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23-2 3:26:33 knackers Thanks mate, I spotted that earlier. Appreciate the help.
22-2 22:15:59 SmellySkidmark It's in the Forums, the big blue strip. TS3 DETAILS

server address =

22-2 11:29:10 knackers Hi Smelly, I was wondering where I find the teamspeak login details. I have been searching the website but to no avail.
22-2 0:21:00 SmellySkidmark Don't forget to remove all your old vmods in ModMgr before you join the server
22-2 0:14:58 SmellySkidmark Server updated & GT3 cars updated
21-2 23:54:53 knackers Thanks Smelly. Done a few races with this league a few years back and realy really enjoyed it, and the members. A few life events kinda got in the way but thats all sorted now. Keen to give it a crack again.
21-2 22:33:31 SmellySkidmark G'day knackers, welcome aboard
21-2 21:43:20 knackers Hi there, just joined up and looking forward to being involved.
21-2 12:23:41 salvo Ciao a tutti mi chiamo Salvo sono entrato in questo portale con la speranza di divertimi con rfactor 2.
21-2 12:14:39 FalconEL Apologies to Supa for the touch at the final corner in Race 1, I was waiting for you so I could redress again but you quit. You had good pace to that point, so thanks for the racing.
21-2 11:36:08 OR~ShiftyLynel Hey Monroe, sorry about that pit stop mate. Those pit boxes are way too close! Hopefully it didn't hold you up too much
20-2 12:28:57 salvo gt3
20-2 12:28:49 salvo come si fa a iscriversi al campionato gt2?
20-2 11:02:26 KoiL Loved the Series Rick, Thanks for running it. Well done all who took part :-)
20-2 6:06:01 Package «check this»
20-2 6:05:58 Package Congrats to RIckpack, Sputnik_inc and Koil who were our place getters in the championship.
20-2 5:22:43 Package Thank you to everyone who participated in another awesome racing series. We tried some different approaches and some new tracks that we have not raced at Xfactor. I really hope everyone enjoyed the series and the Mod, please comment below on what you enjoyed or even what you did not enjoy.
18-2 22:28:14 SmellySkidmark Live Coverage from Sandown «check this»
14-2 23:05:08 SmellySkidmark byebye RobertTon
13-2 6:03:38 RobZee Ya can take the boy out of QLD, but ........
13-2 2:21:37 Package Everyone get excited for racing at the famous Townsville track tomorrow night. I know I am.
10-2 9:14:51 Dug Strange i can see the Merc
8-2 11:21:56 RobZee NEW series with the updated GT 3's, starting 21st February. «check this»
8-2 0:43:09 Package Ok bathurst back on
8-2 0:16:34 Package Sorry scrap that - back to Pittsburg.
8-2 0:05:30 Package The practice server for the GT3 series has been updated to Bathurst. This is so everyone can test the GT3's with setups they already have and test new ones.
7-2 22:38:18 SmellySkidmark GT3 practice server is up
6-2 23:05:59 Dug You guys have probably already seen it but your votes are valued..
6-2 23:05:02 Dug «check this»
31-1 2:12:55 SmellySkidmark Are you wanting some, I've got extra on order if you need some
31-1 0:08:07 FalconEL You clicked on it didn't you Smelly. Lifetime supply of herbal viagra heading your way!
29-1 20:07:09 SmellySkidmark Don't click those links... bye bye Buy-Soft-mit
25-1 3:39:34 RobZee For the moment anyway
25-1 3:11:27 RobZee There is an issue with the advertised track (Bahrain) for the final round of the GT1's. Track has been changed to Oulten Park
18-1 22:25:59 FalconEL Hi all, FYI, we've changed from next Tuesday's FIA GT1 Summer Series track from Snetterton 300 back to the Snetterton 200 layout. Cheers, CD.
10-1 6:47:48 SmellySkidmark Hiya Shifty, it's 9pm edst or 8pm fer u blokes in Qld
10-1 3:00:38 OR~ShiftyLynel Hey all, just wanted to confirm qualy time tonight, as there was a discrepancy between a couple of posts. Hoping to make it to this one
5-1 4:52:33 Mike OK. Thanks S S.
3-1 20:56:19 SmellySkidmark Mike & Monroe we have turned on Traction Control & ABS on the server, please try them to see if they help with these cars in the Summer Series, the hot keys are F8 & F9 I think
31-12 23:59:38 Goanna Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have a safe, healthy and prosperous 2023.
30-12 0:38:42 ZED hey all... might join you for this seiries
27-12 7:21:12 Package Round one of the GT1 series starts tonight for 6 rounds. 1x 15 minute race with reverse top ten from qualifying, then 1x 30 min race with the grid in qualifying order. Double points for the second race.
26-12 0:32:41 Obbzy Been a while, but Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all you good people.
25-12 23:34:16 Mike hope you all have a Merry Christmas
25-12 2:29:45 Dug Merry Christmas All
22-12 0:53:30 RobZee «check this»
22-12 0:52:50 RobZee A short 6 week Summer series is starting on Tuesday, 27th December. The mod is the FIA GT1's, hosted by Rickpack and Chris Donnelly. All welcome to drop in for a drive (and a drink) over the holdays!.a
22-12 0:45:46 RobZee Congratulations to Chris Donnelly, Rickpack and SS on their podiums in the Mitsubishi Evo series!
These cars were insane, but also a lot of fun. producing some very close racing right across the field.
Bad luck for Sputnik, who was plagued by technical issues throughout the series.
Thank you to everyone that competed to make this series a very enjoyable one. «check this»
14-12 0:40:22 SmellySkidmark PM Rickpack
12-12 21:11:48 SmellySkidmark Thanks GD
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