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19-5 1:11:15 SmellySkidmark Thanks Goanna
18-5 22:18:46 Goanna A fix for the broken rF2 fix came out overnight
17-5 23:04:53 Goanna They announced it about 11pm last night, so if you did the update before then you should be safe. Apparently the crash is happening when going to race whether natural flow or using the got to race command.
17-5 22:25:51 SmellySkidmark Thanks Goanna, I did an update last night, I think it was before the newest update was released.
17-5 21:29:14 Goanna There’s been a hotfix update overnight, wouldn’t recommend updating servers at this point, been a few reports of server’s crashing
6-5 8:11:09 SmellySkidmark All 4 Mike
6-5 3:50:34 Mike In the new series 2, do you have to change front and back tyres or only one or the other?
4-5 10:03:07 Package Please be aware next season starts at 8:30pm AEST not 9pm. If anyone has any issues and cant make it please let me know.
3-5 6:47:56 SmellySkidmark try server 2
3-5 6:29:20 SmellySkidmark Hi Koil
3-5 4:48:17 KoiL Hi Rick,
3-5 0:24:18 RobZee Series 2 of the GT3's starting Tuesday, 9th May «check this»
21-4 9:19:21 SmellySkidmark It's the paid version of Croft it's $11 on Steam «check this»
20-4 21:51:53 FalconEL Having some drama with Croft not loading properly gents, can I get you to check this out for us Smelly/Rob?
18-4 12:52:37 Package Apologies Or-Duke for the 1st race I was a bit aggressive around the outside of the last corner. I thought I was giving room but in the replay It didn't appear so.
13-4 23:12:05 SmellySkidmark err Server updated too
13-4 23:11:44 SmellySkidmark Derver updated to 1133
7-4 3:10:42 Package Due to track issues we have moved the next round of the GT3's to Buddh GP track. This has been the site of the Indian Grand prix so should make some great racing.
7-4 1:44:09 Dug Very informative James, Cheers
4-4 7:47:59 knackers Evening Gents, travelling home from interstate with work and not going to get home in time to race. Have a great night and a top easter.
4-4 1:13:36 OR~ShiftyLynel Thanks Rickpack, see you tonight!
31-3 12:45:43 Package Hey Shifty - it stays as 9pm AEST for Qually
31-3 4:06:52 OR~ShiftyLynel Hey guys, any change to qualy start time with daylight saving ending this weekend, or keeping things as they are?
21-3 8:10:38 Mike If you're doing tonights race,21 March, make sure you start early. rF2 wiil update,slowly.
20-3 11:06:33 SmellySkidmark If you have problems getting onto the server uninstall the mod, then try the server again
20-3 4:01:25 SmellySkidmark Server updated, again
20-3 3:37:00 SmellySkidmark Thanks Goanna
20-3 2:41:10 Goanna just a version number change, so that all are on same version
20-3 0:58:17 Goanna The GT3's that weren't updated the other day have been updated....all GT3's now v3.58/3.59
17-3 21:06:10 SmellySkidmark Server updated with latest BOP on the GT3s
16-3 23:09:20 SmellySkidmark All good Shifty, you can drop 1 round in the series
16-3 21:59:20 OR~ShiftyLynel Going to miss this Tuesday. Have a great race all and catch you at the next one!
16-3 20:46:11 SmellySkidmark Server updated
8-3 2:25:48 knackers Had a great night. Im not sure if its the same issue as Robzee but got disconnected. If anyone works what causes the issue let me know. Cant wait for next Tuesday now. Really enjoying it here.
8-3 2:03:48 Package Sorry to hear that knackers. Glad you had a great night!
7-3 11:19:51 knackers Got booted or disconnected from the server somehow at the start of race 2. Had a top time though. Thanks for the great racing tonight fellas.
6-3 22:41:21 SmellySkidmark The server has been updated for tonights race
6-3 9:27:16 KoiL cheers
4-3 23:50:31 SmellySkidmark Live coverage from Phillip Island «check this»
2-3 10:16:29 Package We are all here to have fun and we want as many people on the grid as possible racing fast and clean.
2-3 10:15:54 Package Remember if there are any issues during a race, please try and discuss it with the fellow racer involved. If there are issues arising please send through a message to admin to resolve
2-3 10:12:52 Package Any issues please ask for help
2-3 10:12:38 Package This Weeks GT3 track is the paid version of Long Beach. You will have to purchase if from Steam store. Once you have purchased it you will have to go into the game - content and settings - manage content - store content - search for Long beach - click on Long beach - press install button to the right. It does not install automatically, you have to do it manually.
28-2 20:37:15 Kazkkesvoine interesting for a very long time
28-2 4:22:31 SmellySkidmark Round 3 of the GT3 series is at Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit. This is the new release from S397 and is available from «check this»
23-2 3:26:33 knackers Thanks mate, I spotted that earlier. Appreciate the help.
22-2 22:15:59 SmellySkidmark It's in the Forums, the big blue strip. TS3 DETAILS

server address =

22-2 11:29:10 knackers Hi Smelly, I was wondering where I find the teamspeak login details. I have been searching the website but to no avail.
22-2 0:21:00 SmellySkidmark Don't forget to remove all your old vmods in ModMgr before you join the server
22-2 0:14:58 SmellySkidmark Server updated & GT3 cars updated
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