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RobZee: Ferrari 488 GT3 released «check this»
SmellySkidmark: GT3 server is now running the new BOP & with the new Ferrari
Obbzy: Just a reminder that Daylight savings starts today. If you're not in a DST zone then qualifying on Tuesday starts an hour earlier (e.g. QLD 7:30pm, WA 5:30pm).
Obbzy: ***BREAKING NEWS*** : obbzy sensationally dumped from Bentley GT3 lineup.
obbzy was formally sacked from the Bentley team after he was reportedly found
naked in the back of Bentley CEO's Continental Mulliner, after consuming the entire contents
of the drinks cabinet, urinating over onto the driver's seat. A message to the CEO was also smeared
across the front windscreen in human faeces, giving a not so glowing appraisal of the new 2020 GT3!
obbzy is apparently unrepentant, calling the car a "complete piece of sh#t". obbzy is currently
"exploring other options"...
RobZee: HAHA
SmellySkidmark: LMAO
StanDaam: LMAO +1
Easty: This behaviour is very common for people that have driven Holdens, they get flashbacks and do that to what ever car they are driving at the time.
alisherwood: As always awesome fun tonight, thanks. Can someone please let me know where to donate to support xfactor and what is the general donation?
t0p5ecret: Race 1 from last night is here «check this»
SmellySkidmark: @alisherwood The donations page is «check this» it's almost the end of the year so let it slide or a very small amount, whatever you choose mate
alisherwood: Thanks Smelly, donation made:D
SmellySkidmark: Thanks, much appreciated
Shawn: Sorry I haven't made any race for a few weeks, hopefully jump back in to so e soon.
Shawn: Some*
SmellySkidmark: Update to the GT3 series, the "drop your worst races" has been applied. With 10 rounds left can you improve you result in the championship? Check the standings «check this»
Supa: Hey guys been Mia recently as broke my arm real bad. Needed 2 ops to fix so far :( Good luck for rest of season!!
RobZee: Thanks Supa. Get well soon!
Obbzy: That's no good Supa. Hope the arm heals fast & you can get back to racing soon.
alisherwood: Sorry to hear Supa, hope it heals well. For those practicing for Mugello if you want a different car to cut some laps I can suggest the Metalmoro AJ12 with the Judd V10. Crazy car around this circuit with a decent default setup. It is part of the Reiza pack
t0p5ecret: Holy crap Supa, hope it heals up well mate and look forward to seeing you back!
OR~ShiftyLynel: All the best Supa! Hope everything heals well!
Sputnik_inc: Get back to us Supa.. you'll be missed bru..
Sputnik_inc: Thx guys for the GT3 series, its awesome so far.... and shifty get stuffed for taking the lead :P Donation made. keep up the good work.
SmellySkidmark: Thanks Sputnik very much appreciated
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
KoiL: Supa, sorry to hear your news matey it sounds bad. Heal up well & do all ya exercises that they give you bro & when the time comes we'll see ya back here.
alisherwood: Hi Smelly, just wanted to say sorry for my lock up into T8 on lap one of race one. I just locked up massively hence why I went straight on. I obviously gave the position back but understand I probably ruined any chance of you running up the front for the rest of the night so please accept my apology.
norbs: Thanks for the racing guys. I think I will be back.
Package: Hey guys Rickpack here. I have to apologise to Chrispayne 2nd corner first race. And Koil as well but that one I did get a tap which turned me into you however it was my fender which spun you and for that I am sorry. I still love you please forgive me ?
OR~ShiftyLynel: PM Alister
t0p5ecret: Apologies for not being there last night, with AEDST kicking in and me not getting out of work on time it just wasn't doable. Hope it was good racing for everyone.
StanDaam: Hard luck Tops, right when Rickpack was on fire too :P
t0p5ecret: Well he did take the Corvette ;)
StanDaam: Yes it does seem like the BOP god (which I would presume is a she.. bop... get outta here!) have looked kindly upon the Vette and his disciples :D
FalconEL: We missed ya Top.

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