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DisengageNZ: Good racing all, was bloody good fun
DisengageNZ: Unfortunetly the world has lost a great motocycle race in Nicky Hayden
Obbzy: RIP Nicky Hayden :_(
DisengageNZ: A tribute from MotoGP «check this»
DisengageNZ: Hey smelly, are you able to provide the replays from the server? Having issues getting all the skins to properly show
SmellySkidmark: Done, my man. hope you can find them lol
DisengageNZ: Let me guess TS, a channel browser and possibly a folder? If not im a dork
SmellySkidmark: BINGO
SmellySkidmark: thats fer the first part not the latter
DisengageNZ: We can go with boyh
DisengageNZ: Both*
SmellySkidmark: lol, well I was trying to be nice
DisengageNZ: Nice aye? Haha I know life is a bit more fun with some odd humour
DisengageNZ: Cheers SS they worked
Obbzy: Servers 4 & 5 now have DX11 compliant tracks & mods.
Server 4 has the Howston G6 @ Silverstone GT
Server 5 has the BTCC Civic @ Toban 24hr... :D
Nibiru: Obbzy «check this»
Obbzy: Server 5 EnduRacers v1.5 @ Toban 24Hr
Nibiru: DX11 dashboard overlay «check this»
Nibiru: anyone want to test Sandown?
SmellySkidmark: hmmm, let me think about it....
SmellySkidmark: Hell Yeah
DisengageNZ: Why not?
SmellySkidmark: Dis TS mf
DisengageNZ: This is how DX11 version of Sandown looks for me «check this»
DisengageNZ: that is also taken from the 4th server
SmellySkidmark: Dis here's a couple «check this»
SmellySkidmark: «check this»|2048:857&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A857&background-color=black
SmellySkidmark: «check this»|2048:857&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A857&background-color=black
SmellySkidmark: «check this»|2048:857&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A857&background-color=black
DisengageNZ: I thought a video would be better for Nib to know how it looks in moving motion from my end
SmellySkidmark: I just watched your vid, with no shadows at all, just thought I'd show ya what a 980 can doo bro
SmellySkidmark: did u zoom in on the last pic, look at the mirrors :)
SmellySkidmark: And the colour of the wall fer Obbzy
DisengageNZ: the left mirror looks a tad bright but that could be me, looks like its emitting more light than what is hitting it
Obbzy: Yeah, it looks fairly similar there Disengage. I compared with Toban & Toban's walls weren't quite as bright & the wall texture shows through more so it also helps make it look less bright. The guard rails also shine a little too much in places. The rest of the track is looking good though. On reflection, the pits are pretty close (perhaps extra shadow to contrast???).
Nibiru: V1.7 out now for testing. Fixed some of your issues

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