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16-11 23:18:25 SmellySkidmark Server updated still build 1131
7-11 22:41:13 SmellySkidmark Server has been updated to the newest build 1131, (betas = None)
6-11 0:20:51 SmellySkidmark Opps thats Saturday, heres Sunday live «check this»
5-11 22:07:00 SmellySkidmark LIVE coverage from Sandown «check this»
4-11 21:54:15 SmellySkidmark Server updated to the RC 1131
1-11 8:44:37 SmellySkidmark TS is down for a bit, use Outlaws TS tonight
27-10 10:54:41 SmellySkidmark The server is back 1130 AGAIN! Still got setup issues
27-10 2:32:08 SmellySkidmark Thanks Goanna I was just about to Quote you
27-10 2:26:27 Goanna Temp workaround to have setups showing in MP. Start rF2 and go to SP and assign a setup to your car.... Join server and setups should be available (can save/assign/delete etc). Downside is you'll need to do this every time you want to join a server
26-10 23:30:32 SmellySkidmark Server is updated to the current release candidate 1131, for testing
19-10 12:08:47 SmellySkidmark Rolled the server back to 1130, due to setup issues
19-10 1:02:47 SmellySkidmark Server is updated to the current release candidate 1131
18-10 2:40:42 SmellySkidmark We're not changing to the Release Candidate today with a race tonight. Probably tomorrow or the day after
17-10 9:11:49 SmellySkidmark Thx GrimDad
17-10 7:47:01 GrimDad links removed
16-10 9:34:05 SmellySkidmark I wouldn't try those links. Bye Bye Renkcigexcacy
7-10 0:54:02 Mike Thanks SS, now I can do my usual paddock excursions.
6-10 22:12:37 SmellySkidmark Mike, I've turned down the cut track system, I hope it's better now
6-10 1:17:25 Mike invalidatING. sorry, I'm very old O.O
6-10 1:15:06 Mike I think the track limits are a little bit too severe on the Argentinian track. I did several laps certainly within the limits compared to the prvious track and it kept invalidated my times. ( ? )
3-10 22:08:44 SmellySkidmark We are going to move Qualify to 9pm from the start of daylight saving
28-9 13:26:34 RobZee «check this»
28-9 2:04:33 RobZee [color=orange][size=4]Congratulations to Rickpack, Chris Donnelly and Sputnik on their podiums![/size][/color]

Rick produced an unprecedented performance, winning 20 from 21 races!
However, positions 2 & 3, 4 & 5 and 6 & 7 were only decided in the final race at Sebring.
Thank you to all that took part in this series.
25-9 21:46:23 SmellySkidmark thanks GrimDad again
18-9 10:22:57 RobZee New Series beginning Tuesday 4th October with the Mitsubishi Evo. A change of pace for the final series of the year. «check this»
18-9 6:42:48 SmellySkidmark PM Package
18-9 0:43:21 Package Hey mate whats up?
17-9 11:45:49 SmellySkidmark Goodo, jump on TS if ya see this 7 min after yours
17-9 11:38:20 Package Oulten park - you hit me in the feels SS
16-9 10:56:38 SmellySkidmark Quick change of venue for Tuesdays race due to a shit track...
13-9 13:21:15 SmellySkidmark thanks GrimDad
12-9 21:11:24 GrimDad link removed
12-9 10:17:21 SmellySkidmark I wouldn't click that link
8-8 12:08:19 SmellySkidmark The new build is out, you'll need to opt out of the beta and load NONE to join the server
6-8 23:42:51 SmellySkidmark Live feed Winton Festival Of Speed Historic Racing «check this»
24-7 10:01:04 SmellySkidmark bye larry
20-7 4:57:05 SmellySkidmark you will need to update to the release candidate 1130 to join the servers
13-7 21:10:26 Goanna WTCC Rnd 6 tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
29-6 21:15:14 Goanna FDG WTCC champ Rnd5 tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
29-6 3:08:01 SmellySkidmark Yes as always it's been a very competitive series, and a new series is just about to start. «check this»
29-6 3:02:15 FalconEL Cheers for another terrific season all, great fun. To those that use the BMW next season, enjoy! Will try to keep up with you! :)
29-6 2:58:01 RobZee Series 2 completed...congratulations to Chris Donnelly, RickPack and SS on their podiums.
Thank you to all participants for yet another competitive and enjoyable series! «check this»
24-6 23:01:09 SmellySkidmark It's in these forums as well, but it's in 1 large file «check this»
24-6 10:37:01 Ashton I was wondering if one of u guys could give us a hand with downloadin that aussie legends mod
22-6 22:05:41 SmellySkidmark see ya round Rickeymooft NOT
22-6 12:13:40 SmellySkidmark Probably the easiest way to have Kyalami is to subscribe from «check this»
20-6 23:33:07 RobZee Information on the next GT3 Series (3) «check this»
20-6 22:57:00 SmellySkidmark server updated
19-6 1:12:31 SmellySkidmark bye bye domasver
16-6 3:23:04 FalconEL Roger.
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