiru PM SS
23-1 7:12:47 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
22-1 23:49:41 Darrell That was super fun last night. i might not have been fast but i saw some great battles and great passing. Everyone well done on giving room to each other makes it so much more enjoyable.
22-1 8:44:15 Nibiru Race Night ooo ooo ooo
22-1 7:42:36 Nibiru Back at ya
22-1 7:14:21 SmellySkidmark Nib PM
21-1 23:17:01 Obbzy Round 2 of the Aussie Legends Summer Series @ Barbagallo is on Tonight. :)
21-1 9:57:25 Nibiru Nice
21-1 8:13:56 flyfisho my Fanatec review :D «check this»
20-1 10:52:44 Nibiru :D not bad
20-1 10:21:25 GrimDad «check this» Aussie Legends review ;)
20-1 2:30:35 RudzAUS777 lol... yeah, Nibiru, all cars are fine on my side, thanks
20-1 0:39:58 Oscar :D :D :D
20-1 0:39:40 Oscar test
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