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31-12 0:33:47 Bert Got the same game crashing problem. I deleted the log files and the bin64 then verification but no deal
30-12 11:38:12 SmellySkidmark Copy that
30-12 9:31:41 Bert Code word FlashQld
30-12 8:54:36 SmellySkidmark Bert I need more info, stat
30-12 6:22:35 Bert Just stumbled across a website that might make 2018 a great year. crossing my fingers and toes hoping the d/l link comes soon..........
29-12 22:47:41 SmellySkidmark Server 2 now has Round 1 of the Radical Summer Series @ Mallala
29-12 7:04:31 SmellySkidmark Have a run on the Server 3, thats the car for the summer series
29-12 7:03:30 SmellySkidmark r u there Darrell
27-12 2:22:11 Rudydw merry christmas all
26-12 23:27:07 Obbzy Merry XMas to all. Hopefully I'll be able to race a bit more often in 2019. BRING IT! :)
24-12 13:18:53 SmellySkidmark Merry Christmas to all.
24-12 7:25:39 Dicko888 Cheers Dicko:P
24-12 7:25:14 Dicko888 OR~Dicko888 wants to wish everybody a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoyed the whole year of racing and look forward to 2019.
23-12 23:31:03 Old Fart Marry X'mas zfactorracing. Keep it clean & be safe.
23-12 22:27:08 Bert Thx GrimDad, Merry Xmas and a Happy Safe New Year to all simracing friends
23-12 21:38:51 Darrell Thanks Smelly that worked.
23-12 14:23:53 GrimDad Wishing all @ xFactor a Merry Christmas and thanks for all you've done for simracing in 2018
23-12 12:26:41 Darrell ok cheers, i unfortunately doing a reinstall.
23-12 11:00:47 SmellySkidmark Darrell deleate your Bin64 folder, then go onto steam and verify your files
23-12 10:41:06 Bert try to delete the contents of the Shaders and Bash folders. They are in the Userdata / Log directory.
23-12 10:26:43 Darrell Anyone having any issues since steams last up date ? rFactor2 keeps crashing after track loads and game is about to start, its happing on both my Simulators
23-12 10:20:43 Bert Hi SS, $80p/m and 1500Gb
22-12 23:59:43 SmellySkidmark Nice Bert, are you on the 50/20 plan how much data & cost
22-12 1:44:38 Bert Halo NBN. Flawless transition from ADSL to NBN with a measly I think 45Mbps/15Mbps speeds
21-12 23:04:04 SmellySkidmark S397 December Roadmap «check this»
21-12 23:01:37 SmellySkidmark First round of the Summer Series will be on the 7-1-19
21-12 22:22:15 SmellySkidmark So after a fair bit of testing of different cars, I've decided to go with this one, the Lola_T290, I hope you like it. Feedback most welcome. Server 4 has it now.
21-12 6:26:24 SmellySkidmark Test server up with the GTRs , let me know what ya think, can we do a summer series with them?
20-12 1:51:22 Mullerdylan32 How long will it take for admin approval?
19-12 15:52:41 GrimDad @ donnyelias, which browser did you first use & then switch to?
19-12 14:03:35 donnyelias Hey SS thankyou for the answer. switched internet browsers and all of the links then worked perfectly and ive installed every car! Thank youagain
19-12 8:45:32 GrimDad join here «check this»
19-12 8:08:04 Mullerdylan32 how do I become a member of fvr
19-12 6:56:37 SmellySkidmark Let me know if you need more help donnyelias, SS
19-12 6:07:16 SmellySkidmark So if you join the server you should get all the content from there. So it's all the cars and just 1 track.
19-12 6:05:59 SmellySkidmark Hiya donneylias, I havent downloaded them for some time now off of mediafire, however I have just redownloaded them from our Aussie Legends server that's setup on Bathurst.
19-12 5:51:19 donnyelias Hello i have an issue. i am trying to download the aussie legends cars and only the the Charger and Monaro links from MEDIAFIRE work. im trying to download the Torana and it is supposed to be a 355MB download but it only downloads a 100kb file and when installing it into the packages on rf 2 it doesnt work. Can someone help?
18-12 6:48:05 SmellySkidmark Ken Block's GYMKHANA TEN «check this»
18-12 6:35:06 SmellySkidmark So, 5 new GT3 cars for xmas from S397, everyone getting them???
18-12 6:26:31 SmellySkidmark You will have to become a member of FVR to get it.
17-12 22:45:12 Mullerdylan32 It says when I go to go on the page it says access denied
17-12 6:20:45 SmellySkidmark not me
17-12 6:04:58 Seca Do Any Guys on Here Have the Game Wreckfest?
17-12 5:05:40 SmellySkidmark It's over on the FVR site, only place you can get it is off them
16-12 23:34:42 Mullerdylan32 How do I find the to download the Newcastle track?
16-12 8:41:05 SmellySkidmark TS & Servers are back
15-12 23:27:36 RobZee The XFactor game and Team Speak server is down. Outlaws Racing has kindly offered their Team Speak for tonight's Am GT3 round at Watkins. Details are here: «check this»
14-12 7:41:56 SmellySkidmark OBBZY !!!! WB Bro
13-12 9:16:10 Obbzy Hey all. Power supply on PC died. Been without a PC for a few weeks. New supply, all is good.
Hey Nib, hope you're feeling better.
13-12 7:57:46 Nibiru Home again hopefully to stay this time
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