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Obbzy: Website back up. Yeah baby, yeah....
StanDaam: Woot Woot! :D
Tarj: Hey Sputnik, you still gonna run in the nord 6hr?
Nibiru: Sorry guys the site was down for so long. Should be all good now
Sputnik_inc: Tarj.. yes i am.. sent u a PM
foreass: hello to comunity from Greece
SmellySkidmark: Hiya foreass and welcome
t0p5ecret: Hey guys is there a prac race on Tuesday for the GT3s?
SmellySkidmark: Yeah we'll have a practice race this week
ausbambam: whats the p/w for the t/s chat
Obbzy: Automobilista 2 about to go to v1.0>... «check this»
t0p5ecret: Thanks for the races tonight guys
RobZee: You're welcome, Top. Hope to see you next Tuesday for the start of the championship.
t0p5ecret: I'll be there for sure
OR~ShiftyLynel: Thanks for the race last night guys, 'twas great fun! I was interested to read in the rF2 roapmap that there's an incoming BOP update for the GT3s and 2 new cars - the Ferrari AND another car yet to be announced.
Mike: sorry about dropping out last night while on TS, had a fun first racr, second not so much
Obbzy: Automobilista 2 v1.0 out now, including Bathurst :) .. «check this»
Obbzy: OMFG! Bathurst is freaking awesome in AMS2.... rF2 needs to pull their fingers out and get a laser scanned version...
OR~ShiftyLynel: Agreed Obbzy! I just gave it a crack over lunch. I'm going to try and get a server up :)
The_Fiddler: Hey great racing last night guys. I was pleasantly surprised by the conduct and quality of racers. Do we need to officially register anywhere for the series?
The_Fiddler: Also, could a server admin assume the role of track changes post-race as the server is still on last race and some of us need all the practice we can get....
RobZee: No need to register, Fiddler. Last night was a practice night for the first round of the next series, which starts next Tuesday, at the same track (Mid Ohio). Hope to see you there.
FBruno73: Hey Guys! I just register, I would like to race with you guys the GT3 championship. Any spot Available?
SmellySkidmark: Hiya FBruno, just click on the GT3 banner info is there
FBruno73: Awesome! I've asked the night off to join you guys. Cheers mate!
SmellySkidmark: @FBruno it's a good idea to have TS sorted before race night just so things run smoothly. Try joining, there's someone there most nights
OR~ShiftyLynel: For those interested, I've put up an AMS2 server - Shifty's Server - running the V8s at Bathurst if people want to jump in and have a crack. It's currently being hosted locally, so I can't promise it will be up all the time.
Tarj: Decided after 15 beers
Tarj: Yes only 15
Tarj: Will not drive BMW or the mac 720 this season
Tarj: Yesy ok, I will drink some more and forget what I just said
Obbzy: Lol Tarj... Come over to the dark side & drive a Bentley O.O
Obbzy: Thanks Shifty... Have to re-calibrate my wheel & FFB for AMS2 again!!!
SmellySkidmark: lol Tarj, I won't hold you to that for this season
Tarj: Corvette this week
Tarj: Maybe next bawk bonnetly

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xFactor Present's Touring Car Revival, With thx to TCL/OllieC/T-Man

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2 years 2 months ago #61 by Nibiru
Nibiru replied the topic: xFactor Present's Touring Car Revival, With thx to TCL/OllieC/T-Man
First post updated

BMW M3 EVO v0.42b

Again a big thanks to philrob for this update

change log
further Albedo DX11 levels inside and out
white multispoke dx11
pitcrew dx11

RF2 engine file 356 hp @ 8750, 300 nm @ 8250, lowered compression, slight change to torque curve*
Some RF2 additions/removals to HDV plus inertia, mass*
new spec/bump*
new glass with lowered tint*

The following user(s) said Thank You: SmellySkidmark

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #62 by Denzil
Denzil replied the topic: xFactor Present's Touring Car Revival, With thx to TCL/OllieC/T-Man
I'm loving the mod, thank you.
I have a couple of small requests though.
I find it difficult to identify the different cars in the opponent selection screen in single player. I was trying to take a screenie for a club racing flyer and I just found it a bit tricky.
Also, I'm hearing that it's difficult to limit engine tuning options on a dedi server. Sounds like the option to do this, is not working? I'd like to omit the Eggenberger engine for the Sierra. Although, perhaps this one is not correctable from your end, I'm guessing?

Thanks again.
Last Edit: 1 year 7 months ago by Denzil. Reason: Poor wording

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1 year 7 months ago #63 by SmellySkidmark
SmellySkidmark replied the topic: xFactor Present's Touring Car Revival, With thx to TCL/OllieC/T-Man
G'day Denzil

I've not separated the eggnberger cars for online racing but it can be done, our last round for the TCRs has just those cars.
It'd be easy if you know which cars have the upgrade, then just take them out of the server list.
Robzee has setup the current server, if you join it then take a look at what cars are there, you'll know what ones to take out for your server.
I hope that helps.

BTW welcome to xfactor


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