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15-2 2:30:51 =Fieldzy= Sorry got it just had an update version of 1.53 I have 1.53b.
15-2 2:26:25 =Fieldzy= What Donington track on server please
11-2 8:29:11 =Fieldzy= Fixed setup nascar vat Hardcore tonight 3 tracks join in the fun.
9-2 8:54:16 Obbzy All good Frank. New toys to try. :) M4
8-2 21:11:41 Frank All good had to purchase items.
8-2 18:39:07 Frank Hi even though I am still waiting on wheel to be replaced I am still trying to join GT# server and keep up to date, went to join this morning unable to , says error trying to instal mod. Am I missing some thing. It did up date some cars the other day but I could still join.
8-2 6:07:16 Dug Did 2 laps at the Don, first thoughts are the Beamer is a weapon, Gets of the line as fast as the other launchers, just ran the default set felt pretty good sounds mint when you watch the replay, will be interesting over the next couple of weeks, My prediction is there will be a few on track
4-2 22:50:44 SmellySkidmark New GT3 M4 at Daytona first look in RF2 «check this»
4-2 22:49:33 SmellySkidmark A walk around of the new M4 GT3 «check this»
4-2 3:12:00 Dug Will it get off the line, look Sick but
3-2 23:53:29 fez beat me to it smelly ya bugger :P
3-2 18:43:01 SmellySkidmark A new GT3 car will be joining our series. «check this»
2-2 8:25:00 =Fieldzy= Great fun race last night guys. Look forward to more throughout the year.
31-1 23:34:23 RobZee Round 1 of a new GT3 series beginning tonight, Tuesday. Quali @ 8.30p (AEDT)
29-1 6:49:36 SmellySkidmark I did a server update, I could join before and after the update, see if you can join now, let me know if it has solved your issue
29-1 6:35:57 SmellySkidmark I'm not sure what the problem is Dug, you were on when it was loaded onto server 1 (i think) I know Supa had/has the same problem, not sure if he has it sorted yet?
29-1 4:24:34 Dug Not that i can race in the first at phils island but for some strange reason it wont let me back in, tried unistall track,V-Mod,reboot,validate reinstalled track held my tongue to to right and left ` but no cess...
25-1 21:49:18 SmellySkidmark New UI multiplayer screens «check this»
22-1 10:07:32 Goanna Latest S397 news => «check this»
20-1 21:03:59 SmellySkidmark Servers have been updated
13-1 21:50:29 Obbzy I know some of you guys like track day racing.
Here's one in NSW, Pheasant Wood near Marulan
«check this»
13-1 20:27:27 SmellySkidmark Nah he's a copy/paste guy, any monkey can do that O.O
13-1 11:43:22 Dug I think what he said is fairly close to the truth
10-1 21:13:22 SmellySkidmark Bye Bye DuFfuaInema
31-12 5:34:31 SmellySkidmark YEAH Happy New Year
31-12 5:33:47 SmellySkidmark Hey Gussy, good to see ya m8 happy new year. «check this»
31-12 1:29:43 Obbzy Happy New Years XFactor. See yas in 2022
30-12 12:00:15 Angus94 hi guys, loving the Aussie Legends but most of the links are down, any plans to fix them up or.......
29-12 6:53:31 SmellySkidmark you just got yourself a small ban there m8y come back after the leap year, lol
25-12 11:17:34 KoiL Merry Xmas xFactor & racers, Hope you had a cracker day ;-)
25-12 4:42:03 FalconEL Merry Christmas everyone, have a great day!
25-12 2:28:00 Dicko888 Chrissy wishes to All at XFactor.
25-12 1:28:15 Mike Not yet SS, but I got a new SSD from PCCG, have to get rid of all visitors before I reinstall O.O
24-12 9:25:41 RobZee Merry Christmas to all!
24-12 4:50:50 SmellySkidmark I hope you're up and running now Mike
24-12 4:49:47 SmellySkidmark Happy holidays everyone
24-12 2:41:34 Mike Happy holidays to everyone here at xfactor and outlaws racing.
24-12 2:40:31 Mike Koil, thanks. Yes a system I bought from PCCG five years ago ( i7 6700K/GTX 1080 ) theSSD failed , been clicking and carrying on for some time.lost everything , C: drive ofcourse.
23-12 14:00:51 KoiL Back at cha Obbzy, have a great one matey :D
23-12 13:59:10 KoiL Mike, sorry to hear of your SSD dying. Old disk, an IDE? :-* Was it your C: drive? Port #'s should be auto assigned. Check that you don't have another version of TS on any other dives. Also correct TS addresses are & for OR
21-12 11:07:42 Obbzy B4 my internet cuts out again (thx NBN you c*#ts).
Have a merry XMas all you xFactorians, and a
safe New Year.
Hope to see you all a little bit more often in 2022.
21-12 4:34:44 Mike And the OR particulars too please, can only find the TS3 server IP there.
21-12 4:32:37 Mike can anyone please list all info needed. Where does the Port numbers go? And what are the passwords for the game servers? and all passwords, EVERYTHING, I'm tearing my hair out.
21-12 4:28:57 Mike Help please. I had a SSD failure and lost the lot. reinstalled everything on an old HHD. Got rF2 working and downloaded TS3. But I can't get TS3 to work. I've used the TS3 info both on this site and OR, can't get anything to work, just get "error".
20-12 5:20:11 FalconEL Sorry gents, will be a no show for tomorrow night. Have fun
16-12 1:15:51 Mike Thanks xfactor, and thanks for putting up with me. Hopefully I'll have another year in me.
15-12 4:07:24 KoiL Thanks for another great series xFactor - Well done podium winners & to all for a lot of exciting clean racing :-)
14-12 22:42:33 RobZee GT3 Series 3 completed! Thank you to all for an enjoyable and competitive series!
Congatulations to Brocky16, Chris Donnelly and Rickpack on their podiums. «check this»
12-12 1:44:13 Obbzy Cheers GrimDad
11-12 15:33:45 GrimDad done ;)
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