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8-12 10:38:45 Obbzy Only A9X & Camaro have ignition issue. The rest are ok (sort of... none of the others have an ignition sound!)
8-12 10:26:50 Obbzy Camaro still has the same issue too...
8-12 10:25:51 Obbzy Torana A9X has the same ignition issue as the Camaro... Will test the others
8-12 8:14:48 Nibiru I have repackaged the Camaro, and made a new vmod. Uninstall any previous Camaro's and rejoin the server to download the Camaro again
8-12 5:41:23 HSV_PETE just downloaded......the Camaro in the new update .....the ignition starter keeps going and going.....while you drive
8-12 4:22:12 RobZee Thanks Nib! :)
8-12 4:16:25 Nibiru Start downloading Rob
7-12 11:10:02 HSV_PETE hey Rob......just got back from playing at school concert...can't keep an old rocker down....great fun playing Status Quo songs...I'll catch up with you tomorrow ...I'll give you a ring
7-12 9:20:47 SmellySkidmark pm Nib
6-12 10:08:25 Nibiru PM SS
6-12 9:38:17 RobZee Hey Pete. Yep... I'll be on TS from aout 9pm tonight.
6-12 9:08:25 SmellySkidmark pm Nib
6-12 8:49:48 HSV_PETE Hey RobZee...are you up for this year's Xmas enduro?
6-12 7:36:42 Nibiru PM SS
3-12 21:34:06 Obbzy FINAL round of the TCR Series @ Zandvoort TONIGHT. All cars available...
1-12 23:07:38 SmellySkidmark Supercars DSA explains McLaughlin penalties «check this»
1-12 6:05:14 SmellySkidmark November roadmap «check this»
30-11 10:38:17 Darrell fixed.. i was using my mod manager in bin64 just adding what i want, as i have bin 32 shit everywhere, but must have deleted a sound and from there i crumbled. 3pm today to now.. i do learn something. if in doubt do NOT DELETE
30-11 10:29:15 Darrell ok...pulling my hair out
30-11 10:27:42 Nibiru If that doesn't work go through the steam support and email support at S397
30-11 10:26:41 Nibiru Bugger i have no idea. Check integrity of files. Right click on rfactor in steam library go properties and local files.
30-11 10:23:33 Darrell i reinstalled rfactor 2 n now i win i sign in it tells me i have no lic.
30-11 8:36:43 Darrell ok..
30-11 8:28:42 Nibiru Doesn't it download from the server? I think it's the S397 check the steam workshop
30-11 8:18:20 Darrell cant find Zandvoort 2017 track... i try the one in download list and it different?
30-11 7:26:25 SmellySkidmark TCR server updated to newest cars for the last round
30-11 6:08:23 SmellySkidmark Hows the monitor Rob?
26-11 21:12:44 SmellySkidmark Rob is this cheaper? «check this»
26-11 13:30:49 SmellySkidmark Last round of the V8 supercars LOTR series @ Newcastle . Check forum for details
26-11 9:51:33 Obbzy Phillip Island updated to v0.65... «check this»
26-11 8:49:09 RobZee I think he was penalised for 2 marginal incidents. Made for exciting racing though!
26-11 8:27:35 DdogNZ Lost for words on that result. Well done JW, gutted for Scotty, but would be lying if I wasn't a little sceptical on that PLP for speeding.
26-11 8:18:01 Nibiru PM Rob try the ford
26-11 7:03:12 Nibiru What a race....Scotty throwed it away. Bad luck
26-11 0:13:54 Nibiru :D
25-11 10:10:32 Darrell Aussie Legends Cars Look sound and drive great well done Nib and your helpers,
25-11 9:45:33 nipzon Damn that Newcastle track looks good. Just like an Australian Monaco
24-11 22:52:02 SmellySkidmark V8 Supercars Monday nite @ ... we'll see where soon...
24-11 10:47:59 flyfisho they look great!!
24-11 10:40:08 flyfisho so excitement
24-11 10:04:14 paps Thanks Nibs.. :)
24-11 8:23:25 Nibiru XB & XC FALCON GT now available at Aussie Legends. Server 3 has all 7 cars
23-11 4:01:50 Nibiru Woo hoo
22-11 18:14:44 GrimDad You seen this «check this» the cars handle the jumps well ;)
22-11 9:04:21 nipzon thx nib
22-11 6:58:41 Nibiru Server 3 all cars updated
21-11 5:52:45 SmellySkidmark Assetto Corsa: The New V8 Supercars review «check this»
21-11 5:32:27 SmellySkidmark Here's a preview of FVR's Newcastle V8 Supercar track in RF1 «check this»
20-11 8:53:05 Obbzy Yeah, sure did Paps. Excellent stuff. Was gonna come on, but got online too late... :(
20-11 4:12:35 paps Did ya watch it to the end? ...there's was abit of after race shenanigans going on at Calder that night! :P
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