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Dug: Caught between two dimensions
Dug: O.O
Package: Great racing again last night guys thanks everyone! Also I have just found out the reason for my poor performance was my brake was sitting at 1% during 1st and 2nd race randomly. I encourage everyone to check their brake and accelerator in the driver settings as there might be a reason your not on pace! It cost me over a second per lap.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, testing BTCC mod and Brands Indy layout
OR~ShiftyLynel: Found my framerate issue is happening because of the RC build. Is anyone else having issues?
Goanna: FDG Raceday, WTCC’s at Crofts, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
Sputnik_inc: Oh yeahhhhh
Sputnik_inc: Oh yeahhh «check this»
Sputnik_inc: Windows 11 important information «check this» skip to 7;30 for free update information and minimum system specs
Obbzy: Gt3s @ Buriram (Chang) tonight. Qually from 8:30pm (AEST)
Goanna: FDG Raceday, WTCC’s at Symmons Plains…Qually at 8:30pm AEST
Dug: Hi Gents, having trouble getting on to your server, just stops at joining.. Any ideas
SmellySkidmark: Hey Dug, you will have to uninstall all the earlier versions of Mt P, then it'll just DL from the server
Dug: Correctamundo
Dug: The rains a coming Marg
fez: smelly i got squized and touched the ripple strip, a lil more room woulve been nice
SmellySkidmark: You had plenty of room into and around the turn, you put half your front tyre on the kerb and then you run me off the track. How about you give room instead of running me off and into the wall.
SmellySkidmark: Pic's in TS GT3 Series/Incidents for all to see who's at fault.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, Round 1 BMW M4 Class1 Challenge, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
fez: so you know i got unsettled by attempting to give you room, thanks for admitting that
fez: who passes on the outside of t1 at bathurst anyways?
SmellySkidmark: "squized and unsettled" more like dazed and confused.
SmellySkidmark: You will still have to serve a back of the grid penalty for causing and accident and then fail to redress, again.
OR~ShiftyLynel: What's the forecast at Oulton Park this Tuesday? Raining all night?
Dug: Could be unsettled weather accord to the radar mate :O }
Package: Koil said raining with a chance of buckets
FalconEL: Bone dry qually might mix things up ;)
chrispayne: Sorry team - I will miss Oulton Park due to work committments
SmellySkidmark: Unlucky Chris, hope it goes well
Goanna: FDG Raceday, WTCC’s at Hampton Downs…Qually at 8:30pm AEST
Package: Hey lads (this is Rickpack BTW) so I had a random issue where RF2 didnt load after loading and running fine last night. Its turned off after use and turned off at a switch as well. Done all of the usual fixes and nothing got fixed. Then randomly it just started again and it was not straight after doing something. Then simhub was not working so I had to complete uninstall amd reinstall that as well. Anyway its all good and working as I turn it off tonight.
SmellySkidmark: Glad to hear your up and running again Rick, very strange that it stopped and the started again without any change. Hope thats all fixed, for tonight and beyond
Package: Cheers Smelly. The worst part is if it happens again tonight I dont know how to fix it :_(
SmellySkidmark: Better UI update «check this»
Package: My issue was apparently missing runtime files. Updating windows removes these sometimes. There is a fix on the Studio s397 support forums.

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