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  • =Fieldzy='s Avatar
    24 Feb 2017 19:23
    I'll help if you want. I did the physic in my v8 mod so more than happy to help if you need me. Cheers
  • Papaosa's Avatar
    There's a week off fom the GTC series, before we head to Bathurst for the first mini Enduro of the season on the 3rd of March. So Tonight we'll be running a fun night of racing with the awesome R35-Godzilla mod at Bathurst to keep everyone Gee'd...
  • ZED's Avatar
    19 Feb 2017 08:34
    Thanks for looking at that SS....fair enough, although I don't remember any warnings before then. :unsure: On the wheel stand, I just went thru the server replay and it wasn't there, :whistle: must have been a lag issue for just me. Come to...
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    12 Feb 2017 13:18
    G'day Cage. Welcome to XFactor. If you need help setting up rFactor 2, just jump on TeamSpeak and someone should be able to give you a hand. See ya on track... :drive:
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    05 Feb 2017 22:27
    Now that's cool, great werk Nib SS
  • Johnsxr8's Avatar
    12 Jan 2017 20:48
    Welcome aboard Redrum. Great group of guys here, look forward to seeing you out on track

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Nibiru: Thanks Dis
Nibiru: Anyone want there name down on the new modding forum? PM me I have asked to be signed up but it also asked for names of your team.
-=DFG=-RaTeD: can i chuck my name down for skin design
SmellySkidmark: Race Server 2 now has FVR V8s ver 6.5 @ Road America, check forum for details
Nibiru: Are you registered on the sudio397 forum Rated? I will need your username on the forum
-=DFG=-RaTeD: yeah i am registed nib my user name is RaTeDy3m
SmellySkidmark: V8 supercars tonight @ Road America
Nibiru: Rated check your pm over at studio397
-=DFG=-RaTeD: will do nib
Boldaussie: Hey SS, was bump steer. Will be adjusted for next build
SmellySkidmark: I gotta say with this release of the FVR's they rollover fairly easy
SmellySkidmark: Boldaussie congrats mate on the bump steer, I just read your posts over at FVR, glad to see they are still listening and tring things.
Boldaussie: At first glance they haven't changed much from previous builds, including the bump steer which has been at least since 6.0
Boldaussie: I can't comment on if they are different as haven't driven them before this release
Boldaussie: Thanks SS, pays to be a sticky nose. :) I always check out the hdv and pm files
SmellySkidmark: Well that would be because they didn't know that it maybe incorrect what they have in place till someone tells them, I got them to make a few changes that are in this build
Boldaussie: I do enjoy the range of adjustment available
Boldaussie: After the esegt mod these are heaven in that regard, not all grip from just the tyres either
SmellySkidmark: yes it does make a big difference, they are easier to tune now
Boldaussie: Having practice tonight?.. bt44 soon for me
SmellySkidmark: i probably won't be on tonite, will be tomorrow nite tho
Boldaussie: I've decided I should practice a little bit before a race... a bit each day...famous last words....
SmellySkidmark: I'd guess that disengaged may be on tonite in BT44's he's killin it with the
SmellySkidmark: err them
Boldaussie: He puts the time in and has plenty of talent...you have to have someone to keep you honest
SmellySkidmark: yes, he was getting very fast in the USF2000's, he likes the open wheelers
Boldaussie: I have to admit I am partial to them myself....I'm much better with them than the tintops
SmellySkidmark: I never used to like em that much, although I do like driving the BT20 and Skipbarber
SmellySkidmark: BT20 @ Spa 66 is my fav
Boldaussie: I haven't done any real historics to date. They don't forgive the many mistakes I make every corner...
SmellySkidmark: lol
SmellySkidmark: the tyres aren't that great either but it's the same fer everyone
Boldaussie: That's the good thing about light weight and lotsa aero. You really can't stuff up that badly unless you have much talent for it as I do.......
Boldaussie: Anyhow, better go practice or the mrs will want me to do something I'd prefer not to...LOL
SmellySkidmark: lol have fun, cya tomoz
SmellySkidmark: «check this»

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