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8-4 4:17:18 Obbzy Well Bert, you may now go to Virginia! For reasons beyond my control (aka. My wife going to see Thirsty Merc on the 4th May) I can't start the series on that date.
The series will now start 25 May (when Rd 2 was going to be held), still at Virginia International Oak Course & the other dates have been rearranged,
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure at least Bert is happy. :)
7-4 12:19:22 Bert How ironic that I’m getting a racex shifter for my bday and cannot race on the night :_(
7-4 12:17:03 Bert :D
7-4 7:47:20 Nibiru My bad Bert. I thought last night was the first rnd of the enduroO.O
7-4 7:45:59 Nibiru Haven't noticed that fisho maybe I don't drive hard enough
7-4 4:44:58 flyfisho whats the deal with the 6.93 cars they want to roll over on a kerb like the old ones
6-4 23:36:01 Obbzy x2 tyres thanks SS & x2 fuel.
6-4 13:44:31 Bert Thx Nib but too early, Only next month :D
6-4 8:56:39 Nibiru Happy birthday bert
6-4 8:16:26 Bert Smelly can you reset server1 lap times please?
6-4 6:37:44 SmellySkidmark Obbzy do u want the tyres left on 2x or back to normal?
6-4 2:45:08 Obbzy Love ya work Smelly. :D
5-4 12:12:57 SmellySkidmark Server 1 & server 3 updated to new FVR 6.93 :B
5-4 11:54:20 SmellySkidmark TS fixed :B
5-4 11:09:02 Bert no need to grovel, lol, it d/l'ed
5-4 10:58:43 Bert are we moving to 6.93?
5-4 10:58:21 Bert :D
5-4 10:46:08 Obbzy TS not werking ATM... Nib or SS pls fix...
5-4 9:36:54 Obbzy FVR x6.93 is on the Outlaws server You will need to uninstall 6.92 but make sure 6.6 is installed. If 6.93 doesn't automatically download, you'll need to get on OR TS and grovel :D
4-4 20:45:48 Bert Impressed with the turnout I noticed on Outlaws. Might have to give wednesday nights a go and join in on the fun :D
4-4 4:01:03 Nibiru Good to hear Obbzy
4-4 2:48:14 Obbzy OK... iinet modem router is now up and running (still have Mint Telecom as my ISP though). All looks good, and fast, so far... :)
3-4 7:14:34 Nibiru Back at ya
3-4 6:51:54 SmellySkidmark Nib PM
2-4 5:03:46 paps Thanks Obbzy. :)
2-4 4:37:29 Obbzy Outdone yourself again Paps. Superb...
2-4 4:30:30 Obbzy Round 3 of the Aussie Legends World Tour @ Cadwell Park in the E49 Charger is ON TONIGHT... :)
2-4 1:04:36 SmellySkidmark Server 1 now has Round 3 of the LOTR V8s @ Symmonds Plains
1-4 11:56:46 paps VIR Promo - «check this» :)
1-4 11:55:52 paps Rdgr..
1-4 9:41:52 Nibiru Thanks paps love your work
1-4 9:41:25 Nibiru Go live paps
31-3 23:51:08 SmellySkidmark Bathurst 6 Hour live stream «check this»
31-3 23:05:43 SmellySkidmark March Roadmap «check this»
30-3 23:51:07 =Fieldzy= Thanks guys. I will be in for the endures on Fridays.
30-3 23:43:16 SmellySkidmark ah ok, you probably won't need the Merc, it's not on our server
30-3 23:43:11 RobZee You won't need the Merc, Fieldzy
30-3 23:42:13 =Fieldzy= I have worked it out need to download 1 at a time.
30-3 23:40:52 SmellySkidmark Strange, that link takes me to MEGA with the files you need
30-3 23:37:11 =Fieldzy= Sorry to be a pain but that link wants me to put a app on my computer and create an account. Is there any other way to get the download please.
30-3 23:11:25 RobZee Uninstall 6.5 BEFORE installing 6.6, then get the patches from the server.
30-3 23:02:49 RobZee Fieldzy....the FVR version on Steam is 6.5. You need 6.6 «check this»
30-3 21:37:02 =Fieldzy= Question: have tried for a couple of hours now, downloaded, deleted and downloaded so many times but still can't get v8 cars to work. Saying need mod base which is 6.6. subscribe to steam as the fvr cars are there so what am I missing. Have tracks it is just the mod. Why if I have subscribe to steam they don't work?
29-3 22:56:07 Obbzy Nice frame gain Nib.
28-3 11:39:30 Nibiru Found 40+fps at Virginia with new card. Max use to be 18 now I get 62 with rain on a 60hrtz monitor ....Im happy now
28-3 10:57:36 flyfisho dont worry facepalm moment
28-3 6:44:24 flyfisho mirrors wont adjust in the 6.92 v8s
27-3 9:52:53 SmellySkidmark Server 2 now has Round 3 of the Aussie Legends @ Cadwell Park
27-3 5:55:39 Nibiru 1060 the Sunday special
27-3 5:10:56 SmellySkidmark Nice which 1 did u get
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