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fez: apparently my pedal wants to sit on 1%in the calibration screen in rf, tried recal in game, out of game reload drivers etc, nothin seams to work. any ideas?
SmellySkidmark: did you fix it fez?
fez: no fix as yet, i might have to have a chat to fanatec
SmellySkidmark: jump on TS
SmellySkidmark: Goto Assign controls, the change brake/acc to a key on the KB. Then re-assign to your pedal. that should werk
fez: fixed, cheers SS
SmellySkidmark: Apologies to Ant for Race 2, back of the grid fer me.
RobZee: Details of the next GT3 Series (2) «check this»
Obbzy: Don't think you'll need to monitor Assen for cuts!!! The cut track warnings are brutal....
Package: Smelly and Rob the results server is down and I cant acess it.
RobZee: Rick, should be OK now
TravisSap: «check this»
SmellySkidmark: U suk TravisSap bye bye MF
SmellySkidmark: No server access till tomorrow
RobZee: Another competitive and enjoyable series has been decided. Thank you to all that took part!

Congratulations to the podium of OR~KRIS, RICKPACK and CHRIS DONNELLY. «check this»
Frank: Well done podium winners .
Package: Thanks for the trophy Xfactor. And thanks for the racing and organisation of the series!
SmellySkidmark: CSJ if you see this, you need to pick another car you've used the BMW already
HITMAN: Where do i get the track for tuesday night race
EAO_wayno: Hitman the track is paid content from steam. If you don't have the BMW M4 GT3 car you should get the pack with the track and car in it, it's about $19
FalconEL: Thanks for the trophy Rob and to you and Smelly for another great xFactor series. Looking forward to season 2 starting tonight!
HITMAN: thanks for last night been a while since racing i dont know what was going on evertime i got close to cars i was getting micro freezes in the game
SmellySkidmark: u suk Williamled, bye bye
SmellySkidmark: Server updated
SmellySkidmark: You will have to update to the latest BETA to join the server
SmellySkidmark: Derek's ABC interview «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Web page «check this»
RobZee: Round 3 of the GT3 series tonight (Tuesday). You will need the Release Candidate updated on Steam. Steam client > rf2 > properties > betas > Release Candidate
Mike: Apologies to Monroe and Frank, both of you were ahead of me, seperate incidents. Almost took SS out on the last lap, but he made it through. PHEW.
HITMAN: Guys headsup WTCC championship starts this Thurday FDG every 2 weeks with prize money $100 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd
HITMAN: guy just to let you know WTCC round 1 has been posponed til Thursday 5th May due to the server being hacked
SmellySkidmark: off with their head!
HITMAN: guys WTCC server is back and running first round thursday night 8:30 quaily. all information on FDG Discord new TS
Goanna: FDG’s WTCC Rnd 1 starts tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
SmellySkidmark: Server updated
Goanna: WTCC Rnd 2 tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST

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10 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Somatosis
Somatosis created the topic: Hi
Evening All,

Long time off liner here, looking to get some online experience. Tonight I joined in for the GT3 round at Silverstone. First off, thanks to Chris P for the referral. Online has been a little intimidating prospect (not to mention logistical impossibility due to time constraints) but tonight's experience (although thwarted as you'll see below) was amazing - what a great bunch of blokes! Huge thanks to Rob for helping me get started, well almost!

I managed to join the xfactor server for practice last night and right up until this afternoon all has been well for my ageing, but still functional Logi DFP.

Getting into qualy tonight, an odd problem - nothing on the dash. I could see the wheel move and hear the gear select but no throttle response. Rob went to great lengths to help me out, even creating a separate TS channel and we troubleshooted a lot of things but to no avail (RF2 calibration screen was fine).

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the start of the race so looking forward to catching everyone for the next one.

UPDATE - Offline test netted the same result. If I start from the garage with AI control all is fine and race start is fine too. I wonder if online race start would have had the same result...

Anyway, really appreciate everyone's warm welcome and hope the race went well. I'll post this to the studio397 forum and see what gets turned up..


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  • Somatosis
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10 months 3 weeks ago #2 by Somatosis
Somatosis replied the topic: Hi
ok I think I know the problem and boy is my face red! I set RF2 up for my son this arvo, he's way too small to reach the pedals properly or do anything really so I turned all assists on so he could cruise around a bit.

In turning everything back off I didn't pay enough attention to 'auto start engine' which I had previously left on.

Turns out ignition is a fairly integral part of getting the crank going..

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10 months 3 weeks ago #3 by SmellySkidmark
SmellySkidmark replied the topic: Hi
G'day Somatosis, welcome to online racing, it certainly can become addictive fun.
Don't worry about the little mishap with the starter, I bet your not the first to do that or the last.
Hope to see you practicing online aswell, there's usually someone on most nights.


"Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail me now."
Elwood Blues - The Blues Brothers

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