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0:20-- Darrell: GT Wheel Thrustmaster T500 only rFactor2 it dosent work for but i am reinstalling software
0:21-- Darrell: windows 10
3:16-- Gussy: new windows 10 update has fucked up alot of people. i have shut the updater down on my pc
10:55-- v8bloke: Hey all the bloke is here lol how are we all
22:39-- Bert: Hey V8bloke
6:10-- SmellySkidmark: Hia bloke, how the truck are ya?
6:11-- SmellySkidmark: V8s @ Barbagallo tonight
11:05-- KoiL: Hi all :-)
6:34-- SmellySkidmark: Server 2 now has Oulton Park for the Aussie Legends
11:46-- Gussy: Bit of a laugh. Rfactor 2 in the dirt. Shits and giggles «check this»
8:38-- Gussy: crazy track for the lx. great selection
0:53-- SmellySkidmark: Rob, leave the Stinger in your mirror «check this»
1:26-- Nibiru: «check this»
23:21-- SmellySkidmark: 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring live! «check this»
23:22-- SmellySkidmark: LIVE STREAM: Shannons Nationals from Sandown «check this»
23:24-- SmellySkidmark: 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring has 14 hours of racing to go!
3:45-- SmellySkidmark: Aussie Legends server updated car to v0.96 , dl from here if it wont dl automatically «check this»
5:14-- Bert: Damage seems to have changed, going off track at turn 7 can destroy the car
5:18-- Nibiru: Thats strange Bert. The physics didn't change in v096 only graphical changes.
5:21-- Bert: maybe I missed it before but I have ventured wide at that turn before without hitting anything
6:45-- SmellySkidmark: Server 4 has the same damage that server 2 had
6:57-- Bert: Strange I think it is only at two spots that it happens on that turn.
10:14-- Nibiru: All AL cars updated with rainFX «check this»
10:38-- Bert: Thx Nib
0:28-- SmellySkidmark: PM Nib
0:32-- SmellySkidmark: PM Obbzy
3:25-- SmellySkidmark: Rob, you'd never see a Stinger in front of you lol «check this»
3:41-- SmellySkidmark: Aussie Legends @ Oulton Park tonight!
7:07-- SmellySkidmark: PM Nib
10:36-- SmellySkidmark: Nib we got spammmmmm
1:07-- Nibiru: Did you delete it SS
3:26-- RobZee: I did Nib
4:08-- Nibiru: Thanks Rob
4:11-- Bert: The real life drivers don’t seem to have any issues with tire wear. Is the server maybe set too high? Also Larko calling it a low stress circuit.
5:36-- SmellySkidmark: @Bert tyres too high? no
6:04-- SmellySkidmark: V8s @ Winton tonight

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