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16-6 3:12:20 SmellySkidmark ahh yep IOM is now v2.00 uninstall previous ver before you join the server, it'll DL from there or grab it from TS
15-6 22:14:25 FalconEL Did we change Isle of Man versions lads?
15-6 21:19:05 Goanna FDG WTCC Rnd 4 raceday, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
6-6 12:16:23 FBruno73 SS good man! Hope you doing good mate! I think I'll try the mod first. Cheers!
6-6 10:04:59 SmellySkidmark Hiya FBruno, that series is hosted by another group FDG, they have posts in our forum if you haven't found it yet.
5-6 23:55:16 FBruno73 Hey quick and sexy people! Miss you! So, WTCC?? Would like to check dates and try to join. Where can I find more info? Cheers!
2-6 23:11:55 StanDaam Cheers Grim! :)
2-6 17:23:13 GrimDad Sorry StanDaam I will leave it there next time you post ;)
2-6 7:12:18 StanDaam My post was funnier when there was 3 pages of Russian spam above it... :P
2-6 2:37:06 StanDaam Looks like Dug has been drinkin and posting shouts again!
1-6 21:56:38 Goanna Rnd 3 WTCC Challenge tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
1-6 8:02:59 SmellySkidmark WalterClect lol ju iz gon
18-5 20:48:03 Goanna WTCC Rnd 2 tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
10-5 6:05:29 SmellySkidmark Server updated
4-5 21:39:57 Goanna FDG’s WTCC Rnd 1 starts tonight, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
1-5 23:30:00 HITMAN guys WTCC server is back and running first round thursday night 8:30 quaily. all information on FDG Discord new TS
29-4 23:38:21 SmellySkidmark off with their head!
27-4 7:57:14 HITMAN guy just to let you know WTCC round 1 has been posponed til Thursday 5th May due to the server being hacked
25-4 23:54:47 HITMAN Guys headsup WTCC championship starts this Thurday FDG every 2 weeks with prize money $100 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd
19-4 12:22:18 Mike Apologies to Monroe and Frank, both of you were ahead of me, seperate incidents. Almost took SS out on the last lap, but he made it through. PHEW.
18-4 13:18:42 RobZee Round 3 of the GT3 series tonight (Tuesday). You will need the Release Candidate updated on Steam. Steam client > rf2 > properties > betas > Release Candidate
18-4 0:47:18 SmellySkidmark Web page «check this»
18-4 0:46:38 SmellySkidmark Derek's ABC interview «check this»
14-4 7:21:05 SmellySkidmark You will have to update to the latest BETA to join the server
14-4 6:13:11 SmellySkidmark Server updated
8-4 6:13:19 SmellySkidmark u suk Williamled, bye bye
5-4 22:13:16 HITMAN thanks for last night been a while since racing i dont know what was going on evertime i got close to cars i was getting micro freezes in the game
5-4 3:45:05 FalconEL Thanks for the trophy Rob and to you and Smelly for another great xFactor series. Looking forward to season 2 starting tonight!
4-4 3:19:08 EAO_wayno Hitman the track is paid content from steam. If you don't have the BMW M4 GT3 car you should get the pack with the track and car in it, it's about $19
3-4 23:23:50 HITMAN Where do i get the track for tuesday night race
1-4 5:04:38 SmellySkidmark CSJ if you see this, you need to pick another car you've used the BMW already
30-3 6:14:38 Package Thanks for the trophy Xfactor. And thanks for the racing and organisation of the series!
30-3 3:52:07 Frank Well done podium winners .
30-3 0:35:19 RobZee Another competitive and enjoyable series has been decided. Thank you to all that took part!

Congratulations to the podium of OR~KRIS, RICKPACK and CHRIS DONNELLY. «check this»
27-3 6:13:10 SmellySkidmark No server access till tomorrow
27-3 1:02:18 SmellySkidmark U suk TravisSap bye bye MF
26-3 6:41:14 TravisSap «check this»
25-3 3:07:33 RobZee Rick, should be OK now
24-3 23:35:46 Package Smelly and Rob the results server is down and I cant acess it.
17-3 4:54:02 Obbzy Don't think you'll need to monitor Assen for cuts!!! The cut track warnings are brutal....
16-3 0:57:51 RobZee Details of the next GT3 Series (2) «check this»
8-3 11:34:32 SmellySkidmark Apologies to Ant for Race 2, back of the grid fer me.
25-2 7:16:19 fez fixed, cheers SS
25-2 7:02:13 SmellySkidmark Goto Assign controls, the change brake/acc to a key on the KB. Then re-assign to your pedal. that should werk
25-2 6:58:19 SmellySkidmark jump on TS
25-2 6:56:58 fez no fix as yet, i might have to have a chat to fanatec
25-2 5:03:43 SmellySkidmark did you fix it fez?
25-2 1:17:50 fez apparently my pedal wants to sit on 1%in the calibration screen in rf, tried recal in game, out of game reload drivers etc, nothin seams to work. any ideas?
16-2 11:17:10 RobZee Unfortunately Round 4 @ Deep Forest has had to be dropped from this series due to only 3 garages accepting cars. Replacement track will be Highlands MSP.
15-2 22:02:42 RobZee Results for last night's races at Donington are «check this»
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