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Nibiru: Thanks guys...they have contacted me about the car....Ill have to think about it. ..you know how I feel about BMWs lol
SmellySkidmark: Any news on the enduro Nib
SmellySkidmark: November Roadmap «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Servers will need to be updated Nib
SmellySkidmark: Servers are updated
SmellySkidmark: Last round of the TCRs, Seirra @ Sandown
Nibiru: Sorry for any inconvenience guys. Ive been out to the world the past 5 days....still in hospital but things are looking up. Hope to be discharged in the next day.
SmellySkidmark: I hope your out now, how ya feeling?
Nibiru: Told if I pass a blood test and x-ray I can leave today. Feel really weak and sore though.
Gussy: Glad to hear your on the mend Nib
Nibiru: Thanks.
Nibiru: Im out woo hoo...now to get some strength back
SmellySkidmark: woohoo, good news
SmellySkidmark: to get your strength back just remember beer is a good friend
GrimDad: Good news Nib I bet it feels good to be back home...I hate hospitals
SmellySkidmark: How ya feelin Nib ?
SmellySkidmark: There's a practice race tonight, BTCC @ Manificent Park, for Enduro next week
Nibiru: Im back at the frigin hospital.
SmellySkidmark: What, why?
Nibiru: Bad pain....they think I might have another pocket
SmellySkidmark: man your doing it tuff atm, hope your covered at werk, it's not a buzy time right now is it?
Nibiru: Work is just starting to get busy but I have know one to do the work. Good news is they decided not to put another drain in me just feed me heavy antibiotics through I.V. ..If my white cell count goes down tomorrow they might send me home with the I.V.
Bert: All the best Nib, get well soon
Nibiru: Home again hopefully to stay this time
Obbzy: Hey all. Power supply on PC died. Been without a PC for a few weeks. New supply, all is good.
Hey Nib, hope you're feeling better.
SmellySkidmark: OBBZY !!!! WB Bro
RobZee: The XFactor game and Team Speak server is down. Outlaws Racing has kindly offered their Team Speak for tonight's Am GT3 round at Watkins. Details are here: «check this»
SmellySkidmark: TS & Servers are back
Mullerdylan32: How do I find the to download the Newcastle track?
SmellySkidmark: It's over on the FVR site, only place you can get it is off them
Seca: Do Any Guys on Here Have the Game Wreckfest?
SmellySkidmark: not me
Mullerdylan32: It says when I go to go on the page it says access denied
SmellySkidmark: You will have to become a member of FVR to get it.
SmellySkidmark: So, 5 new GT3 cars for xmas from S397, everyone getting them???
SmellySkidmark: Ken Block's GYMKHANA TEN «check this»

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server address = xfactorracing.ddns.net


-=[FDG]=- TCR Commodore cup.

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3 months 1 week ago #1 by FDG Stitch
FDG Stitch created the topic: -=[FDG]=- TCR Commodore cup.
Hey boys and girls, unsure if you guys are doing anything tonight, but for any who are looking for a race I present you this.

3 X 15 lap races.
Quali for each race

We have had some issues with players getting "package not available" due to the versions we are running being older than what is available
Here is a screen shot of the TCR versions in my packages folder.

I believe this is why Rob Zee was having problems entering the server

There is a 1 gig download in FDG TS file browser (Stitchs paint shop)
That seems to sort it out.

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