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alisherwood: Hi Smelly, just wanted to say sorry for my lock up into T8 on lap one of race one. I just locked up massively hence why I went straight on. I obviously gave the position back but understand I probably ruined any chance of you running up the front for the rest of the night so please accept my apology.
norbs: Thanks for the racing guys. I think I will be back.
Package: Hey guys Rickpack here. I have to apologise to Chrispayne 2nd corner first race. And Koil as well but that one I did get a tap which turned me into you however it was my fender which spun you and for that I am sorry. I still love you please forgive me ?
OR~ShiftyLynel: PM Alister
t0p5ecret: Apologies for not being there last night, with AEDST kicking in and me not getting out of work on time it just wasn't doable. Hope it was good racing for everyone.
StanDaam: Hard luck Tops, right when Rickpack was on fire too :P
t0p5ecret: Well he did take the Corvette ;)
StanDaam: Yes it does seem like the BOP god (which I would presume is a she.. bop... get outta here!) have looked kindly upon the Vette and his disciples :D
FalconEL: We missed ya Top.
t0p5ecret: So....the question is do I have another crack using the Bentley??? The change log for todays update looks like there were a few issues fixed, it might actually corner now.
t0p5ecret: v1.11
- Adjustments to aerodynamics to reduce excessive front lift.
- Fine tuned to ride height sensitivity.
- Fixed cams
- Updated brake disc materials
- Adjusted cokcpit AO
- Fixed shadow in showroom
- AI: Added grip, especially front end
RobZee: GT3 server has been updated.
KoiL: Hiya Rickpack, I thought I'd be safe from Aleister's race to the first turn & it would have been better if you'd given me more of a shove as I was left pointing the wrong way from 12th to last, but when I saw the replay & noted it was you I did have a chuckle 'cause now you owe me one :P All good matey OK.
StanDaam: A message from the BOPs Tops... hmmm.... nothing about the humidor... O.O
FBruno73: Hey quick people! Who has Guenther Steiner email? Need to some a resume... pretty sure a win in Taladega will get me a seat!
FBruno73: Oh, again: Sorry Sputnick, that incident was terrible... was trying to adjust the pedals (to put them further away) on the go (stupid!!)... And sorry Alistair as well, stopped the car after that touch to breath a bit because that was also stupid, and unnecessary... Since Haas like the fix some crashed cars, maybe it gives me more chances...
FBruno73: And Supa, sorry to see this mate. Hope you get well really soon man! Cheers!
t0p5ecret: I ran the updated Bentley last night at Nords and it was much more responsive, but it still has that weird early top out at 283 wouldn't budge from it even on th eback straight downhill :S
FalconEL: The Bentley pulls like a train up to 283, has plenty of sniff. Then stops lol. Aero/drag = 283. I almost ran it at the last round, sounds like a beast.
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated to build 1.1122
Obbzy: FVR Supercars 2020 test server is now up! Barbagallo & Bathurst to choose from... O.O
Back Jabham: Hey RickPack, Chris P here It is all good. That is a racing incident.
Back Jabham: Hey SS. Can I ask you guys (admins) keep an eye on Alastair. The race before last he took me out then deliberately too aggressive to Koil (and then I hit Koil ruining his race and mine) Last race I was too slow for this to be a problem. But. Koil called him out and he said " just giving what I got" in open chat. That is not on IMHO.
Back Jabham: Just calling this out in open chat so I am not going behind anyone's back
Back Jabham: Correction. That was three races ago. I had my "invisible" race where everyone took me out. Still the point applies.
Back Jabham: 3
Package: Hi Chris - it was dumb of me to try and dart up the inside. I was trying to be aggressive that round.
Package: So is there a stewards system for the GT3’s for incidents aa I also have a gripe about someone? If not I would happily put my hand up to help out. Or we could just settle it on the Tarmac :P
RobZee: Any incident reports / questions from race night can be private messaged to an admin within 24 hours of the event. Be as specific as you can (which race, lap, turn etc), which will make it easier for a decision to be made. No body is perfect.. everyone can make a mistake. An apology and redress of position will often solve the situation immediately.
SmellySkidmark: Yes I totally agree with Rob. Respectful driving is expected in our series.
KoiL: No doing 'Danno's' Rick. Revenge driving is the big no no. Unless of course you're Danno bahahaha. This incident for example was committed because he doesn't think he gets a fair drive with me on track, so he took 2 swings & got me on the 2nd. In fact this incident got ME banned from JFF go figure? «check this»
norbs: Hey guys, As much as I enjoyed last week, I am probably out this week. The good lady wife is in hospital and I dont think I will be around. Have a great race everyone.
Package: Hey Koil just watched that video. You must have some bad luck buddy.
OR~ShiftyLynel: Sorry to hear about your wife Norbs. Hope she's better soon
StanDaam: Yeah, what Shifty said...
SmellySkidmark: Good luck Mrs norbs

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