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30-11 20:48:42 SmellySkidmark November Roadmap «check this»
29-11 22:03:10 SmellySkidmark Any news on the enduro Nib
29-11 12:22:18 Nibiru Thanks guys...they have contacted me about the car....Ill have to think about it. know how I feel about BMWs lol
28-11 22:26:22 SmellySkidmark BTW I hope u r better
28-11 22:26:07 SmellySkidmark While you lay around in hospital with nothing to do, have a look at this, «check this»
28-11 19:48:54 GrimDad I wish you a speedy recovery m8 ;)
27-11 8:53:03 Nibiru Key hole surgery. ..the appendix came out the belly button.
27-11 5:37:09 SmellySkidmark That sux, I hate hospitals at the best of times, get well soon. Oh and how big is ya scar?
27-11 5:33:32 Nibiru Heaps better but it burst so need to stay in hospital for 5 days to monitor the septic tank
27-11 5:23:03 SmellySkidmark ouch, how ya feelin now?
26-11 18:53:45 Nibiru Sorry I missed the race...i was having my appendix out.
26-11 3:34:14 SmellySkidmark Final round of the V8s LOTR series tonight @ Newcastle
24-11 21:16:08 SmellySkidmark Hiya Dis
23-11 0:39:29 DisengageNZ Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Will have to pop on and say hi some time soon
21-11 11:05:27 SmellySkidmark Server 2 updated with newer FVR Newcastle wip
19-11 6:20:09 SmellySkidmark TCRs Tonight @ Warwick Farm ... in the Volvo
19-11 6:09:12 SmellySkidmark PM SimonR1988
17-11 22:48:22 Seca GT3 Tonight Guys
16-11 6:43:15 SmellySkidmark Outlaws info «check this»
16-11 6:40:58 SmellySkidmark BTW anyone how would like a race in the Aussie Legends there's a race tonight our at Outlaws 8:30 start
16-11 6:39:46 SmellySkidmark PM Gussy
12-11 10:05:26 Bert Lol yep not a bad drive either
12-11 7:52:47 Gussy Wait ....what? Newcastle track!
12-11 5:28:28 SmellySkidmark Skyline GTR @ Barbagallo tonight
10-11 23:16:01 SmellySkidmark Server 2 now has the last round of the LOTR V8s @ Newcastle... make sure to turn your post effects off.
2-11 6:42:46 Seca thanks nib
1-11 22:47:39 RobZee ALL servers and TS are now up. Modem issue fixed, thanks Nib.
1-11 9:46:34 SmellySkidmark no luck so far Seca, looks like a job for Nib
1-11 9:12:10 Seca guys can we have the server retarted yours servers aint showing on Rf2 and teamspeak is down
31-10 8:21:27 Seca nib or robzee you on ?
31-10 6:32:31 Seca servers are down atm guys
29-10 0:29:10 SmellySkidmark TCRs @ Highlands MSP Tonight
28-10 1:36:09 Seca Racing tonight Guys !st round of the GT3's All going Well
25-10 22:25:49 RobZee Apex Modding has released v1.02 of the GT3's through Steam. Server 1 has been updated accordingly.
22-10 6:59:21 Chrisrx cheers nibs
22-10 5:22:04 Gussy just for laughs. the rf2 monster truck «check this»
22-10 5:13:10 SmellySkidmark V8s are on tonight @ The Goldy
22-10 3:11:46 Nibiru Should be ok Chris
22-10 1:21:37 Chrisrx the rf2 analyzer isnt working. is their server issues?
21-10 7:10:12 Seca kk
21-10 7:10:03 RobZee yes..go to your discord
21-10 7:09:24 Seca robzee you on
20-10 23:17:23 Seca 1st Round of The Australasia GT3's Tonight
15-10 5:42:54 SmellySkidmark TCRs @ Sydney Motorsport Park tonight
13-10 23:20:04 RobZee All good now...thanks Fieldzy
13-10 22:56:39 =Fieldzy= Hi just a quick note the am gt3 server may have a problem. The join button is not highlighting so time out thread shows up. The other xfactor servers are ok just the am-gt3 has a problem. Cheers Fieldzy see a few on you tonight.
11-10 3:12:41 Nibiru thanks Gussy
10-10 9:05:06 Gussy Apex Modding GT3 Review! «check this»
9-10 8:50:20 SmellySkidmark Rob check this.. «check this»
8-10 4:54:21 SmellySkidmark LOTR V8s tonight @ Bathurst
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