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30-9 8:04:06 SmellySkidmark Just a reminder to everyone in the GT3 series that the Ferrari will be required content when it's released, as it will be added into the series asap.
25-9 0:38:11 Goanna -=[FDG]=-Stitch memorial race on tonight @ 8pm. TS password = ts4fdg. Mod RSM V8 and Nissan GTR 2011, both on steam. Tracks - Sandown and Xcross...both on server.
24-9 4:46:38 t0p5ecret Yep it's drinks in the back now, humidor in the front.
24-9 0:00:32 OR~ShiftyLynel Agreed, they must have moved the drinks cabinet for better weight distribution. I've haven't tried the rest of the cars yet after the update - might chuck a server up later this afternoon to test them out.
23-9 23:27:54 t0p5ecret Sooooo the new Bentley feels very noice to drive! Turn in overall feels better, at least with the default setup.
23-9 10:10:18 KoiL «check this»
23-9 7:29:59 fez yo dudes, im still lookin for a partner for the PBM, prefered car nissan but whatever really, whos still looking?
23-9 0:56:52 t0p5ecret Morning everyone here's race 1 from last night «check this»
22-9 12:01:27 Bobby Hello. Yes been in. I deleted my Sandown track. Wierd but as soon as that was gone i was able to get in
22-9 11:24:26 Tarj Iracimg has nothing to worry about when it comes too...
22-9 6:37:57 Tarj i will fall of the wagon tonight, straight into oval mode. burpppppp
21-9 23:29:48 Obbzy GT3s on ovals!!! Yes! Indianapolis, tonight.
21-9 12:10:05 SmellySkidmark Say hello to Preperation H, lol
21-9 10:10:02 Tarj What a relief. That lump on my sphincter is not cancer. HOORAY for haemorrhoids!
21-9 10:05:40 Tarj I'm guessing kicked it the nuts
21-9 9:31:20 SmellySkidmark I see you've been on now Bobby, what did yo do to fix it?
21-9 2:16:25 Bobby Yeah tried that too. All it keeps doing when loading the track is sandown track. Got me beat
21-9 2:12:14 SmellySkidmark If you still have problems, the best thing to start with is to uninstall all of your vmods, when you join a server it'll redownload it. still problems maybe verify your files through Steam
21-9 2:06:41 Bobby I do like bathurst with these cars. Pretty hairy. No probs if i get it working happy to do some laps at sydney
21-9 2:04:24 SmellySkidmark no problem, if you wanna drive bathurst just put a vote to go to next track
21-9 2:02:11 Bobby Have been on one of your servers before without an issue with the aussie legends cars. might try jump in with a different car after the tracks download and see if i have any luck. Thanks
21-9 1:59:58 SmellySkidmark It maybe the cars haven't downloaded properly, use this link if thats the case «check this»
21-9 1:56:54 Bobby Hello. Thanks, I do have both those tracks and am selecting GC cars. Not sure whats happening. Will try download again
21-9 1:52:55 SmellySkidmark When you join the server you need to select the GC cars (Group C Cars) or you'll get a missmatch
21-9 1:51:35 SmellySkidmark Hiya Bobby, these are the 2 tracks on the server... «check this» ... «check this»
21-9 0:44:51 Bobby Hey fellas just trying to get into the aussie legends server but coming up with track mismatch and loading up sandown for some reason before getting booted. I believe i have the correct sydney track but cant get it to load. Cheers for any help
21-9 0:28:28 FBruno73 Oh, and thanks Smelly! Doing this now.
21-9 0:26:18 FBruno73 FalconEL haha, Stan is a nice bloke (and quick as hell! Tarj, that's the best idea I've seen in the last 37 years!
18-9 7:16:03 Tarj Bump, I meant bump
18-9 7:15:47 Tarj Any chance we can swap the radical for a free nascar mod? Really need to bum and run on ovals
18-9 1:17:43 SmellySkidmark Server 2 has the Aussie Legends @ Sydney Motorsports Park and Bathurst, Might have a bit of a run in them tonight if ya wanna have some fun
17-9 11:09:05 Obbzy fez... ts mate
17-9 4:53:51 FalconEL Stan is a beast Bruno.
16-9 22:29:59 SmellySkidmark You just need to be subscribed to the ISI track «check this»
16-9 13:42:56 FBruno73 I'm trying to access the server but it says Package not available... Maybe I've downloaded the wrong track from the folder? But There's only one Indianapolis... anyway... help.. haha
16-9 13:41:02 FBruno73 Hey sexy people (and Stan)! I'
16-9 8:19:38 SmellySkidmark Can ya lend me a few dollarbucks I wanna buy this «check this»
15-9 21:51:38 t0p5ecret Morning everyone race 1 from Brands is up «check this»
15-9 9:04:23 t0p5ecret Yep thats it, just open the rf2 launcher, hit the settings cog and then select multiplayer, type in +trace=2 and hit save on the right.
15-9 8:55:52 Tarj i believe +trace=2 goes in the in game launcher . command line interface parameters, multi player?
15-9 8:00:51 StanDaam Tops! Any tips on where to put my +trace=2 (with a space!) I can't get my Trace.txt to work (the json one works though!). I've tried it on the Launch Exe and the Exe in the Bin 64 but still no go for me...O.O
14-9 23:33:13 Obbzy GT3s @ Brands Hatch GP is on tonight. Qually at 8:30pm aest
13-9 8:41:11 Tarj Hi tried to get on the test server but password failed? Is it the game password? Thanks
13-9 5:00:57 Tarj Hey Fez, sure thing, thought i have done no laps as yet, and am very new to the v8 mods
12-9 7:53:54 fez Tarj, you lookin at doin the PBM? im lookin for someone i think
12-9 2:29:50 fez reply Shifty
11-9 10:35:58 t0p5ecret on the night i'll provide an upload link in TS and send them all to Marcel at S397
11-9 10:35:21 t0p5ecret «check this»
11-9 10:35:09 t0p5ecret Logging for tuesdays races, instructions are here and very simple to do
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