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Mullerdylan32: I was just wondering where do I get the mods for the v8 supercars series
SmellySkidmark: try FVR
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated, i recommend you clear you CBash & Shaders before joining the server
Mullerdylan32: i have gone on fvr and i can not find the mods
Bert: @Mullerdylan32 best to go on their forum introduce yourself,if you haven’t done so, and ask them. Great bunch of guys
Mullerdylan32: i have done that then nothing happened afterwards and also sonehow have lost acess to my acount so i cant go on the forum anymore
paps: Just a heads up to admin, I have a guy commenting on one my AL videos «check this» that is struggling to join the Aussie Legends and/or Xfactor forums and also having trouble downloading some of the legend cars.
paps: Youtube user name is LCD LSD.
paps: He is trying to register using the name - 'n4rfzoink'
SmellySkidmark: Some Powercruise highlights... «check this»
Mullerdylan32: thanks for all the help for me to find the v8 supercars mods
Obbzy: Another night of connection losts!!!
Can't be fucked trying anymore.
It was fun while it lasted.
Many thanks to Nib and crew over the years.
See yas around hopefully one day...
RobZee: Sad to hear, Obbzy. I hope you can get it sorted out eventually. Don't be a stranger... join us on TS sometime!
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
SmellySkidmark: normal services will resume shortly
SmellySkidmark: fez jump onto outlaws TS
SmellySkidmark: Outlaws are hosting the race tonight in the Flat6 @ Rouen. Big thankyou Outlaws
fez: i had a crack of loading the server up, im getting a 'data transfer timout'. not sure how to fix it
RobZee: Put the Flat 6's on server 2. All good now.
Darrell: HI Guys i cant seem to find a track link for flat6 tonight.
fez: is the track not downloading from the server? i think its the steam version
Darrell: i getting package to available, i download all the flat6 mods i could see on workshop but still getting same message.
Darrell: package not available
fez: should only need flat 6 v5.0
fez: im having trouble getting in to the server, is it just on my end?
ozziecoops: any v8 league running here ? looking to join.
Nibiru: Not atm...we cant find a decent enough v8 mod to get drivers to race.
Prophet: Hi Gents just dropping in to say Gday. I only have one night a week in the racing seat { its A wife thing } after a eleven months off. Ability { Murray } is averring in Albany today so we are catching up for tea. Obbzy sorry to hear about internet. Well I better head off and get back to work. Haven't forgotten you guys. Cheers
Nibiru: Hey Propget....great to hear from you
RobZee: Tuesday night racing @ Xfactor- Round 1 of the GT-R 500's @ Mid Ohio. 8.30pm Quali. All welcome. «check this»
v8bloke: Yo MOFO's wassup
Nibiru: hey Bloke
SmellySkidmark: RSM have updated their V8s «check this»
Nibiru: still crap
paps: pm Nibs :)
paps: and again..

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:RSM: V8 Series 5

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6 years 4 months ago #1 by Yaystenny
Yaystenny created the topic: :RSM: V8 Series 5



V8 SUPERCAR Return to Down Under

ORSM 2012 mod with ACSP 2013

10 Events with Single race and 2 race events

START DATE: Saturday 23rd February
(Races will be held every second Saturday)

SERVER LOCKED: 9 pm Sydney time password supplied in TS (ts.rsmclanau.com)

For more info sign up at www.rsmclanau.com/forum and go to www.rsmclanau.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=5206
We have some Unique rules so please check them out before racing


ROUND 1 - Eastern Creek 1x45 Laps

ROUND 2 - Adelaide 2011 1x50 Laps

ROUND 3 - Symonds Plains 2x25 Laps

ROUND 4 - Pukekoe 2x25 Laps

ROUND 5 - Wanneroo 2x25 Laps

ROUND 6 - Gold coast 2X25 Laps

ROUND 7 - Queensland 2x25 Laps

ROUND 8 - Hidden Valley 1x50 Laps

ROUND 9 - Townsville 2x25 Laps

ROUND 10 - Bathurst 1x40 Laps


"Single race format"

Pratice 30 min

Qualifying 20 min (laps set for 40 to accomadate)

Warmup 10 mins

Race laps as required (see below)

Damage: 50 percent

tyres: Normal

Fuel: Normal

Mech fail: Normal

Flag rule: Blue passing and Black only

Game time 2 pm race start

1 mandatory pit with 4 tyres after lap 10

"2 Race Format"

Pratice 30 min

Qualifying 20 min (laps set for 40 to accomadate)

Warmup 10 mins

Race 1 laps as set for track (see below)

warmup 10 mins

Race 2 Full qualifying grid invert , laps as required (see below)

Damage: 50 percent

tyres: Normal

Fuel: Normal

Mech fail: Normal

Flag rule: Blue passing and Black only

Game time 2 pm race start

2 race events NO mandatory pit

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