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14-3 5:38:28 flyfisho power wind sounds like a good night on the curry :P glorified computer fans, i have the same but mine just blow hard all the time :D
13-3 9:57:07 SmellySkidmark pm Nib Rob Obbzy
13-3 9:39:59 SmellySkidmark lol , Power Wind Review «check this»
12-3 8:38:49 SmellySkidmark Sorry to hear Bert
12-3 7:57:29 Nibiru Bugger hope you feel better
12-3 7:34:01 Bert No racing for me tonight sorry guys, feeling crook
12-3 6:14:08 SmellySkidmark pm's Nib
11-3 22:28:33 Obbzy FIRST ROUND of the Aussie Legends World Tour @ Lime Rock Park in the XY Falcon is on TONIGHT... :)
11-3 4:33:20 Nibiru As some of the guys with VR were having issues with the XY crashing or major loss of fps. Server 2 has been updated with XY v0.94a. Join the server to download
10-3 6:48:37 Nibiru another one SS. Might have found the issue. check your PM
10-3 4:34:52 SmellySkidmark back to you Nib
10-3 0:54:50 Nibiru back at you SS
9-3 22:16:16 SmellySkidmark Nib pm
9-3 7:51:07 nipzon I'm in but quick T
9-3 7:36:47 nipzon S4 good, d/l track now
9-3 7:32:04 nipzon Pm sent Nib
9-3 6:59:55 Nibiru Those that had joined server 4 uninstall vmod VIR test v079 and join again
9-3 6:47:37 Nibiru nipzon send me a pm explaining what happens. I'll try and fix it
9-3 6:24:56 nipzon Previously only the XY crashed me
9-3 6:24:01 nipzon The S2 server only offer the XY as options for me
9-3 5:58:49 Obbzy Tier 2 cars
9-3 5:58:31 Obbzy Outlaws have the Aussie Legends @ Hidden Valley tonight if you're looking for a race or three. :)
9-3 5:50:36 SmellySkidmark is it only the XY? did you try other cars? Legends and something else
9-3 5:40:09 nipzon Thx SS, that solved Limerock
9-3 5:35:10 nipzon For some reason the XY freaks my VR out
8-3 19:03:15 SmellySkidmark you may have to us/resubscribe to Limerock, it's ver 2.02
8-3 10:03:21 nipzon I deleted what was there and tried again. it comes up with same mssg without installing anything
8-3 9:48:21 Nibiru Try uninstalling the vmod and delete it and join the server again
8-3 9:28:08 nipzon Server S2 brings up a package not available
7-3 11:43:09 SmellySkidmark Aussie Legends World Tour server 2 set for round 1 @ Limerick Park Next Monday
7-3 10:07:38 flyfisho why i love Aussie legends «check this»
6-3 18:59:32 SmellySkidmark Nib servers are down, I dont have access
6-3 10:14:38 RobZee yea I can see that... I'm getting the message: Failed to resolve hostname ''
6-3 10:13:24 SmellySkidmark I'm on
6-3 10:12:03 RobZee hmm.. still can't get onto TS
6-3 10:01:50 SmellySkidmark TS is the fixed
6-3 9:59:39 flyfisho check it «check this»
6-3 9:57:04 nipzon The silence before the storm
6-3 9:46:14 RobZee TS down?
5-3 9:37:10 SmellySkidmark Qually @ 8:45
5-3 2:31:32 nipzon :D
5-3 0:17:28 Obbzy Opening Round of the LOTR Championship @ Adelaide is on TONIGHT. Be aware it is the FVR V8s also the V8Utes.
4-3 19:41:40 nipzon Think the difference could be that I’m not using a custom skin
3-3 22:41:50 SmellySkidmark nipzon, that's all I did
3-3 12:15:40 SmellySkidmark Nib pm
3-3 3:28:35 nipzon Nope, I cannot create a team without entering name or team info. So I yave to enter those and cannot leave it blank
3-3 1:30:18 nipzon Left it blank, thx mate will try
3-3 0:57:05 SmellySkidmark I put a team name in, it just doesn't show it. Did u put one in or leave it blank?
3-3 0:55:27 nipzon Mine says Bert vanJ’s Virtual Ride, yours says SS, V8 Supercar
2-3 11:34:33 SmellySkidmark blank team name?
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