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StanDaam: I too had to delete some xfactor GT3 rfmods to get in this week... :O
SmellySkidmark: strange
Tarj: :|
Tarj: Just found this. Looks useful «check this»
Sputnik_inc: where can i find the donations info please(?)
Tarj: Hi Just tried to get on daytona sever and it loaded symons plains and had a message [can not locate Daytona] before disconnecting?
Tarj: RF2 sometimes is a real #$@&^%%(. i cant download the rfmod, and i get a screen saying to manually load it? I think sometimes i need to do an IT course to use this fucker
fez: delete or uninstall all your daytona tracks and try and re dl from server or somthing? im not good with this sort of stuff though..
Tarj: Thanks Fez. Done that already.? I wonder if I have to subscribe in steam or something? By the way, well done last night. You and Obbzy smashed it out of the park
fez: deleted all rfmods too? not just xfactor? just incase? iuno thats all i got
fez: and yea thanks mate, was a great race came down to the last pitstsop, had to push the whole way
Tarj: Did what you siad fez. still no good???. the message reads' Mod could not be installed Error trying to install mod. Try manual installation'/???
SmellySkidmark: heres daytona rc «check this»
SmellySkidmark: uninstall all your vmods, that will help
t0p5ecret: Hey guys, can anyone that drops in from OR please check the password reset on the OR website, I've gone to recover my password and the recovery link isn't working.
t0p5ecret: Cheers
Tarj: Just showing my ignorance, is a vmod same as a rfcmp file?
Tarj: fn hell. worked once, then tried to get back in and back to mod could not be installed???
Tarj: strange. the download says it is 219.29MB, but when download is finished it is 224.549MB is that normal?. This is what is happening. i clk the sevrer, it does the download mod bit, says it fails, i jump out and erase the xfactor GT3s Rnd ^-10.mft file, clk join, it does the error thing but if a clk again i see the zzzz'z and it opens up, with all different types of cars, i pick the corvette, get in do 4 or so laps, and it comes up with lost connection. start all over agin???
The_Fiddler: Hey guys - Toppy mentioned Tarj or Fez posted link to a setup 'Program' in the chat box - I can't go back far enough to find it - does anyone have it handy?
The_Fiddler: Also, do you guys have a patreon or something to donate to?
Tarj: Linked above
KoiL: Hiya
Tarj: Startup log rFactor2 Content Inventory @ Aug 11 2020 8:10:05 AM

Mod "xfactor GT3s Rnd 6 1.0" failed to verify, removed from inventory
Tarj: Fixed. went into rfactor2 folder searched xfacotr and erased all, searched daytona and erased all, emptied recycle bin restarted pc and joined server it downloaded with no glitches and was not booted out. :D
RobZee: Sputnik and Fiddler, appreciate your offer of a donation. Details can be found here: «check this»
SmellySkidmark: xfactor will be using our own TS and race server... woohoo
Sputnik_inc: Good Stuff SS.. we're getting there...
Sputnik_inc: Thx Rob
SmellySkidmark: Round 7 is at Barber Motorsports Park 2020 «check this»
SmellySkidmark: server will be up soon
FalconEL: My apologies to Tarj and Fez (and probably topsecret who also was involved) for the first corner in Race 2, my fault. Bit messy. Sorry gents.
KoiL: looking for the donations link here guy's. Can ya help?
Tarj: TX Falcon, but the only thing you should be apologising for is using Falcon EL for a nick name :P
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