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12-2 8:20:22 RobZee Welcome Mr. Magoo! Free downloads are available when you click at the top of the web site. Meanwhile, get yourself a mic and headphones and download Team Speak 3. We can then talk to you about any help you may need.
12-2 3:11:55 Mr Magoo This looks like the place for an old Newbie to get into some xFactor racing. Love the Aussie Classic cars . Where do I ask for clues on openning the downloads? Cheers, All.
12-2 3:09:51 Mr Magoo Hi there,
10-2 21:48:34 Goanna FDG Race day, V8's at Bathurst, 8:30pm qually (AEDST)
10-2 4:11:34 fez pm Rob, SS, Obbz
9-2 23:15:50 OR~ShiftyLynel Thanks for an awesome night of racing XFactor. Had an absolute ball and can’t wait until next week
9-2 5:09:30 SmellySkidmark Come on Bam, it's not my favorite track but I'll be there
8-2 1:20:33 ausbambam wont be racing tomorrow night. that track is hooooorible. hahaha. just going to stress me out. see you all next week.
8-2 1:20:08 ausbambam never mind. apparently i had tried to force it to run a beta version. i got in.
8-2 0:42:10 ausbambam trying to log onto the server. ive updated to V1121 but the server keeps saying different version and wont let me on. please help
8-2 0:41:37 ausbambam hey guys.
6-2 23:25:30 SmellySkidmark PM Mike
5-2 2:41:46 Obbzy Got it Goanna. Cheers
4-2 6:11:26 Goanna @Obbzy DM for you on our discord
2-2 4:51:22 KoiL Yabba Dabba!
2-2 2:12:57 RobZee Rd 1 of the GT3 series for 2021... Tonight (Tuesday), Quali @ 8.30pm Eastern Daylight Time. 3 x 15 min races
31-1 18:54:34 SmellySkidmark RF2 January roadmap «check this»
27-1 5:22:26 SmellySkidmark Now onto the GT3s, server1 has Round 1 @ Circuit De Boers
27-1 5:20:25 SmellySkidmark Well the TCR series is run and won.
26-1 5:18:29 Mike ok
26-1 5:18:28 SmellySkidmark Then try and join again
26-1 5:18:17 SmellySkidmark Uninstall the car and the vmod, did it from ModManger
26-1 5:15:17 SmellySkidmark Mike, jump onto TS
26-1 5:12:47 Mike Need a bit of HELP. As I get to the server,the TCR, after about 5 seconds it dumps me back to the main menu. I've got the cars and right track, I think. Perhaps you can post the right track and car(s) I've downloaded and installed TCR_SIERRA v.042 and Bathurst 2016 v.3
25-1 23:18:49 SmellySkidmark Last round of the TCR series tonight in the Ford Serria @ Bathurst
23-1 3:28:10 Obbzy Cheers for the schedule Goanna :)
22-1 23:35:47 Goanna FDG Racing Calendar for 2021 => «check this»
19-1 4:22:21 Obbzy rF2 hasw had another build update: «check this»
7-1 23:15:54 SmellySkidmark PM Rob
6-1 23:43:58 SmellySkidmark Servers updated
5-1 6:12:23 Obbzy TCRs at Morgan Park, tonight. Rover Vitesse or BMW 635, you choose...
1-1 8:36:37 Obbzy Right back atcha Smelly
1-1 7:12:21 SmellySkidmark PM Obbzy
1-1 6:51:01 Obbzy HNY all. 2021.... here we come...
31-12 21:54:52 SmellySkidmark RF2 December Roadmap «check this»
29-12 6:45:31 SmellySkidmark Round 2 of the TCRs @ Queensland Raceway tonight
28-12 9:26:59 Obbzy 50% off the Reiza Pack... «check this»
25-12 9:07:23 KoiL Merry Christmas xFactor! Thanks for a great GT3 Series & a great year with you all. Here's to an even better 2021. All the very best!
25-12 4:20:27 SmellySkidmark Merry Chrismas to ya maate
25-12 2:20:58 Dug Merry Christmas Gents awesome year thanks very much
25-12 0:59:15 Bert Merry Christmas everyone
24-12 23:33:35 OR~Duke Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.:)
24-12 22:00:26 Goanna Merry Christmas everyone
24-12 21:56:21 Goanna Congrats to JFF Danny and JFF Reaper, $100 and $50 steam gift card winners.
24-12 12:10:12 Obbzy Merry Christmas everyone. Bring on 2021 for more sim racing fun.
23-12 22:47:43 SmellySkidmark The new Endurance Bundle is here «check this»
22-12 22:20:11 SmellySkidmark The new UI is now the default. you can opt out and use the old UI via the BETAs tab
22-12 4:46:20 SmellySkidmark First round of the TCR Summer Cup tonight @ Mallala see you there
17-12 23:30:05 Goanna Christmas eve bash at FDG, a couple of $50 steam gift cards to be won....details => «check this»
17-12 11:43:21 Mike Great fun racing with all you guys, thoroughly enjoyed the last 12 month @ xfactorR and Outlaws Racing. Congrats to all, winners and "loosers".
Special thanks to the Admin boys who makes it all possible.
Hope you all have a good Christmas & New Year.
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