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    Results for the series Well done to, well err me, I nailed it, lol. :frt: Congratulations to RobZee on your 2nd place :beach: and well done Nibiru on your 3rd :drive: Thank you to everyone who raced with us in this short but very...
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    UPDATE 19/11/17 BMWM3 gauge needles fixed http://www.mediafire.com/file/u2xvwopkkbr59mx/TCR_BMWM3_v042.rfcmp BMW 635 - Albedo maps (philrob) http://www.mediafire.com/file/rk5rki668n1hw61/TCR_BMW_635_v042.rfcmp TWR - Albedo maps (philrob), fixed...
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    16 Nov 2017 13:17
    Version 1.02 http://www.mediafire.com/file/s44m6qzedwrccd7/Zolder2016dx11.rfcmp
  • Obbzy's Avatar
    15 Nov 2017 03:28
  • Nibiru's Avatar
    14 Nov 2017 23:15
    If you have win10 you can now get Forza 6 for free https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/p/forza-motorsport-6-apex/9nblggh3shm7?SilentAuth=1&wa=wsignin1.0
  • SmellySkidmark's Avatar
    13 Nov 2017 03:53
    Results for Calder Park SS

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Rookie: thx Paps
Obbzy: Round 14 of the Lord of the RIMS V8Supercar Championship @ Pukekohe.... TONIGHT. :)
Chrisrx: finally got an oculus and have been mucking around with the aussie legends. so much harder to drive with VR. lesser graphics too
nipzon: Hey guys, how can I change my vehicle name to anything other than virtual ride?
nipzon: I am loving my rift with the V8’s and the legends.
JFF Scotty: Hi guys, everytime i try to dl the LX Torana, it fails...any clues? all the others came down alright, its just the Torry I have a problem with. appreciate any help, cheers. :)
SmellySkidmark: Hiya Scotty, have you tried to join server4 ? it should DL anything you don't have already, and it'll be the current files
JFF Scotty: I will try that, thanks Smelly
JFF Scotty: I keep getting "Package not available" when trying to join server 4
SmellySkidmark: I'm just testing the DL from AL site
SmellySkidmark: gettin 2.5MB/sec
SmellySkidmark: DL'ed ok fer me
JFF Scotty: Like i say, its only the toeana that is giving me grief, everything else works as it should
JFF Scotty: i will try again
SmellySkidmark: Can u jump onto xfactors TS?
JFF Scotty: whats the pass
SmellySkidmark: FUN in caps
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
Obbzy: Round 4 of the TCR Series in either the Volvo 240T, BMW 635 or Rover Vitesse @ Calder Park... TONIGHT... :)
SmellySkidmark: Virtual hotlap of Newcastle street circuit «check this»
SmellySkidmark: PM Nib
Nibiru: Thanks 1 back
Rookie: is there a version of Newy available yet SS
Nibiru: Not yet FVR is doing it I heard
Rookie: Thx Nib
Nibiru: PM SS and new Torana to test
SmellySkidmark: Back at ya
Obbzy: FINAL Round of the Charger E49 Series @ Bathurst... TONIGHT. :)
Obbzy: Another fantastic Aussies Legends video from Paps. «check this»
paps: haha.. Thanks Obbzy,
paps: Did ya watch it to the end? ...there's was abit of after race shenanigans going on at Calder that night! :P
Obbzy: Yeah, sure did Paps. Excellent stuff. Was gonna come on, but got online too late... :(
SmellySkidmark: Here's a preview of FVR's Newcastle V8 Supercar track in RF1 «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Assetto Corsa: The New V8 Supercars review «check this»
Nibiru: Server 3 all cars updated

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