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  • HITMAN's Avatar
    Today 16:16
    Two more GRAB_046_2017-09-25.jpg GRAB_045.jpg
  • Obbzy's Avatar
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    No worries, all good. Normally not a problem, but this wheel is at the end of it's racing life, so comes off the table when the FFB & effects react violently... It's causing a lot of grief for me. Hopefully a new wheel soon. :)
  • HITMAN's Avatar
    18 Sep 2017 17:12
    looks great Nib has told me that you are working on skins as i am we need to touch base so we don't double upas i have also i have posted in th 3D section
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    A few cars have been updated A big thanks to philrob for making albedo maps for the Sierra and Rover The Nissan has the mirror fixed and albedo skins. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5vfl8kh98hblb72/TCR_NISSAN_v042.rfcmp ...
  • paps's Avatar
    16 Sep 2017 08:21
    I'll just leave this here... B) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5kL-iKc2D8

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SmellySkidmark: Pete is that ver 0.56 ?
Nibiru: What about the Group C (race version)? That has different physics and engine
ttb57: the original version does but not the group c
Nibiru: thanks ttb57 I thought that was the case
ttb57: U gotta treat the original much nicer...lol
DisengageNZ: So you have to treat them like a person that is easily offended these days? I don't agree with what I said but brings a car management factor I don't see very much in sim racing
Nibiru: YES good analogy
Rookie: You guys trying out the Legends tonight 11/9/17
Nibiru: Yeah
flyfisho: Whens the lx and falcon up to download. Im drooling
Nibiru: Obbzy has the falcons so when he's got the engines done? I'll give him the LX and Z28 after that
paps: Pm Nib
SmellySkidmark: Obbzy PM m8
SmellySkidmark: Bentley Continental GT3 announced as the next GT3 car to be released by Studio 397
SmellySkidmark: V8 Supercars @ Sandown TONIGHT
SmellySkidmark: Server 3 now has the Charger 0.57, for round 2 @ Calder Park
Nibiru: Make that Server 3 now has Charger v 0.58, for round 2 @ Calder Park
Nibiru: fingers crossed SS 8)
SmellySkidmark: yeap it's fixed :)
Nibiru: Might be late tonight. The boys birthday
HITMAN: Great night last night guys totally enjoyed it can't wait for Bathurst
SmellySkidmark: I had a shocker last nite, ya get that
SmellySkidmark: The wait is over V8 Supercars @ Bathurst LOTR server 1 ready for practice
Darrell: Was on last night running HQ's & Charger's around Bathurst ... Great Fun.... Cockpit view is just like i remember my HQ. Great Job Nib.
Pinky Pete: hey obbzy
Obbzy: Yo Pete. How's it going?
Obbzy: Remember! This Monday, TCRs (Brock VL, VK & Skyline) @ NOLA Track C... :)
Nibiru: New PM Paps
paps: Back at ya..
Nibiru: That should be fixed to paps
paps: :)
Obbzy: Ouch... «check this»
Nibiru: some update at AL site
Nibiru: all cars
Obbzy: TCRs (VK, Brock VL & Skyline) @ NOLA Track C TONIGHT. :)

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