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16-12 1:15:51 Mike Thanks xfactor, and thanks for putting up with me. Hopefully I'll have another year in me.
15-12 4:07:24 KoiL Thanks for another great series xFactor - Well done podium winners & to all for a lot of exciting clean racing :-)
14-12 22:42:33 RobZee GT3 Series 3 completed! Thank you to all for an enjoyable and competitive series!
Congatulations to Brocky16, Chris Donnelly and Rickpack on their podiums. «check this»
12-12 1:44:13 Obbzy Cheers GrimDad
11-12 15:33:45 GrimDad done ;)
11-12 9:33:05 Obbzy I've blocked xbetxbetspurn until 2085, but can someone get rid of these shoutbox posts...
3-12 9:04:28 SmellySkidmark Dug I've put the mod in TS Modding Chat, Oran Park is there aswell. It should have auto downloaded tho
3-12 7:43:13 Dug Getting an install error on the AE86 after it attempts to down load
2-12 8:36:21 SmellySkidmark Server is updated to 1126
29-11 0:44:09 KoiL Topped me by 0.002 RobZ :-) I thought my time may get you back on track hehehe
28-11 23:55:40 Package «check this»
28-11 23:55:17 Package Rob it doesnt look like you need the game on the server for ACC. I have a spare running computer at home if you want to do some testing.
28-11 7:10:25 chrispayne well Yeah, Don't think I will drive this car again either. Sorry for the waste of time.
28-11 4:53:33 SmellySkidmark Well what a piece of shit for a demo. Uninstalled
27-11 21:35:47 SmellySkidmark OK it's a 5gig install, still big for a demo
27-11 20:39:56 SmellySkidmark I'm just DLing it now, 12gig demo
26-11 22:36:08 chrispayne Hey SS, there is now an AMS2 demo (mind you only with the VW Polo) so you can try it out. I actually prefer it to rF2 these days
26-11 9:17:12 SmellySkidmark Hiya Obbzy. I looked at AMS2 but by the time you add all the fruit it's 120. If I knew it is as good or better than RF2 then I'd consider it. but ...
25-11 23:37:57 Obbzy Reiza has a Black Friday sale on. AMS2 game & DLC content up to 75% off...
24-11 11:00:55 Package ACC are doing a major update today. BMW M4 gt3 and major tyre update as well. You guys still thinking about a server for this game?
23-11 1:48:42 FalconEL I've heard it's pretty good for constipation Dug. On another note, I may or may not be on tonight gents, have had a bit on of late.
22-11 20:23:54 SmellySkidmark Thanks GrimDad
22-11 18:16:56 GrimDad not sure about Dug's message.....looks like good advice :)
22-11 18:14:29 GrimDad spam cleared ;)
22-11 7:22:52 SmellySkidmark NOT
22-11 7:22:47 SmellySkidmark RuzellSow
22-11 7:22:39 SmellySkidmark sorry
22-11 7:21:55 SmellySkidmark again
22-11 7:21:50 SmellySkidmark login
22-11 7:21:43 SmellySkidmark can
22-11 7:21:37 SmellySkidmark he
22-11 7:21:30 SmellySkidmark so
22-11 7:21:23 SmellySkidmark 2090
22-11 7:21:15 SmellySkidmark until
22-11 7:21:08 SmellySkidmark lives
22-11 7:21:01 SmellySkidmark he
22-11 7:20:54 SmellySkidmark hope
22-11 7:20:47 SmellySkidmark i
22-11 5:11:31 StanDaam Now he tells me... :O
22-11 1:04:32 Dug STROMECTOL is used to treat river blindness (onchocerciasis) and threadworm involving the intestines (intestinal strongyloidiasis). It does not work for erectile disfunction :D
21-11 4:15:54 SmellySkidmark lol
21-11 4:15:43 SmellySkidmark years
21-11 4:15:21 SmellySkidmark many
21-11 4:15:00 SmellySkidmark for
21-11 4:14:42 SmellySkidmark banned
21-11 4:14:27 SmellySkidmark got
21-11 4:14:13 SmellySkidmark He
18-11 23:19:39 Dug O.O
14-11 7:48:17 Bert Hey All, what’s up with the liveracers timing, keep getting invalid laps. The last one was solid two wheels on track.
10-11 20:00:06 Goanna FDG Raceday, BMW M4's at Albi, Qually at 8:30pm AEDT
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