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Obbzy: Website back up. Yeah baby, yeah....
StanDaam: Woot Woot! :D
Tarj: Hey Sputnik, you still gonna run in the nord 6hr?
Nibiru: Sorry guys the site was down for so long. Should be all good now
Sputnik_inc: Tarj.. yes i am.. sent u a PM
foreass: hello to comunity from Greece
SmellySkidmark: Hiya foreass and welcome
t0p5ecret: Hey guys is there a prac race on Tuesday for the GT3s?
SmellySkidmark: Yeah we'll have a practice race this week
ausbambam: whats the p/w for the t/s chat
Obbzy: Automobilista 2 about to go to v1.0>... «check this»
t0p5ecret: Thanks for the races tonight guys
RobZee: You're welcome, Top. Hope to see you next Tuesday for the start of the championship.
t0p5ecret: I'll be there for sure
OR~ShiftyLynel: Thanks for the race last night guys, 'twas great fun! I was interested to read in the rF2 roapmap that there's an incoming BOP update for the GT3s and 2 new cars - the Ferrari AND another car yet to be announced.
Mike: sorry about dropping out last night while on TS, had a fun first racr, second not so much
Obbzy: Automobilista 2 v1.0 out now, including Bathurst :) .. «check this»
Obbzy: OMFG! Bathurst is freaking awesome in AMS2.... rF2 needs to pull their fingers out and get a laser scanned version...
OR~ShiftyLynel: Agreed Obbzy! I just gave it a crack over lunch. I'm going to try and get a server up :)
The_Fiddler: Hey great racing last night guys. I was pleasantly surprised by the conduct and quality of racers. Do we need to officially register anywhere for the series?
The_Fiddler: Also, could a server admin assume the role of track changes post-race as the server is still on last race and some of us need all the practice we can get....
RobZee: No need to register, Fiddler. Last night was a practice night for the first round of the next series, which starts next Tuesday, at the same track (Mid Ohio). Hope to see you there.
FBruno73: Hey Guys! I just register, I would like to race with you guys the GT3 championship. Any spot Available?
SmellySkidmark: Hiya FBruno, just click on the GT3 banner info is there
FBruno73: Awesome! I've asked the night off to join you guys. Cheers mate!
SmellySkidmark: @FBruno it's a good idea to have TS sorted before race night just so things run smoothly. Try joining, there's someone there most nights
OR~ShiftyLynel: For those interested, I've put up an AMS2 server - Shifty's Server - running the V8s at Bathurst if people want to jump in and have a crack. It's currently being hosted locally, so I can't promise it will be up all the time.
Tarj: Decided after 15 beers
Tarj: Yes only 15
Tarj: Will not drive BMW or the mac 720 this season
Tarj: Yesy ok, I will drink some more and forget what I just said
Obbzy: Lol Tarj... Come over to the dark side & drive a Bentley O.O
Obbzy: Thanks Shifty... Have to re-calibrate my wheel & FFB for AMS2 again!!!
SmellySkidmark: lol Tarj, I won't hold you to that for this season
Tarj: Corvette this week
Tarj: Maybe next bawk bonnetly

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