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13-7 8:20:51 Gussy «check this»
13-7 8:19:17 Gussy rain rain rain at Putnam
7-7 3:39:46 Nibiru Thanks Bert
5-7 10:34:55 Bert Glorious rain, rain drops collecting on the windows, working wipers and road reflection, well done Nib
5-7 7:55:26 Nibiru Marulan racetrack gets a face lift and name change «check this»
5-7 7:53:22 Nibiru :D
4-7 11:06:42 Bert All good, Nib has it covered with working wipers
4-7 11:04:04 Bert Hahaha Putnam Park says 20%rain
4-7 10:28:48 SmellySkidmark what where?
4-7 9:01:06 Bert Whaaaaat 20% chance of rain?
2-7 6:27:58 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends tonight
1-7 0:32:48 SmellySkidmark RF2 June roadmap «check this»
29-6 5:57:40 SmellySkidmark Back @ ya Kel
28-6 13:25:25 KELVIN4TOR pm ss
27-6 11:06:19 Bert Thx SS
27-6 6:16:22 SmellySkidmark Server 3 has the FVRs @ Mugello
27-6 6:15:45 SmellySkidmark Server 1 now has V8s @ Townsville
26-6 14:55:06 Bert And Mugello please, seems like it is the only thing I can practice for.
26-6 8:03:29 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends server now has @ Zanvoort ...
25-6 6:03:18 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends tonight @ Toban
23-6 20:56:12 Bert Loving the new enduro pack, don’t think simx knows what to do with the new ffb for the GTE’s and LMP2 cars. I had shit coming off all around me even messed up the steering usb convertor. The GT3 pack is awesome too. VR detail wow
23-6 20:51:10 Bert Great racing thx guys. Love enduros:)
23-6 6:50:53 RudzAUS777 Great race last night, thank you ! Well done Bert, Kelv and SS
23-6 0:51:01 SmellySkidmark PM Rob
22-6 7:51:09 Gussy Wont make enduro tonight. Have fun People!!
22-6 6:05:41 SmellySkidmark FVR Enduro Tonight 8:30
20-6 0:10:35 Nibiru Practice tonight @ Magnificent Park for Fridays enduro
18-6 1:05:48 Nibiru V8's at Hidden Valley tonight
17-6 8:05:01 Gussy cheers Nib
17-6 7:46:29 Nibiru Thanks Gussy great vid
17-6 2:51:51 Gussy Crew Chief and Voice Attack «check this»
15-6 8:09:17 Nibiru My fingers and toes are crossed :D
15-6 7:29:44 GrimDad lets hope it stops your spammers
15-6 6:50:09 Nibiru Thanks Steve it's working here now
14-6 15:43:00 GrimDad your welcome to look in the admin on my site m8
14-6 15:39:37 GrimDad I have ecc working on grim site Nibiru test it out. Its on the reg and contact pages. Not changed anything on yours until we chat tomorrow.
14-6 12:09:16 Nibiru They are doing my head in. I have 2 spam cheack when registering. Don't know hwo they are getting through
14-6 10:59:43 Bert Piece of sh!t bod AmxrxAnymn is back
14-6 9:13:12 Nibiru Facebook Group to check out. Old Aussie Motor sport pics and vids «check this»
13-6 7:14:54 Nibiru I am SS
13-6 6:34:59 SmellySkidmark Nib can you look at these spam bot and ban them all?
12-6 6:16:40 Nibiru Glad to hear ElPronto
12-6 6:16:27 Nibiru Back at u SS
12-6 4:57:05 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
12-6 4:08:16 ElPronto I just did some laps Hidden Valley on the ISR server. Straight out of the box it fantastic. A big thank-you to all involved .
On a sadder note: Long be remember The "MICKSPIX" .. one of a kind was that lad.
11-6 14:11:52 Nibiru Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight mickspix would have loved it. It was a really fun night
11-6 14:10:49 Nibiru Thanks kiwi. We understand
11-6 9:11:12 kwik-kiwi If it wasn't for the time difference, I would have raced tonight.... fond memories of Mick and his stories... have a great night's racing.
11-6 7:33:10 Nibiru You dont need a wheel to watch. You could swap with Hawkey every 2nd race
11-6 7:31:33 Nibiru Thats a shame v8bloke. Is hawkey going to make it? Can you be on TS at least
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