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23-12 10:26:43 Darrell Anyone having any issues since steams last up date ? rFactor2 keeps crashing after track loads and game is about to start, its happing on both my Simulators
23-12 10:20:43 Bert Hi SS, $80p/m and 1500Gb
22-12 23:59:43 SmellySkidmark Nice Bert, are you on the 50/20 plan how much data & cost
22-12 1:44:38 Bert Halo NBN. Flawless transition from ADSL to NBN with a measly I think 45Mbps/15Mbps speeds
21-12 23:04:04 SmellySkidmark S397 December Roadmap «check this»
21-12 23:01:37 SmellySkidmark First round of the Summer Series will be on the 7-1-19
21-12 22:22:15 SmellySkidmark So after a fair bit of testing of different cars, I've decided to go with this one, the Lola_T290, I hope you like it. Feedback most welcome. Server 4 has it now.
21-12 6:26:24 SmellySkidmark Test server up with the GTRs , let me know what ya think, can we do a summer series with them?
20-12 1:51:22 Mullerdylan32 How long will it take for admin approval?
19-12 15:52:41 GrimDad @ donnyelias, which browser did you first use & then switch to?
19-12 14:03:35 donnyelias Hey SS thankyou for the answer. switched internet browsers and all of the links then worked perfectly and ive installed every car! Thank youagain
19-12 8:45:32 GrimDad join here «check this»
19-12 8:08:04 Mullerdylan32 how do I become a member of fvr
19-12 6:56:37 SmellySkidmark Let me know if you need more help donnyelias, SS
19-12 6:07:16 SmellySkidmark So if you join the server you should get all the content from there. So it's all the cars and just 1 track.
19-12 6:05:59 SmellySkidmark Hiya donneylias, I havent downloaded them for some time now off of mediafire, however I have just redownloaded them from our Aussie Legends server that's setup on Bathurst.
19-12 5:51:19 donnyelias Hello i have an issue. i am trying to download the aussie legends cars and only the the Charger and Monaro links from MEDIAFIRE work. im trying to download the Torana and it is supposed to be a 355MB download but it only downloads a 100kb file and when installing it into the packages on rf 2 it doesnt work. Can someone help?
18-12 6:48:05 SmellySkidmark Ken Block's GYMKHANA TEN «check this»
18-12 6:35:06 SmellySkidmark So, 5 new GT3 cars for xmas from S397, everyone getting them???
18-12 6:26:31 SmellySkidmark You will have to become a member of FVR to get it.
17-12 22:45:12 Mullerdylan32 It says when I go to go on the page it says access denied
17-12 6:20:45 SmellySkidmark not me
17-12 6:04:58 Seca Do Any Guys on Here Have the Game Wreckfest?
17-12 5:05:40 SmellySkidmark It's over on the FVR site, only place you can get it is off them
16-12 23:34:42 Mullerdylan32 How do I find the to download the Newcastle track?
16-12 8:41:05 SmellySkidmark TS & Servers are back
15-12 23:27:36 RobZee The XFactor game and Team Speak server is down. Outlaws Racing has kindly offered their Team Speak for tonight's Am GT3 round at Watkins. Details are here: «check this»
14-12 7:41:56 SmellySkidmark OBBZY !!!! WB Bro
13-12 9:16:10 Obbzy Hey all. Power supply on PC died. Been without a PC for a few weeks. New supply, all is good.
Hey Nib, hope you're feeling better.
13-12 7:57:46 Nibiru Home again hopefully to stay this time
12-12 10:30:32 Bert All the best Nib, get well soon
11-12 10:19:19 Nibiru Work is just starting to get busy but I have know one to do the work. Good news is they decided not to put another drain in me just feed me heavy antibiotics through I.V. ..If my white cell count goes down tomorrow they might send me home with the I.V.
11-12 5:05:20 SmellySkidmark man your doing it tuff atm, hope your covered at werk, it's not a buzy time right now is it?
10-12 7:32:51 Nibiru Bad pain....they think I might have another pocket
10-12 6:43:42 SmellySkidmark What, why?
10-12 6:42:19 Nibiru Im back at the frigin hospital.
10-12 6:36:50 SmellySkidmark There's a practice race tonight, BTCC @ Manificent Park, for Enduro next week
10-12 6:35:40 SmellySkidmark How ya feelin Nib ?
8-12 12:27:45 GrimDad Good news Nib I bet it feels good to be back home...I hate hospitals
8-12 6:34:32 SmellySkidmark to get your strength back just remember beer is a good friend
8-12 6:33:16 SmellySkidmark woohoo, good news
8-12 4:20:42 Nibiru Im out woo to get some strength back
8-12 4:19:55 Nibiru Thanks.
7-12 8:39:36 Gussy Glad to hear your on the mend Nib
6-12 21:02:01 Nibiru Told if I pass a blood test and x-ray I can leave today. Feel really weak and sore though.
6-12 5:09:13 SmellySkidmark I hope your out now, how ya feeling?
5-12 1:55:02 Nibiru Sorry for any inconvenience guys. Ive been out to the world the past 5 days....still in hospital but things are looking up. Hope to be discharged in the next day.
3-12 5:03:06 SmellySkidmark Last round of the TCRs, Seirra @ Sandown
1-12 2:43:17 SmellySkidmark Servers are updated
30-11 20:53:17 SmellySkidmark Servers will need to be updated Nib
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