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fez: i can already hear "argh you bitch" if you arent
FalconEL: LOL @ Fez haha
Bert: Lol @Fez @SS
tasracer: HI Guys long time no speak and I'm obviously a bit out of the loop but I'm hoping to get back on track. When i try to join the gt3 server it says package not available what do I need to download?
RobZee: Hi Tas ! Great to hear from you! Jump on TS is probably best.
SmellySkidmark: Hi Tas, all the content is S397 paid content, you need the GT3 Pack, atm it's $ 48 , «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Tuesday is the last round, so matbe get it in the xmas sale I'm sure they will have. The summer series starts next tuesday, so just join the server and the content will download
Obbzy: Hey Tas. Good to see you're back. Hope to catch ya on track soon.
Back Jabham: Chris P here. Sorry I will miss Longford. I have an event at the charity I support. Thanks for hosting this season and for the strong (and fair) admin skills!
SmellySkidmark: Hope you had a good night as well Chris and I hope you'll join us for the Summer series and the GT3s next year. If I don't catch you on TS, Merry Chrismas
FalconEL: Thanks xfactor for a great GT3 season 2, absolutely had a ball, loving my Tuesday nights with you blokes! Congratulations to Shifty who thoroughly deserved the win he was the best driver all season by far. Can't wait for next season! :)
RobZee: Congratulations to Shifty, Chris D. and Stan on their podiums in the GT3 Championship. Thank you to everyone who participated in this series. some bling for the winners «check this»
OR~ShiftyLynel: Thanks for another great season of GT3 racing xFactor. Well done by all, it was a really high standard of racing. Hope you all have a great Xmas and new year, and will catch you on track soon.
Mike: Great fun racing with all you guys, thoroughly enjoyed the last 12 month @ xfactorR and Outlaws Racing. Congrats to all, winners and "loosers".
Special thanks to the Admin boys who makes it all possible.
Hope you all have a good Christmas & New Year.
Goanna: Christmas eve bash at FDG, a couple of $50 steam gift cards to be won....details => «check this»
SmellySkidmark: First round of the TCR Summer Cup tonight @ Mallala see you there
SmellySkidmark: The new UI is now the default. you can opt out and use the old UI via the BETAs tab
SmellySkidmark: The new Endurance Bundle is here «check this»
Obbzy: Merry Christmas everyone. Bring on 2021 for more sim racing fun.
Goanna: Congrats to JFF Danny and JFF Reaper, $100 and $50 steam gift card winners.
Goanna: Merry Christmas everyone
OR~Duke: Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.:)
Bert: Merry Christmas everyone
Dug: Merry Christmas Gents awesome year thanks very much
SmellySkidmark: Merry Chrismas to ya maate
KoiL: Merry Christmas xFactor! Thanks for a great GT3 Series & a great year with you all. Here's to an even better 2021. All the very best!
Obbzy: 50% off the Reiza Pack... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Round 2 of the TCRs @ Queensland Raceway tonight
SmellySkidmark: RF2 December Roadmap «check this»
Obbzy: HNY all. 2021.... here we come...
SmellySkidmark: PM Obbzy
Obbzy: Right back atcha Smelly
Obbzy: TCRs at Morgan Park, tonight. Rover Vitesse or BMW 635, you choose...
SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
SmellySkidmark: PM Rob
Obbzy: rF2 hasw had another build update: «check this»

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