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SmellySkidmark: Temp race server up, search in internet for, Xfactor23 GT3 S2 BK
SmellySkidmark: search in Multiplayer, internet for, Xfactor23 GT3 S2 BK
tasracer: G'day everyone been a while but I'm hoping to be back up and racing again soon??do i download ffactor2 off steam and then whatever I need will update or do I need to down load separate tracks, mods etc. As i said been a while and i will have a completely fresh install?
RobZee: Hi Tas, great to see you again! D/L Rf2 from Steam first. After that you will need to get paid content..we are using the GT3's for this series. I suggest you only subscribe / buy tracks as the need arises. Jump on TS sometime for a chat,
tasracer: Thanks rob ill jump on once i get the pc up and running and go from there see you all soon:)
Rookie: Gday all, good to see Rob and Smelly are still around. How's life people?
Rookie: Is Obbzy still here?
RobZee: Hi Rookie, Obbzy hasn'r been around for a while now. We still race on Tuesdays, come join us!
SmellySkidmark: Hiya Rookie, Jump in for a session mate
Package: We have put a test server up for the next series in the GT3. It will be the Porsche one make series however we are having wheel vibration issues with the Porsche under braking. Please test this and report back to the admins if you have issues. Please test both cars as we may have to run both just in case there are issues.
Package: There is a Porsche setup in Teamspeak in the GT3 series 2 file browser under the Porsche setup folder. If you struggle with the rear of the car add more wing.
GrimDad: check the ABS default is on 11 drives me nuts ;)
SmellySkidmark: G'day GD, yeah it's all the way up but it just rattles my wheel way too much. Simucube 2, I've not found a fix yet. BTW thanks for the clean up.
GrimDad: @SS....you must have big arms :) does the same to my Moza R9 I drive Enduracers Endurance mod for my GT3 fix nowadays.
RobZee: NEW GT3 series starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Only the Porsche GT3. See home page banner for all of the details. All welcome!
Pokiou: just registerd but i cant see the race server?
SmellySkidmark: Hiya Pokiou, all the info is on the banner, you need to be on Teamspeak to race
Pokiou: The password for Teamspeak is also failing.
SmellySkidmark: try FUN not fun
OR~Duke: Sorry CD, that mess in R2 was my fault :S moved over on you, sorry :D . Also sorry to Pokiou getting hit by my upside down airborne Porsche.
Pokiou: All good Duke, if there is a replay of that id love to see, i literally saw your car get airborne and from there on it was all slow motion lol.
Pokiou: it was weird there was a narative playing in my head, "It was at this moment......
Pokiou: also, just wanted to know how to get the grainy feeling out of the CSL dd @ 8nm
FalconEL: No worries Duke, close racing, it happens. :)
ZED: Hey which version of Nurburgring is iit?
ZED: Stop looking everone :O
SmellySkidmark: Pokiou this like may help with your CSL DD «check this»
Pokiou: Hey Guys i might have to miss tonight due to a work meeting.. yeah i know late night but its a global meeting i need to be on. If i can wrap it up early ill jump in even if it means i miss quali
SmellySkidmark: All good mate, theres 3 races too
SmellySkidmark: Catch CD at QR today @ 12:15 & 3:30 «check this»
SmellySkidmark: More from your local stalker CD «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Temp race server up, look for Xfactor23 GT3s S2 BK
SmellySkidmark: Remove any old Vmods if you can not connect
KoiL: There was talk last night of a replacement to LiveRacers. Can someone share a link please?
KoiL: Here's all I've found. Seems the same issue about fees back in 2010 & again in 2012 with OR-wrxxy putting in his 2cents :-) but there are several links in the thread. «check this»
OR~ShiftyLynel: Hey guys, feeling a bit under the weather so won’t make it tonight. Have a good race all

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