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28-11 12:27:25 KoiL Holly crap Batman! The penny dropped after seeing one of those wheels in action. Good heads up Obbzy, cheers'.
28-11 12:25:28 KoiL " then a high speed crash causes his hand to be partially trapped, which resulted in the breaking of the driver's shifter module.
If this crash had happened only slightly differently a driver could have broken his hand and/ or wrist.
While we are aware this scenario is an uncommon one, we now can no longer ignore the potential risk this type of crash poses."
27-11 3:19:24 OR~ShiftyLynel Hahahaha that's brilliant!
27-11 1:10:53 RobZee Haha Dug....nice try :P
27-11 0:59:45 Dug I have submitted my own evidence into the GT3 file browser from an independent source
26-11 6:35:16 fez many of you blokes pwn wreckfest?
24-11 12:33:54 Shawn Really good fun tonight, thanks all.
19-11 22:00:14 Obbzy I had no issues with Oulton Park. Perhaps it was a track issue???
18-11 19:01:18 SmellySkidmark Server updated
18-11 3:02:58 Merlin Thanks for that info Obbzy, I'll give that a test tonight m8.:D
17-11 23:30:57 Obbzy Hey Merlin, Just reading about the new shaders for Nordschleiffe etc... They affect fremerates if you are using Ultra post effects.
Perhaps turn post effects down & see if the framerates normalise, before you change video cards...
I had framerate issues after using Nordschleiffe yesterday too. Hockenheim was ordinary low rates.
I'll check tonight to see if the post effects 'fix' works...
16-11 23:12:04 Obbzy GT3s @ Hockenheim is on Tonight
15-11 8:23:32 Obbzy Saw this post on FB.
With more & more racers using DD wheels, should we also implement this clause?

'@everyone driving at SRM
Important Announcement:
SRM Statement regarding Post Race Crashes
Dear SRM Community,
While most of the time a post race crash in a game wouldn't be an issue, we are aware of a gradual increasing number of drivers using Direct Drive wheels, which are capable of causing actual physical harm to drivers if mistreated in the right scenarios. The worst case scenario is what happened recently on one of our race event, where a driver had finished the race, and would not have been expecting any kind of collision, and then a high speed crash causes his hand to be partially trapped, which resulted in the breaking of the driver's shifter module.
If this crash had happened only slightly differently a driver could have broken his hand and/ or wrist.
While we are aware this scenario is an uncommon one, we now can no longer ignore the potential risk this type of crash poses.
From now on any driver who purposely causes a major crash after a race has finished will result in either an immediate disqualification or be banned from the rest of the championship entirely.
This is for everyone's safety and we hope you all understand.
We will share this post as it might help give awareness to others organizations.
See you on track,
from the SRM Team.'
10-11 20:54:18 OR~ShiftyLynel Thanks xFactor for another awesome night of racing - it was a fun but very challenging track. Congrats to Dicko for his dominant performance, as well as the podium in both races. :)
10-11 11:24:00 SmellySkidmark Hiya Currywurst, I have a link but it's all the cars together «check this»
10-11 8:26:00 TRCB Hey guys, I am out for this race, last nights audio thing started a domestic, need to get my rig moved to a different location so I am down for a while.
10-11 8:16:35 Currywurst hi guys, quick question. I am having trouble downloading all but two of the aussie legends cars. Seems there is no link when i go to download them:(
10-11 5:37:30 SmellySkidmark G'day BigSlug, glad you found your way onto the server, nice time btw. Have you got Teamspeak working, you can not race without it.
10-11 5:36:08 SmellySkidmark LOL @ Stan
10-11 4:40:34 StanDaam My plan is to leave the Vette in 4th gear and wait for the Bradburys! :P
10-11 4:04:55 FalconEL Bonus points tonight for the biggest monster shunt. There will be a few contenders.
10-11 2:05:27 Obbzy GT3s at Belgium (Spa) 1966... tonight. Qualifying starts at 8:30pm (AEDST)
10-11 1:01:44 StanDaam Heya Big Slug! The track download ia a bit different this week, check out Smelly's post near the bottom of the GT3s S2 in the forums here: «check this»
9-11 10:25:51 BigSlug Just trying to jump into the practice server, where can I get the track package?
9-11 10:14:58 BigSlug Hey guys, woohoo my account finally logged in.
keen to come play some RF2 already :)
7-11 22:17:55 SmellySkidmark Hi justinb, just make sure you have TS and everything working before the race night. Do you have this weeks track ?
6-11 5:52:31 FalconEL Teamwork lads, nice.
6-11 4:40:31 OR~ShiftyLynel No problems mate, good to hear you got it sorted
6-11 4:37:00 fez omfg, shifty you saved my rf career. BIG THANKS for your help mate, who wouldve thought the fkn bios battery eh
6-11 4:31:16 fez just jump on outlaws ts if you can
6-11 4:30:40 OR~ShiftyLynel fingers crossed
6-11 4:27:30 fez no i havent, just tried it, its now beeping at me.........ill put everything back in and hope
6-11 4:23:32 OR~ShiftyLynel Have you tried to power down and remove the motherboard battery for a minute or so? That's fixed a few of my issues
6-11 4:20:36 fez i did try to swap ram and gpu to another pc, after that it hasnt worked, the 2nd machine wasnt working till i put all the old stuff back into it, i put the ram and gpu i tried to swap over back into my race machine and now its not even lasting 1 sec before it restarts and reboots only to repeat th eprocess
6-11 4:10:36 OR~ShiftyLynel I've had this happen a few times, though it's usually hard to pinpoint the exact issue. Have you changed any hardware recently? Is so, try removing it. If that doesn't work, I'd start stripping back the PC (disconnect all but your boot hard drive, remove all but one monitor, graphics card etc) see if you can get it to boot, then add the components back in until you find the faulty component. Others may know if a better way to trouble shoot it.
6-11 3:33:53 fez anyone know why a pc would start to turn on but reset itself within 3 seconds of hitting the power button to turn it on?
5-11 4:03:57 FalconEL Hahaha, go Mike!! LOLZ @ Koil comment Stan.
5-11 3:41:53 StanDaam @ Justin, more than welcome to join in on the remaining rounds of the GT3s and, as far as I know, there are no probs with the streamings (Twitch?) as long as it doesn't portray Koil in a negative light... :D
5-11 3:37:00 StanDaam Lols Mike, dats funny!
5-11 0:20:44 Mike In the furure I will post a xFactor relevant post on the Outlaws message board, just to even things up.
5-11 0:17:25 Mike LOL.
4-11 22:06:33 justinb Hey Racers, I am wanting to come join your GT3's on Tuesdays. It is late in the Season, am I still able to join? and if so, am I allowed to stream my race?
4-11 10:59:14 SmellySkidmark Yes hello Barbara, welcome aboard
4-11 10:55:26 Mike left early toningt, got too exited and spun,.Thanks for almost bleeding to death for my sake Dicko. (I'm not so anxius about the wheel base anymore)
4-11 9:48:36 SmellySkidmark This weeks track is here «check this»
4-11 9:33:12 SmellySkidmark back at yah fez
4-11 9:23:33 fez pm smell
4-11 8:09:00 BarbaraSmith welcome to the forum!!!
4-11 7:33:03 TRCB first message reads "Downloading xfactor GT3s S2 Rd 19.rfmod
Second one "Checking server for missing components"
Last message "Package not found"
4-11 7:30:11 TRCB trying to hop on the server for practice now (worked this morning) , pops up a message baox saying its going to try download something, then a failure message "package not found", have we changed track build since this morning (I already had Belgium so this morning it didnt ask me to download anything)
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