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V8 Supercars - LOTR

Aussie Legends Summer Series

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12:20-- nipzon: :D
21:50-- Obbzy: Round 6 of the Aussie Legends Summer Series is at Hidden Valley in the Tier 2 cars TONIGHT. :)
5:19-- Pinky Pete: hey nipzon
5:31-- nipzon: Hey Pinky Pete, whatz happening
5:43-- Pinky Pete: nipzon jump on ts
5:53-- Pinky Pete: hey obbzy
22:14-- Obbzy: Hi Pete.. what's hangin?
23:19-- nipzon: And onto Bathurst, the holy grail mother of all tracks
0:30-- RudzAUS777: O.O
9:18-- nipzon: Is the v8 server locked for testing?
9:19-- nipzon: Hi Feralarri
10:14-- Feralarri: Hi Nipzon
10:34-- SmellySkidmark: Nipzon, yes jump on TS for info
10:59-- SmellySkidmark: Obbzy PM
1:17-- bazzaau: Will a server be changed to Bathurst soon, thanks.
6:48-- bazzaau: Trying to download Bathurst and getting Failed Verification, any ideas, thanks.
7:36-- Nibiru: Baz where did you download it from? Try removing it from packages and download it from the Aussie Legends site.
9:08-- Seca: nib sent you a pm
9:39-- Nibiru: Back at u seca
0:39-- bazzaau: Thanks for that, yeah it works now.
1:42-- Darrell: hi i am getting package not available when i click on FVR V8s.
1:42-- Darrell: sorry LOTR
5:26-- flyfisho: same on lotr
5:54-- Pinky Pete: how do i fix a bin 32 error on rf2 please help
6:03-- HSV_PETE: Any improvements with the RSM V8 mod you guys are testing..any real skins yet available.
7:42-- flyfisho: pm smelly
9:25-- Nibiru: Untick 32 bit in the launcher pete
0:45-- nipzon: We have a server outage boys :_(
5:08-- SmellySkidmark: servers fixed :B
5:42-- Pinky Pete: cool thank you nib
2:02-- Darrell: Tried LOTR last night and after it downloaded game just froze on start up screen but no cars where showing i click on Start and a 2nd screen appeared saying downloading r.testmod or something like that never had the show b4 and after 10 min of still on same screen i cancelled and restarted PC, Now all it is when i click on LOTR server is the message ' Checking for missing components. 20mins and still hasn't started.
2:19-- Darrell: cant find p/w for s4 RSMV8 ?
3:29-- SmellySkidmark: Darrell uninstall the "test1 mod" then try to rejoin the server. server 4 is just a test server atm
8:08-- Darrell: ok cheers waiting on DX11 to install then will uninstall test mode cheers Smelly
23:11-- SmellySkidmark: All good now Darrell ?
3:46-- paps: pm Nibs

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