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Tarj: Reverse grid this week?
SmellySkidmark: Note to self, Tarj wants to start from the back of the grid :P
RobZee: Ha Ha...sounds like a good idea for Shifty and Merlin as well!
StanDaam: All aliens start at the rear!! (Hollywood movie idea?) :O
SmellySkidmark: That's a probing question
Flatchat: Hi Team. New here. Bought and installed the two car packs for the GT3 League and have the track. Whenever I try to join the server I get an error "Package Not Available". I did already have the GT3 package initially but bought it again in case there was an upgrade to the cars. Still no luck. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
fez: if you get all this working asn want to join tonight you are more than welcome, we do require ytou to be on teamspeak if you havent already got that. hope to see you on track!!
RobZee: Hi flatchat. 2 strong pack NOT needed. Try deleting the track AND the rfmod file through your launcher and then re subscribe to the track. Hopefully this will work for you.
fez: should only need the 2 packs lol. heres the link for the track just incase you have another version «check this»
fez: thanks rob hah, noticed it was the gte not the gt3
Flatchat: Thanks for the advice guys. Track came from the link on the forum but will try again. Does the rfmod usually download when joining the server? What rfmod do I delete RobZee.
fez: can get rid of them all mate, but mainly lookin for the xfactor rfmods
Flatchat: Cleared all rfmods. There are no Xfactor rfmods there at all. Should that come from the server when I join. I have also uninstalled the double up of cars. Have noted that there are no Porche's in my content even though they were part of the car pack. Something is not right as I still get the same "Package Not Available". Could the unavailable package be the rfmod from the server?
fez: the rfmod will download from the server yea, we are running the porsche in the series , likely thats the issue if you dont have it
Flatchat: Thought that might be the case as it wasn't in my content. Went back into Steam and the Porka was subscribed, so I unsubscribed it and and it installed. Go figure. Anyway have been on the server, all is good. I have teamspeak setup, so see yas tonight. Thanks again for the assistance.
fez: anytime :)
HSV_PETE: Won't be able to race tonight guys...hurt my back yesterday doing some manual labour...getting old!
SmellySkidmark: Damn Pete hope your good now
SmellySkidmark: Gt3 server updated to Round 16 @ VIR
JFF-JOE: mail SS
SmellySkidmark: The postie has just been to your place Joe :D
Obbzy: Hopefully you'll be right to do some manual labour (shifting gears) soon Pete..
Quasi: Hey guys, a rotting corpse from the passt has risen again. Looking to see what is being raced these days.
SmellySkidmark: Hiya Quasi we're racing the S397 GT3s on tuesdays
SmellySkidmark: Left something at Bunnings «check this»
OR~ShiftyLynel: Awesome Tarj! Can't wait for some Ferrari tin tops in rF2
Obbzy: GT3s at V.I.R. TONIGHT.
SmellySkidmark: GT3 server updated to Round 17 @ Pukekohe «check this»
Obbzy: rFactor2 updated to version 1118... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
Obbzy: GT3s at Pukekohe tonight.
JFF-JOE: mail SS
SmellySkidmark: Thanks Joe
SmellySkidmark: Server 1 GT3s updated to round 18 @ Paul Ricard «check this» or just join the server
=Fieldzy=: SS pm sent

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