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FalconEL: chubbypraise35, i would like to subscribe to this product and/or service.
SmellySkidmark: Be wary of the side effects CD, just sayin
Somatosis: I'm out again tonight, have patients here, need patience!
Goanna: FDG Raceday, Final round, WTCC's at Portland Sprint, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
Goanna: FDG-Stitch memorial Raceday, Qually at 7:30pm AEST
SmellySkidmark: Final round of Series 2 tonight
RobZee: Congratulations to SPUTNIK, CHRIS D. and RICKPACK on their podiums in Series 3 of the GT3 Championship. «check this»
FalconEL: Thanks Rob, Smelly and xFactor for a great series. Absolute highlight of my week racing with you all on Tuesday nights. Congrats to Sputnik and Rickpack for their podiums and everyone that competed throughout, the quality of driving is top notch and the reason that I enjoy it so much. Cheers.
Sputnik_inc: 1st of all BIG thanks to the Smelly and Rob for putting together a great series, great selection of tracks and the time you guys put into it for us, we all much appreciated it guys. and not to mention throwing in a wet race to throw in a shit storm.
Thanks to the rest of the boys for some serious great racing, all the way to the back of the grid. Been racing with a lot of you's for about 5 years now and have learnt so much and have had heaps of fun with the banter.
Congrates to Chris and Ricky on 2nd and 3rd, thx Chris and Shifty for pushing me.
CONGRATS Shifty on becoming a Dad.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, BMW M4 Class 1 @ Monza, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
OR~ShiftyLynel: Thanks Smelly and Rob for putting together an awesome championship. The quality of racing and chat was unreal. Congrats to the podium, and to all that competed for making the championship what it was. Shifty junior can’t quite reach the pedals yet, but I’ll be sure to get him into the sim as soon as he can. I hope to be able make the odd race next season, but will see how I go.
Mike: Hi guys, Can any of you wizards point me to a detailed tutorial of how to iinstall a skin to rFactor2, I've googled and carried on for hours , but can't find anything that actually tells you in detail of how to do it properly in the "new" UI ???
RobZee: Congratulations Shifty! Get ready to have a co-driver sitting on your knee real soo. :P
SmellySkidmark: Mike if you message OR Dug he'll sort ya skins
SmellySkidmark: Yes congrats Shifty, the sleepless nights will go... in a long while
chrispayne: HI Mike,
chrispayne: Chris Payne here. I am up for helping you with a skin. Let me know. I made skins for plenty of guys in the league I was running, and more recently for the SlowMotion Group (F3 , GP3, MetalmoroMR1 , ETCC 2003, BMW E90 VTCC.)
chrispayne: BTW all, I plan to be back for this season!
RobZee: A NEW championship in the GT3's starts tonight (Tuesday)
Mike: Hi Chris, thanks for your offer to help. I also pm'ed Dug, i'll talk to you on race night whenever you're on.
Goanna: FDG Raceday, FVR V8’s at Sandown, Qually at 8:30pm AEDT
Nibiru: I have just been informed the Rawprawn (Sean Warlters) lost his battle with cancer on the 6th October 2021.
Bert: RIP Rawprawn
RobZee: Very sad. RIP Prawn
Frank: First of all thanks for having me and makng me feel welcome, due to other commitments on Tuesday I will not be able to attend races. Hopefully I will catch up with you on track through out the week if thats ok.
Nibiru: that’s a link for rawprawns funeral. It’s online and starts in 10min at 5pm
gman007: Hey guys long time no speak, to those who still remember me, I came on to give my condolences to Sean aka Raw Prawn. RIP Mate
gman007: I have an old racing video i want to post as well in the forums. hope to see you guys online soon for a race
Goanna: FDG Raceday, BMW M4’s at Patras GP, Qually at 8:30pm AEDT
Obbzy: Hey all, just popping in to say "Hi".
Enjoying day 2 of a 3 day lockdown..
Don't think I ever raced with Rawprawn, but it is
sad when a former member passes away. RIP.
Obbzy: Just checked that video of Rf1 that gman007 posted.
Rawprawn is using one of my skins! lol
The Bill Patterson one...
Dicko888: RIP Rawprawn.
Dicko888: I remember the handle even if I can't place any specific races. Glad you got to enjoy some racing with us. DVD was heartfelt especially the choice of music. Cheers.
gman007: Hey Obbzy didn't realise was your skin that's cool :-) Im sure you might have crossed paths with him

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