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25-6 2:32:45 Sputnik_inc Oh yeahhhhh
23-6 21:38:24 Goanna FDG Raceday, WTCC’s at Crofts, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
17-6 10:54:44 OR~ShiftyLynel Found my framerate issue is happening because of the RC build. Is anyone else having issues?
16-6 22:38:30 Goanna FDG Raceday, testing BTCC mod and Brands Indy layout
16-6 12:40:44 Package Great racing again last night guys thanks everyone! Also I have just found out the reason for my poor performance was my brake was sitting at 1% during 1st and 2nd race randomly. I encourage everyone to check their brake and accelerator in the driver settings as there might be a reason your not on pace! It cost me over a second per lap.
12-6 8:56:09 Dug O.O
12-6 8:56:01 Dug Caught between two dimensions
11-6 12:31:10 SmellySkidmark So we have decided to update the server to the newest build "v1125 Release Candidate". So you will need to update to this RC to join the server. You have to do it via the steam client.
10-6 22:07:38 Goanna RC has been updated to v1125 => «check this»
9-6 21:01:19 Goanna FDG Raceday, WTCC’s at Silverstone Intl, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
3-6 10:07:36 Sputnik_inc Cheers Smelly
3-6 10:06:31 SmellySkidmark I'm still on the "Release Candidate", although I think it's the same as the common release now? till they do some testing
3-6 8:52:05 Sputnik_inc Under Beta's.. what do i select to be on the same as everyone else? many thanks
3-6 6:08:07 Obbzy Interesting! «check this»
2-6 20:45:20 Goanna FDG Raceday, final round V8's at Barbagallo, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
2-6 5:21:38 FalconEL Intense racing last night all, very high quality of hard but fair racing. Awesome stuff. Love Mosport!
31-5 9:55:28 SmellySkidmark Full track Rick
30-5 1:04:27 Package Is the Le mans in this series full circuit or bugatti?
27-5 21:46:00 Goanna Check what one user has done to the rF2 UI….nice but downside is it’ll break as soon as S397 do an update… => «check this»
26-5 19:46:29 Goanna FDG Raceday, WTCC Round 2..Qually at 8:30pm AEST
26-5 9:12:53 Package Was a great battle shifty, no need to apologise, racing happens.
25-5 22:11:02 OR~ShiftyLynel Great racing again last night xFactor! Awesome race craft throughout the field. Sorry to Dug and Rickpack for the part I played in the last lap crash in race 1.
24-5 7:04:14 JFF-JOE GT3's @ JFF tonight Qual at 8pm
19-5 20:42:10 Goanna FDG Raceday, v8’s at Hidden Valley, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
19-5 13:27:54 KoiL G'man thanks for the new WTCC round at FDG last Thursday night mate. I think Stitch was riding with me, had a blast. Cheers' :-
19-5 2:50:12 Obbzy Need to activate "quiet hours" in your setting Dug, so Windows doesn't do silly things like updates while your racing.
I have my "quiet hours" set between 6pm & 1am. It can update all it likes out of "racing hours". Lol
19-5 2:14:06 Dug computer decided to update on me last night gents, got fired back up but then it restarted again in safe mode. Had to walk away all seems ok today will see what happens..
18-5 6:30:45 SmellySkidmark want to win the $1millon Maloo «check this»
17-5 7:02:08 JFF-JOE Qual @ 8pm
17-5 7:01:45 JFF-JOE JFF 8 round GT3 Champ starts tonight... All welcome
12-5 21:16:06 Goanna FDG Raceday, WTCC Round 1 at Oulton Park. Qually at 8:30pm AEST
12-5 10:39:59 FalconEL No apology required Shifty. I took myself out. You gave me room, I put myself up on the kerb and it won't turn with wheels in the air!
12-5 7:13:03 OR~ShiftyLynel Great race again last night xFactor! Apologies CD for turning you around through the chicane, it was a bit of an opportunistic move and I'm not sure I gave you enough space. It was a great battle up to that point too!
12-5 4:59:14 KoiL Top round last night xFactor. Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 car tussle in R2 with Wayno & Rickster, thanks guy's.
11-5 22:46:00 FalconEL Great racing last night at Magny Cours! Apologies to Rickpack, didn't mean to escort you wide at the second last corner in race 2, the move was on but was probably a bit sloppy. Still bloody awesome racing though.
5-5 21:22:34 Goanna FDG Raceday V8's At Townsville Qually at 8:30pm AEST
28-4 20:32:42 Goanna FDG Race Day, Tatuus Challenge final round, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
27-4 23:05:03 Obbzy Couldn't make last night sorry. Unwell again! At least it's not Covid (did the test)... O.O
23-4 7:22:19 ReaperNZ *GT3`s
23-4 7:21:52 ReaperNZ GT#`s tonite & every friday nite on the FridayniteFun server... see you there :D
21-4 19:43:30 Goanna FDG Raceday - V8's at Eastern Creek. Qually @ 8:30pm AEST
19-4 9:10:39 ReaperNZ i am in desperate need of a team mate for the 6hr race at Spa this weekend with OR racing... PM me.
17-4 16:52:54 ReaperNZ Howdy all , JFF has changed Friday Nite Fun server cars to S397 GT3`s , everyone is loving the change so guess we`ll see ya all there.
14-4 20:42:22 Goanna Raceday, Tatuus USF-17 @ Indianapolis Road Course. Qually @ 8:30pm AEST
13-4 6:41:41 SmellySkidmark Bloody mainlanders!
13-4 5:13:23 Obbzy Have guests over from the big Island, so I won't be on tonight. Have fun...
12-4 6:22:44 Mike Just a heads up, the latest New UI v 3.2 is not stable, it stuffed my install.
7-4 20:36:27 Goanna FDG Raceday, V8's at Winton. Qually at 8:30pm AEST
6-4 0:20:10 Sputnik_inc Also not going to make tonight guys.. but please enjoy and have fun :D
5-4 22:22:40 OR~ShiftyLynel Not going to make it to the first race of the season tonight :( Hope it's a good one and will catch you all next week
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