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ausbambam: wont be racing tomorrow night. that track is hooooorible. hahaha. just going to stress me out. see you all next week.
SmellySkidmark: Come on Bam, it's not my favorite track but I'll be there
OR~ShiftyLynel: Thanks for an awesome night of racing XFactor. Had an absolute ball and can’t wait until next week
fez: pm Rob, SS, Obbz
Goanna: FDG Race day, V8's at Bathurst, 8:30pm qually (AEDST)
Mr Magoo: Hi there,
Mr Magoo: This looks like the place for an old Newbie to get into some xFactor racing. Love the Aussie Classic cars . Where do I ask for clues on openning the downloads? Cheers, All.
RobZee: Welcome Mr. Magoo! Free downloads are available when you click at the top of the web site. Meanwhile, get yourself a mic and headphones and download Team Speak 3. We can then talk to you about any help you may need.
RobZee: Once you have installed Team Speak, click on the "xFactor-Racing" name in the TS viewer to the right of this chatbox. Password is "FUN". Hope to see you soon.
fez: ss, rob, pm
Goanna: Raceday, Tatuus Challenge Round 1, FT-60's at Portland Sprint. Qually at 8:30pm AEDST
Dug: It's On
Obbzy: New GT3 BOP update... «check this»
Package: Well there goes the Corvette. Ferrari looks to be the boss now.
Shawn: Hi all, hope this is okay, after the outlaws race tonight was discussing sharing a setup and it turns out I'm useless with teamspeak. I am however a huge fan of discord, and I can't recall seeing an Aussie sim racing group of discord, so I decided to create one for anyone that is interested, «check this» so yeah if you are a discord user feel free to join, can talk shop, discuss setups, lap times etc. or whatever. Cheers.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, V8’s at Sandown, Qually 8:30pm AEDST
OR~ShiftyLynel: This new BOP could make things interesting!
SmellySkidmark: Febuary roadmap «check this»
Obbzy: Round 5 of the GT3 Series @ Buddh Circuit. Tonight. Qually from 8:30pm aedst
ausbambam: hey all,
ausbambam: unavailable tonight.
ausbambam: hopefully back next week. have fun
OR~ShiftyLynel: I’ve lost power, so might miss the race tonight
Obbzy: What the fuck Chuck, what the, what the fuck!
Oh, you banned
GrimDad: I deleted that shout Obbzy ;)
SmellySkidmark: Thanks GrimDad
Goanna: FDG Raceday, Tatuus PM-18 at Hampton Downs Qually at 8:30pm AEDST
Obbzy: Cheers Grimdad. Those trollbots occasionally get on here. Annoying, but it's good to be able to delete them.
Obbzy: rFactor 2 & S397 being bought out by Motorsport Games! «check this»
Dug: Anyone else have skin issues with the new build ?
StanDaam: I did get that rash back again Dug... never suspected RF2...
Dug: sorry to hear about the rash mate,
Dug: Try not to scratch
SmellySkidmark: lol bpkzyghd you are banned MF
Obbzy: Did Heinz try to troll us with their alphabet soup SS?
SmellySkidmark: @ Obbzy, lol. I think he turned off predictive

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