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17-11 11:33:16 Shano Josh Memorial Races 30/11/2019 at OR «check this»
14-11 6:04:14 SmellySkidmark A very fitting tribute to Josh Hoare, an amazing driver and humble man, thank you to Shane for your kind words of Josh. RIP mate.
13-11 11:37:37 Shano VEC Memorial Lap for Josh
«check this»
12-11 0:23:42 Obbzy Porsche 911 Cup. Round 3 is on Tonight @ Phillip Island... :)
7-11 5:32:35 fez yes please, xmas is coming up, i think i know what your getting me obbzy :D
7-11 5:21:27 Obbzy Hey fez, for sale & only in NZ! :) «check this»
6-11 14:02:23 GrimDad Thought this might interest you guys :D «check this»
with a full lap the results would be different ;)
5-11 22:50:20 SmellySkidmark Servers updated
4-11 22:36:53 Obbzy October roadmap finally here. «check this»
4-11 20:18:19 SmellySkidmark Round 2 of the Carrera Cup @ Matsasuka tonight
2-11 23:06:56 SmellySkidmark Server is up for Outlaws race tonight, and TS if required
30-10 0:06:27 Obbzy S397 are having a sale. Sebring & the three GT packs are either 33% or 50% off. «check this»
22-10 2:38:40 Obbzy Final round of the Camaro Cup @ Magnificent Park is on TONIGHT.
14-10 13:31:39 Shano Thank you everyone for your kind words. Josh's family are thankful for all of the kind message from the sim racing community, they knew it was part of his life and love that because that's who he was.
14-10 9:55:37 Obbzy One of the best sim racers I've seen. Very sad news. RIP Josh.
14-10 9:42:55 fez R.I.P. Josh
14-10 7:26:21 SmellySkidmark Yes very sad news indeed. RIP Josh. Condolences to his family and friends.
14-10 4:55:35 RobZee Very sad news of the sudden and unexpexpected passing of Josh Hoare. A talented sim and real life racer, Josh will be missed by many from our community. Condolences to Josh's family and friends.
13-10 22:40:00 Obbzy CTMP Mosport updated to v1.01 on Steam...
13-10 2:49:15 Obbzy And to you fez. :)
13-10 0:25:11 fez happy bathurst day!
9-10 23:54:57 Obbzy Hey SS, New Mosport released. Can you update it on the server for the Porsche Cup? Cheers. «check this»
7-10 9:07:39 SmellySkidmark Thanks Steve, I wasn't sure it was werking properly, I'll have to get someone who doesn't have them just to see if they get on or not, I'm pretty sure they won't.
7-10 9:04:18 GrimDad Pleased to see a DLC server SS, when new DLC is released you have to re-do the server keys thing again.
6-10 0:30:14 Obbzy All good now Nib. :)
2-10 9:09:08 GrimDad Good to see they fixed it
2-10 8:25:33 Nibiru Sorry guys for the site being down. It was out of my control.
27-9 6:03:39 Obbzy Nordschleife! Finally. :)
19-9 9:23:10 SmellySkidmark The next round of the Camaro Cup @ The Bend is on server 1
17-9 6:05:02 SmellySkidmark Comaro Cup @ Sydney Motorsports Park tonight
16-9 8:26:09 SmellySkidmark Subscribe on Steam to get if it does not download from the server.
16-9 8:25:22 SmellySkidmark Camaro Cup Server updated to Sydney Motorsport Park v 1
13-9 3:57:51 KELVIN4TOR At Outlaws
13-9 3:57:36 KELVIN4TOR Porshe GT3 Short Track Challenge @ Norisring - Early Start 8pm AEST - 5min qually race followed by 2 x 30 min races.
13-9 3:29:34 Obbzy Hey SS. Updated the rim file on the VF. I'll be on later (after 10) this evening, or just grab it next time you're on. :)
12-9 0:41:21 SmellySkidmark Thanks Kel
11-9 6:22:58 KELVIN4TOR ss lol
11-9 6:22:48 KELVIN4TOR pm s
9-9 23:54:15 Obbzy Round 4 Camaro Cup @ Road America is on tonight, qualifying at 8:30pm. Must be on Teamspeak to race.
8-9 21:42:20 SmellySkidmark RF2 road map «check this»
7-9 6:41:46 fez 10 secs is a decent improvement haha
3-9 19:55:10 SmellySkidmark servers updated
2-9 19:51:35 SmellySkidmark Camaro Cup Round 3 @ Bathurst 8:30 Qually tonight
30-8 22:57:14 ozglenn That's cool I did not want to stuff up your Camaro Cup , sorry SS i am going to the Storm game Friday night i will just keep checking to see if someone is on :)
30-8 10:42:52 SmellySkidmark We could have a run in them all the same, how about next friday night?
30-8 10:38:26 RobZee No Legends series at the moment. We are running the Camaros on Tuesday nights.
30-8 9:28:23 ozglenn What night will you run the Aussie Legends Race ???
28-8 1:44:26 Obbzy Sorry. Crook again. Should be back on for Rd3
26-8 22:26:43 SmellySkidmark Round 2 of xfactors Comaro Cup @ Mid Ohio TONIGHT 8:30
26-8 10:45:34 SmellySkidmark one back to ya Gman
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